Air Hostess Salary in India [Allowances & Perks].

Flight flying with crew in evening sky.

Air hostess salary make this profession more demanding. Because a normal degree person cannot earn this much salary in you’re starting a few years.

So ideally, if you like to fly all around the world. And you have a pleasant personality then differently you can be an air hostess.


In general, visiting foreign counties make this job profile exciting and interesting too.


However, you cannot ignore the hard work, which you have to do. This job profile always looking for multitasking men/women.


Allowances and perks are also one of the reasons for the attraction of this job.


Salaries of air hostess/Cabin crew.


Under this profession, you will get a handsome salary. And lost off other benefits too. Which will develop your career a skyrocket!


There is no doubt that an air hostess in international aviation is earning a major salary. However, Indian and air hostesses get a good package only.


This means as a fresher you can start you’re air hostess job with 18,000 to 35,000 per month. Which is an average salary package as per Indian-based airlines!


On the other hand, if you are interested to start your career with international flights. Then starting or you can say the average salary you will get is around 60,000 to 95,000.


Although, as we are researching a lot in this and as per an assorted sources. Here are salaries paid by different air carriers to their cabin crew/air hostess.


Indian Package.


Here are salary packages for fresher and entry-level who have at least two years of experience.


Or perhaps you can say, this is an overall idea about the salary package in various air carriers. Because in India salary also depends on your job title.


Foreign package.


  • Delta airlines: 60,000/ (Per Month) INR.
  • Singapore Airline: (58,000)/ (per month) INR.

The amount figure can fluctuate, which means depends on the exchange rate (Indian Rupees).


We have provided the overall cinereous here. This salary also depends that how many flights you have done in a month.


Also, various other factors are included in this.


Why the difference in air hostess salary?


Indeed, salary varies according to your experience. However, there are some other factors that are also available that affect an air hostess’s salary.


There are two kinds of airlines available all over the world or you can say worldwide.


1). Full-Service Carries.

2). Low-Cost Carriers.


So, actually, your salary depends on which type of carrier you have joined.


And second, it depends on which airline you have decided to work with international or domestic.


I have also provided the full guide about how to become air hostess in deep here.


Benefits for an air hostess.


I must say that, who so ever will choose this career. They are taking the premium career choice of India.


Because an air hostess job is a kind of profession. In which you will get a smart salary, glaring lifestyle, present work, and so on.


Also, in the training period, you can develop your skill, which will help you with your growth. After that, you will get the non-monitory benefits too.


Other Benefits for example:


  • Traveling experience.
  • Subsidized traveling with car rental.
  • Life insurance.
  • Retirement benefits.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Kit Allowances.

These benefits and salaries are various as per different companies.


Duties of an air hostess/ Job designations.


This profile has to do multiple tasks. Therefore, it’s very important that you work at your energy level too.


Here, I have mentioned a few duties of air hostesses which are very common.

  • Welcoming the passengers.
  • Arrangements of bags.
  • Help passengers find their seats.
  • Provide important announcements.
  • Explain the safety processor.
  • Serving food.
  • Selling product (Depends on airlines).

Time Limitation of fight duties.


For the time limitation of flight duties. The airline follows the ICAO (International Civil aviation Organization) guidelines and international bodies governing civil aviation.


In other words, cabin crew, air hostesses, and airline pilots. Cannot fly more than a specified number of hours per month.


Long hours flights can be stressful for staff. So, the boarding department always makes sure about all these major points.


However, your allowances and extra benefits also depend on your performance.


How to select an airline for work.


Many Indian airlines make their own presence abroad too. Here I would like to give you some ideas of popular airline companies.


Which is quite beneficial for your career. Because most of these are old and have a good name in the market.


Also, some of them is coming under the government, which makes your career safe and reliable.


Hence, here is a few huge names in the first two which come under the full-service carrier.

  • Air India (Comes under the Indian government).
  • Vistara (Tata SIA airline).
  • Jet Airways (Oldest one).
  • Indio (Also, Serve service to the Far East and the Middle East).
  • Go Air.
  • Air India Express (Serve between India and Arabian Gulf).

Course For An International Flight.


If you are meant to follow the international flight only. Then, in my opinion, you have to peruse the international standard course.


Hence, I have mentioned some courses below.

  1. IATA/UFTT international travel and tourism training program.
  2. IATA Aviation Distance Learning Program.
  3. UFTAA/IATA international Cargo Agent training program.

There are many institutes also available that provide 3 or 4 years of undergraduate courses for an air hostess.


Or perhaps you can do the and air hostess training.


Promotion For Air Hostesses.


In starting all women and men get the average salary and few allowances.


However, after having two or more years of experience an air hostess/cabin crew salary get increased too.


The airline makes some categories for air hostesses who get experience.


For example, after two years of experience as a flight attendant, you can promote as Flight Purser.


After completing four years of experience you can be promoted to Senior Purser.


More than four years a candidate can be promoted as Cabin Service Supervisor.


These job titles vary according to the airline. Here I am just trying to indicate to you that promotion in this field is also available.


Salaries also depend if you change the airline after a couple of years. This means after having a good experience.


Because every airline protocol is different and they work according to that. So, if you are looking for a good increment. Then you can stand up for a new opportunity.

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This guide will help you to get some ideas for an air hostess/cabin crew salary. After having experience in this field.


You can get easily growth in salary too. It also depends on your airline selection.

In starting, might be you have offered the less amount! But the future career of this profession is very bright.