After Graduation Teacher Course: Free Or Degree Course.

Girls is learning what to do after graduation teacher course
Teacher Course.

After graduation teacher course.

In this article, you will get brief information about after graduation the teacher course is required or not.

If you don’t want to do any extra teacher course. Then what is the right graduation subject for teaching?

Or might be, if after graduation you feel that you want to work under the teaching line then which teacher course is suitable for you.

We all know that teaching is one of the highly respective professions.

Not only Indian students but around the world all students know the importance and facilities of the teaching profession.

You are also reading this article because you know the teaching profession is one of the evergreen careers which is not going to die.

Because of good teachers only our society is able to educate doctor’s profession, engineering, and marketers and so on.

So we cannot be denied the fact of society that without the teaching profession the future of students can be miserable.

After graduation teacher course will give you the freedom to work under the various platform.

Such as colleges, high schools, nursery schools, universities, institutes, middle schools and so on.

Remember the teacher course or your qualification will be the main decider that which level of teaching you can do.

After Graduation Teacher Course.

Might be you want to become the high school teacher. Then Degree of bachelor in education (B.Ed.) is required.

For Nursery level also graduation or diploma course in nursery teaching training is required at least.

However, if you have a dream to teach students at the University. Then post-graduation such as M.ED or Ph.D. is required to become a teacher in college or university.

Apart from post-graduation, you have to clear the NET (National Eligibility Test) too

Few College Courses Which is Best to Become a Teacher?

Here now we will see the college courses which needed to become a teacher. You can also do the tanning course or distance course for the teaching line.

However, in my opinion, go for the regular class and do not consider the distance course.

Because competition in the teaching line is also going high. Lakh of a candidate is preparing for a teaching job.

In this condition, if you carry the distance course degree for the teacher job. Then the chance is very less to get selection among other candidates.

Now let see what course is available for the teaching career or what qualification do you need to become a Teacher.

List of Teaching Courses:

  • NTT (Nursery Teacher training) is one year of course. You can apply for this teacher training after 12th pass out. And after completing this course you can apply for the Nursery Teaching Job.
  • D.EI.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education) you can pursue this course after completing your 12th class. However, some states are also there which allow D.EI.Ed course after graduation. This course takes you two years and after completing this course you can apply for the primary level of a teaching job.
  • B.EI.ED (Bachelor in Elementary education) is a four-year teaching course. The best part of this course that you can pursue this course after your 12th class only. Plus after completing B.EI.ED course you are eligible for the primary and upper primary teaching job.
  • After B.ED (Bachelor of Education) similar to B.EI.ED course you will be eligible for the PRT or TGT teaching jobs.
  • Few colleges also offering the course of BA+B.ED and this is four years of course. Previously students were used to doing a BA of 3 years and then B.Ed. of 2 years. But now as a new course comes in the name of BA+B.ED you can do them both in total 4years. Along with both degrees.
  • Now, what if you have a science background. Do not worry still you can do the teaching course. One more new course is available in colleges is B.Sc+B.ED. This also 4 years course along with B.Sc. and B.Ed. both degree.
  • M.ED after completing this course along with NTT test you can apply in the top college and University. Further, you can also do the P.HD and all for more deep research and growth in teaching Carrere.
  • The next teacher course is Post Graduation Diploma in Pre-Primary Education (PGDPPED). You can pursue this teacher course after graduation. It takes a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 4 years of duration.
  • Certificate in primary teaching (CPT). This course only takes a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 2years. The course fee for CPT is very low. So if you don’t want to invest in an expensive course then you can apply for this small course too. Minimum qualification in the 10th pass out.


It’s very important that you complete your degree with a reputed college or institute.

Because this is the education profession you are choosing and clarity on the subject and good marks is very important for your teaching career.

In my opinion, I have mention below a few colleges and institute names that are best for a teaching degree.

  1. Annamalai University.
  2. Adarsh Vidya Mandir.
  3. P.C College.
  4. IGNOU.
  5. National Council of Teacher Education.
  6. Guru Gobind Indraprastha University.
  7. Himachal Prasad University.
  8. College of Teacher Education (Agartala).

A Requirement for Becoming a Teacher.

As you can see above the different levels of teacher post have their own requirements. For primary school teacher requirements is different. Although for college-level teacher requirement is different.

After graduation teacher course is required. However, sometimes it’s not required if you completed the teaching diploma course or something short term teaching course.

Still, for the primary class students, senior secondary is required along with 50% marks. Or 2 years diploma in the teaching line is also acceptable for the primary stage.

Become a Teacher Without a Teaching Degree?

Yes, you can become a teacher without a teaching degree. Many times after choosing one career path and after working a few years in that career path.

We get felt that we are now no more interesting left in our chosen career. Or after see lots of career ups and downs we felt that, we want a stable job such as a teaching job.

So for this kind of situation, every government always has an alternative option or you can say certification for teaching.

You can apply for the government teaching certification. And that that certificate or license you can start your teaching career anytime.

However, this certification also required some eligibility criteria. Which you have to check before applying for the certification.

Types of Teaching Certificates.

A teaching certificate is a process that gives you the right to educate students in a given state or area.

Many students follow the traditional route for teaching degree or certification. However, both ways are good it totally depends on which you are comfortable.

So Most Common Tradition Route:

Step 1: Complete a bachelor’s degree.

Step 2: Complete teaching preprogram.

Step 3: Mater degree in your specialization subject.

Step 4: Pass out State’s level exam.

Step 5: Or you can apply for the state teacher certification.

Other Teaching Certification:

Elementary and Middle School certification.

Teaching Certification in secondary education.

Teacher Certification for a specific subject.

Nationally Recognized teacher certification.

Career Opportunity in Teacher Job.

As education is increasing his value and power. Career opportunities for this field are quite good. Time to time pay scale is also growing ups compare to previous pay scale.

As a teacher, you also have an opportunity to increase your pay scale you own.

For example, apart from high school teaching, you can also do the home tuition, kindergarten, elementary school, art teacher, music teacher and so on.

What is the Salary for Teacher Jobs?

The salary will vary according to your designation and position. However, many private schools and college pay way well as compare to government teachers’ salaries.

Still, here I am providing you the around figure salary information which is not fixed. The opportunity for a high school teacher for a monthly salary is 20,000INR.

However, if you have started your teaching career through University or college then possible your monthly salary would start with 35,000INR.

Free Teaching Degree.

There are many online websites are available. Who provides the free teaching course? Along with teaching knowledge and degree.

Some of the top websites also provide an online class for the teaching profession. Free teaching tanning and best teaching practices are available online.

Free teaching program makes your life easy and convenient. Choose your subject and topic in which you are comfortable and start an online teaching course.

After using free resources if you felt that you like the teaching field. And do have an interest in this field. Then you can pursue your career with small teaching courses or degrees too.

Check out down below the list of websites for free teacher education:

  • ReadWriteThink
  • Education Closet.
  • Education Week.
  • PBS Teacher line.
  • Teachers First.
  • The Open University.
  • Stanford Online.
  • MIT.

Few websites above also provide the awards and certificates. If you really perform well during the course. A site such as Teachers First and The Open University are top in these.

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