Animation and Multimedia Courses (Diploma & Degree).

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Animation and multimedia.

Animation and Multimedia Courses/Career.

You have chosen one of the top courses in India animation and multimedia. Which not only gives you a great career option.

But also introduces you to different computer-based technicians. Which helps to improve your arts plus gaming world in the real phase.

Before knowing about the animation and multimedia courses or careers.

I would suggest you must know the types of animation and what is animation and multimedia are in the real world.

Down below I have clear your all questions which usually comes in our mind. Whenever we talk about animation and multimedia scope or course.

So let’s understand first what is animation and multimedia.

What is Animation and Multimedia?

Animation present the arts in a phase of drawing, designing, layouts, and involves photography techniques.

Today all most companies do animation and multimedia. If you see you’re around. Then most of the characters in television used animation and multimedia techniques.

Such as Cartoon series, Model design, Advertisements, Animation movies, and so on. Animation creates the illusion of movement.

Multimedia is a team that makes all this animation work more perfect by using visual and audio in one combination.

A multimedia team likes to use visual and audio materials.

And this great combination of both visual and audio can be easily accessible in the commuter, internet, videos, and web technology, etc.

Types of Animation.

Traditional Animation. 2D Animation.
Computer Animation. 3D Animation.
Motion Graphics. Stop Motion Animation.

What is animation and multimedia courses?

Animation is an epic computer technique that presents art. Through the animation course, you can present the photograph into an up and running impression.

In other words, it’s not actually up and running.

But because of computer techniques, you can show the viewers that it is running a cartoon or movie. This is an awesome career option after 10th class or after 12th standard.

Courses in animation and multimedia present the aesthetic manner of the audio and video version.

Hollywood hit movies like Jurassic Park, Spiderman, Godzilla, Krishna Cartoons, and Ganesh Cartoons are all getting possible because animation and multimedia techniques are there.

Without animation, Spiderman’s long jumps in buildings could not be possible. Without animation Jurassic park’s big dinosaurs epic performance might be not possible.

Big Godzilla fights could not be possible without animation and multimedia. Multimedia is a whole combination of animation, video, graphics, text, sound, etc.

Animation is becoming one kind of regular requirements of the TV media, Games, Advertisements, Films industry.

Qualification for the animation and multimedia Course.

For animation qualification, many students think that mathematics is compulsory.

But it’s not true if you do not have maths is your 12th standard still you can pursue the animation course.

If you have mathematics in your 12th class then it’s good too. However, creativity and imagination are the basic requirements calls in this profession. The animation course gives tons of career opportunities. 

Animation industry has a number of different areas. Therefore, it important that you select the right area of course.

Either its animation and multimedia degree course or diploma in animation and multimedia courses.

Must identify which field you would like to go Graphic design, Graphic production artist, Paint Artist, 3d animation, visual efforts, Game designer, animation & VFX, and so on.

Now let see few top animation and multimedia courses in India. If your primary question is which course is best for animation.

Then you can refer to these graduation level courses for your animation career.

Bachelor in Graphic Design. Bachelor in Games & Interactive media design.
Bachelor in Visual Communication. Diploma in Graphic Design.
Bachelor in Digital Media. Diploma in Multimedia & animation.

Animation and multimedia courses after 12th required the 10+2 mark sheet. With recognized school or board. Few colleges also take the aptitude test.

A Multimedia course will be more beneficial if you do have personal skills or qualifications.

Such as a basic computer, analytical skills, Photoshop basic knowledge, communication skills, etc.

Let see BSc animation and multimedia course details.

BSc in animation and multimedia course duration is three years. Many colleges offer this same course in the name of B.Sc. in Animation and Visual Effects.

You can pursue this course as regular or in distance learning too. However, distant learning and correspondence course duration are 5 years.

For BSc in animation and multimedia required 10th mark sheet with 50% and 12th Mart-sheet with 50% (percentage).

If you have below 50% marks. No worries you have lots of other diploma courses too. Which helps to pursue your career in the animation field.

BSc in Animation and multimedia (Admission process).

Animation in multimedia course admission usually gets starts in the month of May and June. You can fillip the Application form through the college official website.

Most colleges take the document according to the course you have chosen. Apart from the 10th and 12th class mark-sheet, they take the creative aptitude test.

Such as drawing life situations, creative thinking, general knowledge, Skill of Visualization, and so on.

Entrance exam:

The top Entrance exam for admission in courses in India.

  • AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination.
  • AICET (All India Common Entrance Test).

Animation and multimedia Courses Fee.

Next, let focus on animation and multimedia course fees details. Again course fees will depend on the college or institute in which you will apply.

I am tried to give you an overall idea of the course fees. So that you can plan your course according to that.

So Bachelor of Science in animation and multimedia fees in public colleges could be around 1.45 lakhs to 3.05 lakhs.

Another site in private college multimedia course fees could be around 60,000 INR to 5.80 lakhs.

Skills required for Animation Courses.

  1. Creative Thinking.
  2. Drawing Skills.
  3. Good Imagination Power.
  4. Moment Catching Ability.
  5. Visualization Skills.
  6. Hard Worker.
  7. Team Player.
  8. Communication Skills.
  9. Presentation Skills.
  10. Passionate for Animation field.

Animation and multimedia Jobs & Opportunities.

Many students want to know is animation a good career option or not. Differently, it is a good option for you.

Animation industry job opportunities are getting increase year by year globally. The animation industry breaks many records of his past earning.

It gets increases tremendously every year. India also earns profit in dollars through the animation field.

If you pass out the course in animation and multimedia. You can apply for various animation job profiles or opportunities such as.

Job Positions.

Animation Art Director. Multimedia Programmer.
Flash Animator. 3D Modeler. AV Editor.
Video Editor. Compositor. 3D Animator.
Game Tester & Reviewer. Visualizer. Web Designer.

Animation and multimedia salary in India.

Animation scope and salary both are important. As we have already checked above about the scope now let’s see the salary part.

If you have completed the BSc in animation and multimedia. Then you could be earned as a fresher around INR 1.5 Lakhs to 2.5 lakhs. The salary also depends on the job profile and position.

After having a good experience or if you complete the master’s degree. Then salary can jump up to 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annual.

Top Recruiting Companies for Animation and Multimedia.

  • Next-wave Multimedia Pvt.
  • Premium Technical Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • SATVAT Infosol Pvt. LTD.
  • DreamWorks Animation.
  • Design Studio.
  • Universities
  • Pixar
  • Planetariums.
  • Local Government.
  • Sony.
  • Studio Ghibli etc.
  • Private companies.
  • Documentary Firms.
  • Commerce.
  • Multimedia Industries.
  • Tourism.
  • Media Agencies.
  • Education Authorities.
  • Max.
  • Animation Production Houses.
  • Advertisements Agencies.
  • Information System Organizations.

Top Colleges of BSc (Bachelor of Science) Animation and Multimedia.

For a bachelor of animation and multimedia. I have mentioned a few top colleges in India’s name down below.

  1. Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT University).
  2. C Bose University of Science & Technology.
  3. Chandigarh University.
  4. NIMS University.
  5. Lovely Professional University (Jalandhar).
  6. MEDI (CAPS University).
  7. Guru-deva media and Animation College (New Delhi).
  8. Bareilly International University (Bareilly).
  9. RIMT University (Gobindgarh).

Top Institute for the animation and multimedia courses.

  1. Birla Institute of Technology.
  2. Vellore Institute of technology.
  3. Arena Animation.
  4. Westford Institute of film technology.
  5. Vogue institute of fashion technology.
  6. Sam Higginbottom Institute of agriculture technology and science.

Specialization in Animation and Multimedia.

After completing the bachelor’s degree in animation and multimedia. If you want a higher education. And want to apply for the master’s degree for better career opportunities.

Then you can apply for the MSc in Animation and Multimedia course.

A Master’s degree (MSc) will help you to get a higher post in the animation industry along with a smart salary.

Top Colleges for the MSc in Animation and Multimedia.

  • Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University.
  • Maeer MIT Institute of Design.
  • Mysore University.

(Bonus Information).

Diploma in Animation and Multimedia.

You can make your career in animation after 12th through diploma course also. A diploma in animation and multimedia take one year of study.

A diploma in animation and multimedia admission depends on your entrance exam and your 12th mark sheet (Merit-Based).

This course will teach you about the animation and multimedia basic fundamentals, recent industry-relevant modules, computer techniques, equipment education, etc.

Through a diploma in animation and multimedia courses.

You can enhance design skills, image manipulation skills, graphic designing skills, photography, 3D animation skills, video editing, and so on.

Many students join the diploma in animation courses after having a BSc Animation and multimedia. Because they want to enhance their skills for a better job opportunity.

After completing the diploma in animation and multimedia.

You can be hired for the job profile such as Av Editor, 3D Modeler, Visualizer, Web Designer, Content Developer, Art Director, Video editor, Reviewer, etc.


After completing the diploma course in animation. You will easily get a salary around 2 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs.

Diploma Courses in Animation and Multimedia. Course Name. Course Duration.
1. Digital Animation. One Year.
2. Animation Engineering. One Year.
3. Classical Animation. One Year.
4. Video Editing & VFX. One Year.
5. Fusion Animation. One Year.
6. 2D Animation VFX & Post Production. 1 Year.
7. Graphic & Web Designing. 1 Year.
8. 3D Animation & Film Making. 1 Year.
9. 3D Animation & Visual Effects. 1 Year.

Diploma in animation and Multimedia (Top Institute in India).

1. National Institute of Design (Vijayawada).
2. IIFA Multimedia (Bangalore).
3. Lovely Professional Institute (Jalandhar).
4. Pearl Academy (Delhi).
5. Mats University (Raipur).
6. Apeejay Institute of Design (Delhi).
7. Raffles Design International (Mumbai).

Admission Process.

Many colleges give admission to a diploma in animation and multimedia based on a 10+2 mark sheet.

Other colleges are taking the entrance exam and as per performance, they took admission for an animation course.

Usually, after the entrance test, they took the personal interview too. To just check your expertise, fitness assessment, creativity, personality, etc.

Job Opportunities.

  • Gaming Website.
  • Play-Station.
  • Multimedia Content Writing.
  • Film Industry.
  • College & Universities.
  • Play-Station.

Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Course Syllabus. Module I.
1. Computer Basic and Windows.
2. PowerPoint.
3. Coral Draw.
4. Adobe Illustrator.
5. Macromedia Flash. B Module II.
1. Macromedia Director.
2. Sound Forge.
3. Audio Video Mixing. C Module III.
1. 3D Modelling.
2. Texturing & Animation.
3. Rigging & Animation.
4. Projects Work

Short Term Course for animation and multimedia (6 Months Courses).

In case you want a short term course in the animation field. Then you can choose the options from the various short team courses.

You can pursue these courses after 12th standard or after graduation too.

This short-term course gives you an extra boost in your knowledge. For example, you have completed the BSc in animation and multimedia.

Now you want to focus on only the visual effects area. Then after having the animation graduation degree.

You can do the 6 months visual effects course. For just enhance the knowledge of the particular area. Course Name. Course Duration.
1. Mixing, Editing & Post Production.  6 months.
2. Motion. 6 months.
3. Visual Effects. 6 months.
4. Flash 6 months.

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