1 Year Courses After 10th | Computer/Animation.

Light blue bag round with black text words 1 Year Courses After 10th.
1 Year Courses After 10th.

1 Year courses after 10th.

Here you will get the complete information about one year courses after 10th along with diploma courses after 10th too.

Students who want to make their career started at an early age can pursue after 10th 1 Year courses.

It’s not required any specific stream and knowledge-based.

Just you have to see in which one year course you have interest and which course can give you the best career path.

These job-oriented courses after 10th give the right direction and multiple job opportunities. But again, as I said you must choose the course as per your interest.

So, that if in future you want to go for the higher education then you can do in the same field.

Check below the best courses after 10th.

  1. Computer Diploma Courses.
  2. Animation and VFX Courses.
  3. Web Designing and Development.
  4. Digital Marketing.
  5. Graphic Designing.
  6. MS Office Certificate Program.
  7. Diploma in Fashion Design.
  8. Diploma in Fine Arts.
  9. Diploma in Art Teacher.
  10. Agriculture.

1. Computer Diploma Courses.

A basic computer course is best career source. You can pursue 1 Year courses after 10th in computer programming.

Computer courses have the potential to create your career impressively. There are multiple online computer courses are available that provide free computer classes.

You can choose a computer course as per your choice. Like you can go for 3 months computer course certificate, 6-month computer course or 1 Year computer programming degree.

One year of course in, diploma in computer science is more famous you can join any computer institute for that.

A short-term computer course certificate can provide you the job option in many small to big companies as per their requirements.

Everything today depends on internet ticket booking, banking work, online shopping, online education, online study apps, and so on.

The lifestyle of normal people is kind of dependent on the internet. So, computer training or basic computer skills course will provide you good career path.

Is computer course after 10th class in tough. No, it’s not tough as you think basic computer courses for beginners are very easy.

If you can find near computer institute near me or best computer institute near me in google and you will get the result of that along with course fee details.

Might be if you cannot afford 1 Year course fee. Then you can check online about free online computer course with a certificate too.

Free computer classes are also available online these days. There are many institutes are available that give the computer demo class too.

For that, you can search on google for free computer classes for beginners near me and you will get the result.

Best Short-Term Computer Course Name.

  • Certificate Course in Graphic Design.
  • Certificate course in Programming Language.
  • SEO (Certificate Course in Search Engine Optimization.
  • APP Development and Design Course.
  • Certificate Course in M.S.Office.
  • Certificate Course in Web Designing.

Best Computer & IT Institute in India.

  • NIIT.
  • NICT Computer Education.
  • ICIT.
  • Envision Academy.
  • IICT Computer Education.
  • Matrix Computers.
  • Aptech Computer Education.
  • Novel Institute of Vocational Training (NIVT)

2. Animation and VFX Courses.

If you like video games and want to make a career in graphic designing, then you can go for Animation courses.

Animation and VFX courses are upcoming generation demand and multiple 1 Year courses after 10 or 12th are available too.

You can join any repudiated computer training center for the animation course. This course will also help you to increase your drawing skills and sketch multiple features skills.

After 10th class or 12th class when you complete the Animation and VFX course then you will have many job opportunities. Such as,

Job Profiles.

  • VFX Expert.
  • Trainer.
  • Film Animators.
  • VFX Professional.
  • Creative head.

3. Web Designing and Development.

Web designing and development is another best course in 1 Year courses after 10th list.

However, this course is also available in short term like 3 Month web designing course and 6 months web designing course.

But in my opinion, I will always suggest the one-year diploma course after 10th.

Remember this field is connected with computer science. So here you have to deal with the formulas and website maintenance.

Every small company wants a boost in their business and today’s business needs an internet approach and social media activities.

So there is no doubt that web designing and development is going to create lots of career options for you.

Job Profile.

  • Web Developer.
  • UX Designer.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Web Designer.

4. Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is an amazon it has lots of branches, subtopics, and fields.

Great technology of the computer field covers huge subjects like email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Content Writing, social media, Analytics, etc.

Thousands of people around the world making money and doing digital marketing jobs for their career growth.

These fields can give you a big career path if you go for higher education after one year of course.

 Job Profiles.

  • Digital Marketing Instructor.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Digital Marketer.
  • Online Brand Management Professional.
  • SEO Content.
  • Content Writer.
light blue bag round with black text words 1 Year courses after 10th in Infographic.
1 Year courses after 10th in Infographic.

5. Graphic Designing.

This course you can pursue after 10th if you like creativity and drawing. Graphic designing is not all about computer courses and designing courses.

It is more about your ideas, creativity, imagination power, innovation, talent, and so on.

After completing the graphic designing course, you can get career opportunities.

Job Profiles.

  • Printing Specialists.
  • Creative Director.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Brand Identity Manager.
  • Mobile Application Developer.

6. MS Office Certificate Program.

Most of the process department work on Ms office this is a regular computer application, which is required by every employee.

MS office is an old computer application which is useful and demanding it has Ms. Words, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint which we use a lot.

Many industries like, Hospitality, Hotels, Schools, and Restaurants collect huge data in one whole day. For that, they want a candidate who can do this MS office work for them.

So, after completing 1 Year certificate course in MS office, you can become an MS office expert in any field.

7. Diploma in Fashion Design.

Fashion designing is another best option for 1 Year courses after 10th. You will grow in this field very well if you have creative ideas and innovation in designing.

Fashion designing has lots of work areas such as Customer design, textile designing, fashion designing, and more.

If you are clear about your interest in fashion and able to draw too. Then you can pursue your career after 10 in the fashion industry.

Course fee and admission processes depend on the college or an institute that you have selected.

8. Diploma in Fine Arts.

The student who loves art and likes to draw beautiful images usually takes admitted to Diploma in Fine Arts.

Fine Arts have lots of stages and learning levels, and a Diploma in Fine Arts is called an entry-level course in arts.

This course is again 1 Year course for 10th pass students. Fine Arts works is not limited to small area anymore. It has multiple career options and works fields.

For example, Art Teacher, Graphic Designer, Art Liaison Officer, and more.

9. Diploma in Art Teacher.

After completing 10th class, you can also join the Art teacher line. However, it’s required at least 17+ age, so if you are then pursue your career Diploma in Art Teaching.

Many small schools for kids’ grader education management hire Art teachers who have the basic knowledge of Sketching and Painting.

 Diploma in Art Teacher available in both 6 Month and 1 Year courses. It’s totally up to you which course you are comfortable with.

10. Agriculture.

A diploma in Agriculture gives you knowledge of farming methodologies and farming machinery.

Many students who have an interest in Agriculture course always choose the wrong course for the same after 10th standard.

For example, they choose Polytechnic courses rather than choosing a Diploma in Agriculture and in higher degree if you have held the bachelor’s degree.

India has very good 1 Year courses after 10th in agriculture.

Take an example.

  • Diploma in Food Processing.
  • Diploma in Organic Farming.
  • Diploma in Seed Technology.
  • Diploma in Horticulture.
  • Diploma in Animal Husbandry.

The career scope in the agriculture area is vast. You can become a Researcher, Distributor, Poultry Farming, Agriculture Sales Officer, Horticulturist, etc.

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