Agriculture Courses After 12th Class: Jobs/Entrance Exam.

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Agriculture Courses.

Agriculture Courses After 12th Class.

Agriculture courses after 12th are one of the academic discipline courses we have.

This course will let you know the various topics such as farm management, science, horticulture, production and business, management, dairy.

After a course on agriculture, you can apply for the top government jobs and private jobs too.

The agriculture industry provides a good payout to their employee. As new research technology has been come up in this industry.

The demand for the agricultural industry gets an increase all over the world. So choosing an agriculture course as a career option is totally fine.

After completing the agriculture course too. You are not bounded for one area. You can always choose the area under the banking or teaching field too.

Agriculture courses are available for all types of students.

In other words graduation in agriculture, a Master’s degree in agriculture is available and a diploma in agriculture is also available. 

Eligibility: Agriculture courses after 12th required 12th pass out (Science stream) with 45% to 50%.

For a Master’s degree, you required a bachelor’s degree along with 45% to 50%.

Agriculture Courses after 12th in India.

Now we will see the courses after 12th agriculture and the best course option for you. It’s totally up to you which course you would like to choose.

Short team course or long term course, Undergraduate course or Post Graduate course, diploma course or correspondence course.

I will suggest planning your course according to your interest and time frame.

Whatever course you choose, check the market value of those courses and the past result of those courses.

Agriculture Courses.

   After 12th Agriculture Courses.

BSC (Agriculture/hons.Agriculture/Forestry/Agronomy).

B Tech (Horticulture/Agriculture/Dairy Technology).



MSc (Agriculture/Vegetable Science/ Soil Science/Sericulture/etc.)




PG Diploma.

Certificate in fish farming.

Certificate in Horticulture.

Certificate course in food

Certificate in fruit production.

Certificate in Food Safety.

Certificate in Agriculture Science.

Certificate in Agriculture Insurance.

Certificate in farm management.

Certificate course in food production.

Certificate course in food & beverage service.

Diploma In Agriculture.

Diploma in Floriculture.

Diploma in Vegetable Production.

Diploma In Meat Technology.

Diploma in Food Processing.

Diploma in Dairy technology.

Diploma in farm management.

Diploma in fodder and feed technology.

Agriculture Entrance Exams in India.

After finalizing the course on agriculture you have to focus on the entrance exam for agriculture course.

Many universities and colleges are organizing the entrance exam to just knowing the student’s abilities through their score.

Top Agriculture Entrance Exam in India.

  • ICAR AIEEA (Under Graduate & Post Graduate).
  • BCECE (Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive examination).
  • KCET (Karnataka Examination)
  • CG PAT.

Other Entrance Exams.

  • PAU Entrance exam (Punjab Agriculture University).
  • UAS, UAHS PG Common Admission.
  • Rajasthan Joint Entrance Test.

Diploma in Agriculture After 12th.

If you don’t want to do the BSc agriculture course or Bed agriculture course. Then you can pursue a diploma in agriculture after 12th.

Many education institutes and colleges in India provide a diploma certificate.

Through which you can start your career with top industries such as the food industry, dairy industry, farming technology and so on.

I have already provided the top diploma course names above.

However, some popular diploma in agriculture after 12th is Diploma in Floriculture, Diploma in Dairy technology, and Diploma in Vegetable Production.

If after 10th class you want to join the diploma course then it will be going to take your 2 years, for the diploma agriculture course.

Agriculture Certificate Courses.

Now maybe you are thinking about what is agriculture certificate courses are.

These are the courses which are design for a very short time. 1year to 2 years of course with fixed topic and syllabus.

Many certificate courses are available which is define only one subject area of specialization.

For example, if you have an interest in only dairy products.

Then rather learning all the basic agriculture subjects. You can start with one selected topic and there in deep sub-topics and lessons.

I have already mentioned the top agriculture certificate course name above still if you want to know the demanding certificate course name then.

It is a Certificate in Horticulture, Certificate in Food Safety, Certificate in Beekeeping, and Certificate in Floriculture.

Agriculture Subjects & Syllabus.

Course on agriculture will only be taught as the basic fundamental of the agriculture process.

Plus it let us know in deep, in which subject we have the intent interest and which one you can choose as your specialization subject for the master’s degree.

Hence, let see the most common subject and syllabus of the agriculture course.

BSC in Agriculture Subject & Syllabus.

Basic Science and Humanities.Agricultural engineering.

Plant Biochemistry.

Agricultural Economics.

Agricultural Entomology.

Agricultural Marketing.

Applied Mathematics.

Breed of field & Horticulture Crops.

Education Psychology.


B Tech in Agriculture Subject & Syllabus.

Engineering in Mathematics.Technical English Communication.

Environment Studies.

Farm system & Controls.

Engineering in Physics.

Computer Programming.

Crop Production Technology.

Irrigation & drainage engineering.

Dairy & Food Engineering.

Tractor System & Controls.

Theory of Machine.

Groundwater, Wells & Pumps.

Heat & Mass transfer & refrigeration.

Remote Sensing and GIS Application.

Hydraulic Drive and controls.

Minor Irrigation system design.


Scope in Agriculture Field after 12th.

No matter you have completed the bachelor’s degree or postgraduate degree in agriculture.

In India and in foreign to a variety of job opportunities are available for the agriculture to pass out students.

In the last few years, the demand for agricultural students in the market gets high.

Science students always understand the importance of agriculture and his demand in the economic world.

This profession has the power to let your career in demand. After improving our research technology and development demand for agriculture also get high.

After completing your agriculture course after 12th or diploma you can start the job.

Later you can do the specialization in any you’re interested in the subject to get paid more high.

Another best opportunity is also there apart from private jobs and government jobs.

I mean you can start working in agriculture as an entrepreneurship or breeding labs, small agriculture farm.

You can apply to the university and college for the teaching job under an agricultural subject.

Job Profile after Completing the Agriculture Course.

Various interesting and professional job opportunities are available in the market. The job profile also depends on your agriculture degree and work experience.

Because colleges and institute have various kind of certificates which has its value in the market.

Let see the few popular job profile or job titles name after completing the agriculture course.

  • Product manager.
  • Crop Specialist.
  • Plant Geneticist.
  • Agriculture Scientist.
  • Food Microbiologist.
  • Agriculture officer.
  • Food Researcher.
  • Agriculture Engineer.
  • Water Conservationist.
  • Conservation Planner.
  • Farm Manager.
  • Soil and Plant Scientist.
  • Silvicultural Researcher.
  • Pest Control technician.
  • Food Technologist.
  • Field Agronomist.
  • Cattle Foreman.
  • Breeding Manager.
  • Marketing Executive.
  • Fertilizer sales representative.

Top Sectors to look for Agriculture Jobs after Agriculture Course.

Now let see some industry and department name in which you can apply for the job.

After completing your agriculture course you can regularly visit their official site. For the best opportunity and hiring details in deep.

  1. Agro-Industry Sector.
  2. Agricultural Engineering.
  3. Agricultural Management.
  4. Estates & Tea Gardens.
  5. Service Sector.
  6. Agricultural departments.
  7. Research Organization.
  8. Microfinance Institutes.
  9. Animal Industry.
  10. Dairy Consultancies.
  11. Storage & grading.
  12. Fertilizer Companies.
  13. Agricultural Financial Companies.
  14. Agricultural Insurance Companies.
  15. Farm of poultry, breeding & Florists.
  16. Aquaculture state-wise departments.

Salary after Agriculture Courses.

As I have mentioned above job positions and salary will depend on your degree and work experience.

However, if you talk about the starting package of the salary. Then as per bachelor’s degree in agriculture fresher can get around 10,000 to 25,000 INR per month.

As you will get more experience under the agricultural field count of the salary amount will increase more.

So ideally, if you join the agricultural industry as Assistant manager in tea plantation then the possibility is there that you could pay approx. 30,000 to 40,000 INR per month.

Or might if you have a plan to join the job profile of assistant manager in horticulture in salary could be possible approx. 32,000 to 45,000 per month. 

Top Government Sectors Who Hired Agriculture Candidates.

If might be you are very much interested in the government field.

Then also not to worry courses after 12th agriculture you can easily find lots of job opportunities under the government sector too.

Let me tell you some popular government-industry name in which you can apply for the government job.

  • Food Corporation of India.
  • Indian Council of Agriculture Research.
  • Council of Scientific & Industrial Research.
  • North Eastern Region Agricultural Marketing Corporation.

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