1 Year Courses After 12th Commerce, Science, Arts.

1 Year courses after 12th commerce
1 Year courses after 12th commerce

1 Year courses after 12th commerce.

When it comes to the courses after 12th most students are undecided because the selection of course after 12th also carries many benefits and other consequences.

Wondering about which best courses after 12th, degree course or diploma courses. But if you are looking for diploma courses after 12th commerce or 1 Year courses after 12th commerce then don’t worry here you will get the prepared list of courses after 12th.

These courses are highly demanded and also known as short-term courses after 12th.  This course category explains the career options after 12th commerce.

 1 Years diploma best courses after 12th commerce make you a person who knows the specific field and practice training about the course subject.

1 Year courses after 12th are also famous because students learn and pursue them as it gives lots of sense as a job oriented courses after 12th.

Popular diploma courses list after 12th, or certificate courses usually start with the 3 months, 6 months, and 1 years course.

Let’s see what 1 Year courses are after 12th commerce for the best career option and future growth.

1 Year Courses after 12th Commerce.

  1. Diploma in Digital Marketing.
  2. Diploma in Business Management.
  3. Diploma in Accounting and Finance.
  4. Diploma in Banking and Finance.
  5. Diploma in Retail Management.
  6. Diploma in Hotel Management.
  7. Diploma in Fashion Designing.
  8. Diploma in VFX.
  9. Diploma in Acting and Anchoring.
  10. Diploma in Yoga.

1. Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the trending and booming diploma courses for commerce students, it is growing immensely, and no doubt that it has the wisest financial investment in today’s market.

Learning digital marketing course not only has good potential for a job opportunity but also gives you the sense of starting your own business and there it is one of the good courses after 12th.


The Course duration of a diploma in digital marketing could be 6 months or 1 years.

Scope after Course:

After completing career courses, like digital marketing which is one of the versatile courses after 12th standard.

Students can become Digital Analysis, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, User Interface Design, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce Management, etc.

2. Diploma in Business Management.

Courses in retail management like one-year courses after 12th are also beneficial, and management courses after 12th are similar to business management courses.

Because any management course teaches you about basic business in general, service industry business, retail establishment, etc.

Learning the 1 Year courses after 12th like a diploma in business management trained you in business skills like how to enhance business, what principles for business management are, and how to run various functions in business.

Course Duration:

When we talk about business management the duration of the courses will be 1 Years.

Scope after 12th:

A degree or diploma, both in business management has a tremendous job opportunity in today’s field, any company that has the business module hires business diploma students.

Some of the known and popular career and scope in business management in which you can apply as per your knowledge is business Analysis, Production Management, Finance Management, Marketing Management, etc.

3. Diploma in Accounting and Finance.

In different courses after 12th if you have chosen the accounting and finance diploma means you want to learn about basic accounting.

This 1 Year diploma course will help commerce students to understand chartered accountancy, a basic foundation of accounting, and basic credit and financial analytics.

So ideally, accounting one year courses after 12th help in working line when you deal with basic management accounting and ethics in finance and accounting.

Course Duration:

The diploma course duration in accounting and finance will be 1 year.

Scope after 12th:

This is one of the unique and best career options after 12th commerce students have either go for the bachelor accounting and finance or 1 Year diploma course for growth and, popularity.

Some students also like to pursue the commerce diploma course after graduation in any specific subject for better future options.

Several career options after completing the diploma in accounting and finance could be Accountancy Clerk, Tax Accountancy, Book Keeping Clerk, Cost Accountancy, etc.

4. Diploma in Banking and Finance.

Another best diploma course after 12th commerce is the diploma in banking and finance, it helps students to learn about the different aspects of banking, the environment of banking, finance, banking function, etc.

Many top institutes which offer a diploma in banking and finance also taught concepts of global banking and marketing.

 After completing the diploma program for a career after 12th commerce students can apply for the primary job scope.

Such as jobs in the bank line, private jobs, government jobs, insurance industry, etc.

Course Duration:

The diploma in Banking and Finance course duration will vary as per institute so it could be between 4 months to 1 Year.

Scope after 12th.

These career courses are not easy and need deep study and at least 3 years of time frame to get good knowledge in finance line there for many students chose 3 years of bachelor finance degree and some chose 1 year of course.

However, it depends on students which commerce course after 12th he or she looking for.

After completing the degree course or diploma course in banking and finance line students can apply for job scopes.

Like Internal Auditing, Investment Banking, Loan Counselling, Market Analysis, Credit and Risk Managing, Securities Analysis, etc.

5. Diploma in Retail Management.

Next on the list of courses to do after 12th commerce is a diploma in retail management, in this 1 years course, students get taught about retail establishment, customer experience, how to improve sell, retail environment, store design, space management, etc.

Students who want o make their career in the shopping mall or big stores can prefer this retail course as its offers the job in shopping marts, retail outlets, and big brand stores.

Course Duration:

The diploma course duration of the retail management course is 1 year.

Scope after 12th:

As students learn the store management and retail function part in this course along with practical knowledge therefore they can apply for the job options like Senior Sales Management, Store Management, Retail Account Management, Retail Banking Officer, etc.

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