6 Month Courses after 12th Commerce [Diploma Courses].

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6 Month Courses After 12th Commerce.

6 Month Courses After 12th Commerce.

6 month courses after 12th commerce are mostly coming under diploma courses or certificate courses. Career after 12th does matter a lot for students.

Science and commerce are top preferably subjects after intermediate in India. Commerce is coming on the subject which explores student mind and knowledge.

For 6 month courses after 12th commerce diploma courses and certificate courses are too good option to pursue their education.

It allows you to gain knowledge of a specific domain or particular domain. If might you have confusion regarding obtaining the graduation degree.

And you want to choose a certain domain field for your career success then diploma courses or any top 6 month courses after 12th commerce is good.

6 Month Courses List.

6 Month Courses after 12th Commerce.  Course Duration.
Stock Market Course. 6 Months Course.
E-Commerce Course. 6 Months Course.
Digital Marketing Course. 6 Months Course.
Digital Design Course. 6 Months Course.
Banking Course. 6 Months Course.
Accounting Course. 6 Months Course.
Disaster Management. 6 Months Course.
Coding Course. 6 Months Course.
Credit Analysis. 6 Months Course.
Management Course. 6 Months Course.
Finance Course. 6 Months Course.
Environmental Studies Course. 6 Months Course.
Real Estate Course. 6 Months Course.
Taxation Certification. 6 Months Course.
Writing & Journalism. 6 Months Course.
Computer application. 6 Months Course.
Yoga Course. 6 Months Course.
Buddhist Studies. 6 Months Course.
Police Administration Course. 6 Months Course.
Advanced Certificate in Ancient Indian History. 6 Months Course.
Food & Nutrition Course. 6 Months Course.
Water Harvesting & Management Course. 6 Months Course.
Clinical Psychology Course. 6 Months Course.
Web Designing Course. 6 Months Course.
Information Technology Course. 6 Months Course.
Hospitality & Service Management. 6 Months Course.
Airlines & Travel Management Course. 6 Months Course.
Tourism Studies. 6 Months Course.
Radio Jockeying Course. 6 Months Course.
Social Work Course. 6 Months Course.

The diploma also has short term courses 12th which usually takes your 1 year to 2 years and gives you the best job oriented subject knowledge.

If you have just passed out your 12th standard or going to pass out your 12th class.

Then this is the correct time to choose the diploma courses after 12th commerce.

You can choose any of the best diploma course. Such as a diploma in financial accounting, diploma in banking, accounting course, taxation diploma course, coding course, etc.

Baking diploma courses after 12th is famous among students after intermediate.

After knowing about 6 month courses list let’s see some more diploma courses after class 12th.

Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce.

Diploma Courses After 12th. Course Duration. About the Course.
Diploma in Industrial Safety. 6 Months to 1 Year of course (both available). About Industrial Safety. Such as safety in construction, environments, fire, etc.
Diploma in Banking & Finance. 1 Year. About the global marketing, foreign institution, exchange, financial institution, etc.
Diploma in Financial Accounting. 1 Year. About the management Skills, auditing, business rules, etc.
Diploma in Retail Management. 1 Year. About the sourcing, store design, space management, merchandising, etc.
Diploma in Computer Application. 6 months to 1 Year of course (available). About different software tools and testing.
Diploma in Business Management. 1 Year to 3 Year (available both). About the financial management, business principles, financial management, etc.
Diploma in Elementary Education. 2 Years. About the presentation skills, methodology, teaching skills, etc.
Diploma in Yoga. 1 Year. About yoga history, practices, therapies, postures, etc.
Diploma in Digital Marketing. 3 months to 1 Year course. About the social media marketer, SEO, email marketing, Digital Sales expert, community management, graphic designing, etc.
Diploma in Hotel Management. 1 Year. Managing guests, handling cleaning and food requests, etc.
Diploma in Physical Education. 1 Year. Basic anatomy, physiology, recreation, the value of education.
Diploma in Fashion Designing. 1 Year. About the fashion stylist, personal shopper, fashion blogger, etc.
Diploma in Writing & Journalism. 1 Year. About the media, freelancing work, writing, publishing, etc.
Diploma in Multimedia/3D/Animation. 6 months to 1 year (both available). About the lighting, 3D animation, Post Production.
Diploma in Event management. 6 months to 1 Year course. About the event planning, branding, logistics, etc.
Diploma in Photography. 6 Moth to 1 Year. About the photo creativity, taken effective pictures, different camera knowledge, etc.

You can pursue any of the above courses through an online class. Else you can join any of respective institute or college for the same.

In today’s date, online courses after 12th commerce are also quite popular as compare to institute class or coaching class.

Now let see a few job oriented certificate course details after 12th commerce. Many short term courses in India relate to vocational training courses.

Actually, students who pass out the 10th standard or 12th standard if looking for a job opportunity.

Then usually they come under the undergraduate course or training course which normally called a vocational training course.

Down below I am mentioning some best job oriented short term courses after 12th. Through which you can finalize more career options for you.

List of courses for commerce students.

Computer Certificate Courses. Banking, Accounting & Management Certificate Courses.
Certificate in Graphic Design. Certificate in NGO Management.
Certificate in App Development. Certificate in Tally.
Certificate in Web Designing. Certificate in Computerized Accounting.
Certificate in Animation. Certificate in Business Skills.
Certificate in SEO & SMM. Certificate in International Humanitarian.
Certificate in Digital Marketing. Certificate in Tourism Studies & Management.
Certificate in Data Entry & Editing. Certificate in Energy Technology & Management.
Certificate in inbound Marketing.

Certificate in Co-Operation.

Certificate in MS Office.
Healthcare Certificate Courses. Language & Vocational Certificate Courses.
Certificate in Networking Technology. Certificate in Creative Writing.
Certificate in Food & Nutrition. Certificate in Germen Language.
Certificate in ANM (Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery). Certificate in French language.
Certificate in Dental Assistant. Certificate in Functional English.
Certificate in Laboratory Technician. Certificate in Urdu Language.
Certificate in Community Radio. Certificate in Interior Design.
Certificate in CT Scan Technician Certificate. Air Hostess Course.
Certificate in Healthcare & Waste management. Certificate in Air Ticketing.
Certificate in Radiology Assistant. Certificate in Photography.
Social Work Certification.           Agriculture Filed certification.
Consumer Protection Certification. Organic farming Certification.
Human Rights Certification. Beekeeping Certification.
International Humanitarian Certification. Sericulture Certification.

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