Air Hostess Working Hours/Cabin Crew Working Hours.

Air Hostess serving food in his office working hours

Air Hostess Working Hours.

Air hostess working hours are always a matter of discussion. Because everyone knows that become an air hostess and care a lot of passengers is not easy work.

Therefore in this article, you will get all the information related to cabin crew working hours and do air hostesses get free holidays or not.

A career an air hostess taught you much to think including human safety and human behavior. Now let’s talk about air hostess working hours.

Normally working hours totally depends on which flight you are taking off. Domestic flight has different work schedule and international flight different.

Many airlines publish their time and schedule in the month starting only. If any candidate wants to change the shift timing then they can talk to their senior.

Generally, the air hostess does not have any fixed time. They work according to the flight timings.

It also depends on the season. Plus air hostess working hours also depend on which company you have joined.

1. Air Hostess Working Hours.

As an air hostess, you might have to face an irregular working timetable. If you are new in this profession then the possibility is there that you get no choice of shifts.

Normally airline assigns 12 hours to 14 hours of shifts. Sometimes it could be increased if you are on an international long-route flight.

It also depends on what law you have in your country or the airline.

Now if want to know about the total monthly working hours. Then mostly they fly 75 hours to 90 hours every month.

You can fly more if you want to earn more payout and if your airline will allow you.

However, after one or two flights you will get the roster off too. It’s not like you have to fly every day.

A very rare airline is there that will provide you a regular flight. So do not worry you will get enough rest before taking another flight.

In domestic for example, the 3-hour flight is there. Then you have to attend the two to three flights in a day. And then you can take the work off.

In another scenario, it could be possible that because of a short staff member they assign you the back-to-back flight. Still, they cannot give you a flight for more than seven days on a regular.

Remember regular flight happens in a very rare case. Another major part is to come to what to do in a sick situation. So not to worry.

Almost all airline provides you the sick leave. If you provide them with the correct doctor’s prescription. So yes sick leave is there.

Apart from this air hostess need to reach the office place one hour before flying. So that they are going through the security check and baggage work.

The roster normally comes in your email address or you can check in your company AIMS system through your user password.

So do not worry air hostess working hours are not as much hack teach as they look.

2. How Many Years Can An Air Hostess Work?

We all have this question how many years can an air hostess work? Many people say that after a cabin crew job or air hostess job is not long-lasting.

But sorry it’s not true. If I talk about the Indian government policy. Then in Indian airline air hostess retirement age is 50 years ages.

Yes, it’s true, and if talk about the old private sector then it’s around 40 years to 45 years of age.

There are many new private airlines is also available that retire own cabin crew members in the age of 35 years.

No matter whether you get married between these ages or have children. Many myths are there who say that you can work in the airline only till you have fitness, glowing skin, or a young age.

It’s not true guys if you meet all criteria required to become an air hostess.

Then you can work with your airline as per their retirement policy. And max to max every airline does has a retirement policy till the age of 35 years.

3. Do Air Hostesses Get Free Holidays?

We like holidays and many of us do have this question in the air hostess profession. Do we get a free holiday or not?

If you are looking for a sick holiday or emergency holiday. Then yes 30 calendar dates leave in a whole year you will differently get.

But if you are talking about national holidays or Diwali holidays. Then sorry guys, flight fly every day. Hence, the cabin crew is also required every day.

Therefore, a free holiday is not available if you are talking about national holidays.

But as I have mentioned above 30 days of calendar leaves are always available by the airline.

4. Cabin Crew Working Hours.

Cabin crew working hours are as same as I have mentioned above. Air hostess is also called cabin crew.

So ideally, as a cabin crew also working hours can be 12hours to 14 hours. You can take the extra flight if your airline will allow you.

Most airlines provide you with enough rest time.

5. Can Air Hostess Get Married?

Another most popular question we always have. Like an air, hostesses get married? Or can after married life we can work as air hostesses or not?

The airline is ready to hire married people or not it normally comes under the requirements area. Many airlines are there and don’t have any issues with married people.

In another way, many other airlines are also available that do have an issue with married people.

So the best way to check in is visit to the airline’s official side. Visit their career page and see the requirement category.

If might you not be able to find the answer then make an email to their help support.

However, all over the world, many airlines are available that do not have an issue with married people.

So if you do have the skill and quality. Then definitely you will get hired in any of the airline. Do not much both about all this small stuff.

The airline does have its own policy but currently, you can find endless options in the market. So apply it don’t both much about all this in my opinion.

6. Air Hostess Job Application Form.

If you want to apply for the air hostess job application or for the flight attendant.

Then make sure you only visit the airline office side. Not to a third-party site or any other fake side.

What happens lots of times the candidate is visit to a third-party site. And they pay the amount for the job application form or cabin crew form.

So first of all, none of the airlines ask you money for to apply for a job.

Second air hostess job applications from always freely available on their official site.

For example, I would like to apply for the jet airway company. So what I will be going to do that. First I will visit

After that, I will find the cabin crew word or career word. Next, I will click on the cabin crew or in the career tab and I will find the opening.

Read the page carefully and find the opening in which you are eligible. Might be you are fresher then click on cabin crew fresher opening.

Now read the job application form carefully to check the requirements and skills.

Understand the job and check the opening-closing date first. So that you can apply for the job as soon as.

Don’t rush while you are filling out the job application form. First read all the requirements and provide the proper details.

Might be they will ask you to scan a photo of yours. Then do the same and follow the form step by step.

If you have any confusion related to the job application form. Then you can contact their help support. Else mark the email regarding your confusion.

Bonus Information.

7. Cabin Crew Exams/Air Hostess Exams.

Yes, right I am talking about cabin crew exams. The life of an air hostess career is not simple as is looks. After becoming a cabin crew no buddy cares about upcoming difficulties.

Therefore, I would like to share with you one very major aspect of air hostess career which is cabin crew exams.

I am not talking about the air hostess exam which you have to give in joining time or recruiting time.

But I am talking about the exams which you have to clear after becoming the cabin crew.

Yes so after clearing the interview airline to give you the license of flying.

But every airline takes the re-exam of your knowledge to check your safety, security, service, and grooming has an update or not.

These tests normally happen after 6 months of joining or after 11 months of joining. It totally depends on the airline to airline.

You can say this is one kind of process to renew your cabin crew license. So a life of air hostess career is not fun it’s a competitive job in the market.

Before taking your test company will provide you with a small tanning session. And after that, they will take the test.

Now, what happens if you get failed in your cabin crew exams? So the answer to this question is that after failing your exam you might receive another chance for an exam.

Or you will receive a warning letter regarding your bad performance. The process of re-exam or warning letter totally depends from company to company.

But normally after three warning letters, the Company can also dismiss you from the job.

However, do not worry about air hostess exams. Because your company will provide you the training for that.

So as you see this job is not easy as it looks. You have to keep improving and keep updating yourself for better career growth in this line.

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Air hostess working hours

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