Advantage and Disadvantage of E Commerce.

Men is explaining advantage And disadvantage of E commerce

Advantage and Disadvantage OF ECommerce.

If you are planning to build an e-commerce business. Then one very common question always come across, what is the advantage and disadvantage of e-commerce.

Online business not only gives you the world wild business. But also good sales opportunities. Through which you can grow your e-commerce business very wildly.

These days’ e-commerce businesses bring lots of benefits to partners and customers.

However, every business has its own ups and downs. And you must understand every phase of an e-commerce business.

Because after knowing the right rules and advantages. You will able to build a profitable e-commerce business.

Advantages of E-commerce to Customers.

It’s always good to know the advantages of online business. Because if you are very clear about the benefits of online business. Then only you will be determined yourself more to build an online market.

E-commerce is one of the low-financial cost businesses available in the market.

Who gives you a huge platform for selling products, selling experience, retargeting customer,s and more!

Low Financial Cost.

E-commerce is a very low-cost business for anyone to start up. Normally if you start your business with a local store or physical retail store. Then it would be required lots of fund investments.

Such as renting a store, store legal paperwork, store design, sales equipment, staff member, and security guards, and so on.

However, on the other hand, if you go with the e-commerce market. And start your store online with Shopify or woo-commerce. Then you will get a totally different experience.

Online store or drop shipping kind of e-commerce business not required big saving.

Plus you can design the online store by yourself. Company logo selection and design are also quite easy.

So overall e-commerce is low expensive and less stress full as compared to the physical online retail store.

Potential Income.

Why I said potential income because a normal physical store has a limited time frame for selling a product to your customer. Mostly the store follows 9 am to 9 pm daily routine.

However, online e-commerce store interacts with their customer 24*7. Plus because of online marketing under Facebook and Pinterest. Customers are always welcome to visit your online store.

Just imagine you are helping tons of customers who are not get time for self-shopping.

For example, all over the world many people are not working in normal sifts or working at odd time.

And because of their odd work shift they did not get the time for physical buying. For those customers online shopping store is perfect.

Because of e-commerce market benefits customers not require physical assistance.

Customers can choose the product at midnight too. Place the order according to their preferences and receive the confirmation on the phone or email.

Sell World Wild.

One big advantage of the e-commerce market is that you can target the audience over would wild. As a new business person, you are not limited anymore.

You can easily explore your e-commerce products in the United States, United Kingdom, neighboring countries, and all.

Few wholesale e-commerce markets also give you free shipping or an E-packing shipping facility, for example, Aliexpress. Selling product world wild is a great feeling.

Easy to Showcase Best Products.

It’s always easy to showcase your best-selling product. Or the best rating product for the customer. In one category of the best product makes customer life easier.

Most of customers like to visit and buy the product from the bestselling category.

The reason the best product is more popular is that it’s already a customer favorite and many customers already happy with that certain products.

Personalized Online Experience.

You can always offer customers the best other products along with the product the customer wants. Through that, you are indirectly enhancing the customer shopping experience.

These kinds of services or offers. You can add any time in your online shopping portal.

Or if you want you can do that just before launching your e-commerce website.

Another good way of personalizing customers is by showing them ads. One more good practice you can do with your e-commerce website. That you can help the customer to appear him related product.

Easy to Encourage Impulse Customers.

One more e-commerce advantage always comes to mind in the e-commerce online market. It’s always easy to impulse customers to buy products.

For example, showcasing good product images with human photos. Colorful shorts or jeans with presenting by humans begin a natural picture.

Do not go with remote photos and artificial pictures. Because it will not able to grab the customer’s attention.

Another good way to reach out to the customer is through online marketing strategies and planning.

Doing email marketing in promotions and offering the best offer as per sessions help impulse customers to buy more stuff.

Limited Employees.

The big advantage of e-commerce is that you can handle this would wild business without thousands of employees.

The physical store normally required two or three staff members to handle the customer.

If your physical store gets famous then might you need to hire more staff for your daily customer!

But if you talk about e-commerce online shops. Then it’s not required that much staff. One alone person can also handle the whole e-commerce online website.

All though if you want, you can hire employees for better user experience and design.

Gain Customer Data Easily.

In my opinion, the best e-commerce advantage was accessing customer data.

Normally customers are always cool to give their email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers.

Through that you can make a strong relationship with a customer. You can connect with your customers in multiple ways.

And inform them about the latest offers or upcoming offers. To make your customers happy you can also collect their date of birth and wish them on their birthday can be very surprising.

Able to Fulfill a High Number of Orders.

If you are running a business and always ordering a high number of orders. Then e-commerce drop shipping can make your life very easy.

Because through the drop shopping market you can order a huge number of orders without any trouble and all. It will save your physical product loading work and time.

Scale Business Quickly and Save Time.

It’s easy to scale up your e-commerce business as compared to the physical store.

You can start the ads business in your online store or you can also promote other brand products or information products in your online store.

It is a smart business with no big investment. Also, you can change the ads partner or ads or products as per your experience. And because of all of these great e-commerce advantage. I also like e-commerce business.

Reviews Available.

In normal physical store customer always face lots of product issues. Like how come they trust the product quality or it’s this product going to fulfill my purpose or not?

Many times some customers leave the store without purchasing because of product quality confusion.

However, in online business, you normally get the customer reviews section in each product category which makes customer life easy.

After reading lots of other customer real reviews. Buying customers are easily able to make up their minds about purchasing.

And most of the time after reading reviews customers do buy the online product. So product reviews also play a big role in the e-commerce market.

Affordable Marketing.

One of the big e-commerce advantages is that it’s not required a huge amount of money for marketing. Plus it’s not required the number of staff members for doing physical marketing to customers door to door.

Very easy and affordable marketing strategies you also have through this you can scale up your online store easily.

Such as you can do content marketing, video marketing, Infographic marketing, and digital marketing and so on.

Reduce Training and Recruiting Costs.

An e-commerce business or store can be handled and managed by one person.

So it’s indirectly reducing the cost of recruiting new employees and training.

However, if you thought to open a physical store then you have to train the staff on how to deal with the different customers as per their product tests and budgets.

Apart from that many times employees left the store without information at that time you have to again train and recruit the other new employee for the store.

All this workload can be reduced if you choose the e-commerce business.

No Human Error While Dealing With The Customer.

So many times because of an employee’s silly mistake customers get upset and are not able to make up own minds to buying products instantly.

In another way as the e-commerce market all running and configuring by the backend side.

And all product categories and features are designed properly. So the error on purchasing chance is very less as compared to the physical store.

Disadvantages of E-commerce.

Customers Cannot Try a Product Without Buying It.

If you have a store related to clothes or cosmetics then. Many times you will face customer demand for product trials.

Without checking the clothes’ fitness or cosmetic correct range of tone. Customers always felt hesitant to buy.

Here, e-commerce businesses normally face the issue. Because of this big disadvantage, you cannot give the trial to the customer while they are doing online shopping.

However, you can change the product later. After buying it but not at the same time. Trail or product testing is not possible in online shopping.

The customer has to be patient till the time the product will come to them. After receiving the product only you can try or check the proper fitting.

No Personal Touch.

E-commerce also has disadvantages of product personal touch. No matter how well you have explained the product or how briefly you have explained the feature.

One big truth is always there online marketing or the e-commerce market does not allow you to touch the product, smell of the product, sound of product or taste of the product. Moreover, in this situation customer trust issues always comes.

Site Crash Issue.

Choosing the right platform for hosting playing a big role in e-commerce sites. In another word, your site gets crash because of heavy traffic then no one can buy the product from your website.

This is one of the biggest eCommerce disadvantages we have on this platform.

So if you buy simple hosting or cheap hosting then after purchasing your side could be crash at any time.

Product Quality Cannot Be Checked.

No matter how much good product you have to choose. You cannot check the product quality online. Which is another big disadvantage of online marketing?

Ensuring product quality make customer confuse. And most of the time customers return the product because of their quality issues. It’s a totally time wearing process if you see for the customer.

These Days it’s Highly Competitive.

As the eCommerce market is getting famous it’s also bringing lots of competition. Finding the correct niche is also very tough work.

Because finding the correct demand for the product which is always like by the customer is very important.

And most of the demanding products do have high competition in the market. So the e-commerce market is quite competitive these days.

Before taking a step in this deep research and good knowledge of the product is very important.

Delivery Issues.

When customers order the online product they get the estimated delivery time zone.

And most of the time because of the lots of delivery issues. Courier people cannot able to reach you in a promising time.

This is one of the big disadvantages of online shopping portal. Many times also customer leaves the office to just reactive the product.

And when the delivery didn’t come then customers lose the trust in brand and service.

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