Best 6 Months Courses After Graduation (Trending Courses).

6 Months Courses After Graduation
6 Months Courses After Graduation

Best 6 Months Courses After Graduation.

We pursue the graduation course because every student good career path in his life. A professional degree gives you the way to graph the perfect job opportunity.

After graduation, many students want to go for a master’s degree along with short term job-oriented courses.

You can choose any long-term courses after graduation. But also carrying 6 months courses after graduation makes a huge impact on your resume.

Short term professional courses after graduation not only give you the professional rising. It also gives you an extra career boost.

Sometimes small things make a big difference in your career. Therefore you must choose the right short term courses after graduation.

These days companies are not getting happy to see your resume only with 12th and graduation degree details.

They mostly want to see certification of any special specialization in one specific area.

Competition in world is increasing day by day. Only having a graduation degree can make your career path tough.

So if you want high-paying jobs then choose any variety of courses in this professional world.

Let’s begin…

6 Months Courses After Graduation.

Tally Course.

Tally gives you access to multiple aspects of it. Small shop to the big company who so ever have the accountancy work in their desk. They hire a candidate who knows the tally.

Usually, every company needs accountancy for their accounts.

Hence, if you are in already the accountancy field or you love accounts you can learn this 6-month short-term course without any hesitation.

Course Duration:

The basic to full tally course takes 3 months to 6 month time. After completing the tally course you can apply online in the top job portal for the best job opportunity.

Institute through which you will complete the course will also provide you a certificate of appreciation.

Certified Financial Planner.

Certified Financial Planner is the best 6 months courses after graduation. It’s a respective certificate that is usually earned the students who have the examination, education, and ethics requirements. This certificate gets awarded by FPSB India.

This certificate does not get covered by all the states currently it’s only got covered by Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata.

Certified Financial planners cover the topics such as Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, Financial Planning, Tax Planning, etc.

In this area various job profiles are available. Might be you are working for any company.

Then you can handle the debt management and saving objectives.

Course Duration:

Certified Financial Planner ( CFP) course duration is almost 6 months. This is the average time duration it can be more or less as per the institute syllabus and topics.

Business Analytics.

A student who has an interest in finance and business can choose a short-term job-oriented course like business analytics.

Business analysts impacting huge in the global market. Through this short term course, you will learn market strategy, sales, clustering, market basket analysis, and other skills.

The business analyst is also called a modern life requirement as it develops and improves the market economy at a very high level.

It’s taught you about market tricks and trade ideas.

Course Duration:

This course is available in basic to full one. This means it’s available in two modes 3-month course and 6 months course. This short term course has huge career potential in the market.

Certificate course in Finance Accounting & Taxation.

If you have completed your graduation degree such as BBI/ BAF / ETC.

Then you can apply for a short-term course like a certificate in Finance Accounting & Taxation.

Finance Accounting & Taxation course taught you about fundamental concepts, accounting, financial management, taxation management, and more.

Course Duration:

As I have mentioned above if you have a gradation degree in BBI/ BAF then you can pursue this short-term course with 6 months of duration too. However, in many institutes, this course is available for 1 year.

Digital Marketing.

Another name in 6 month courses list is Digital marketing. In the last few years, it gets considers professional courses.

For just graduate students digital marketing or SEO growth is like a career that builds new grounds.

We all know these days social marketing, online marketing, and banner marketing are in a boom.

Every company wants a digital marketer who can represent its company in the online market.

Digital Marketing Jobs are booming with good payout and job profiles.

Therefore, digital marketing because famous short term job oriented course.

Course Duration:

This course teaches you how to improve client business on a ranking and performance basis.

The course does have major topics too such as how to build a brand ahead and do marketing for that.

It has 3 months and 6 months course. If you want to make a serious career in the same you can also go for a full-time diploma course.

PG Certification in Machine Learning & NLP.

Two great upcoming technology Machine Learning and NLP. Demand for this technology is all around the world.

Students who will learn Machine learning technology in these decades going to progress a lot in upcoming years.

 Huge demand for both techniques in the data science field.

For machine learning aspirants many institutes follow their syllabus. Subject differences can be possible because this technology is still developing a lot.

Still, a few common topics you will be taught such as ML and NLP concepts, Hidden Markov Models, Information Extraction, Bag of words, etc.

Course Duration:

Certification in Machine Learning & NLP minimum course duration is 6 months.

Many online courses are also available in this field. Plus you can also apply to any respective institute or college.


The next name in 6 months courses after graduation is Java. Top programming course which helps in the various job profile.

Creating applications helps in android apps, real-world applications, and so on.

Java programming language allows you to work universally. This means you can do online freelancing work with java language and resolve the client issue online too.

Having good knowledge of Java and C++ can pay you a high amount in the market.

Course Duration:

Java language has been in both short term course and in diploma course too. 3 months courses and 6 months java courses are available easily in institutes.

Rest it’s totally up to you if you want to go for a 1-year diploma course. Then you can choose that too.

Down below I am mentioning the course’s name which course duration could be 3 months/ 6 months/ 1 Year/ 2 Years.

Because many institutes have their course duration according to the subject and student eligibility.

List of Certificate Courses in India.

Computer Courses.

  • Certificate in App Development.
  • Certificate in VFX & Animation.
  • Certificate In MS Office Proficiency.
  • Certificate in SEO & SMM.
  • Certificate in Animation and Game Design.
  • Certificate in Information Technology.
  • Certificate in Data Entry & Editing.

Management Certificate Courses.

  • Certificate in Business Analyst.
  • Certificate in NGO Management.
  • Certificate in International Humanitarian.
  • Certificate in Tourism Studies & Management.

Healthcare & Paramedical Certificate.

  • Dental Assistant Certificate.
  • Certificate in Laboratory Techniques.
  • Certificate in Food & nutrition.
  • Nursing Care Assistant.
  • MRI Technician Certification.
  • Certificate in Community Radio.
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare.

Job Oriented Diploma Course.

  • Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM).
  • Radio Jockeying and TV News Reading.
  • Principles and Practices of Real Estate.

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