Aviation Courses After 12th Class in India (Jobs/Salary)

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Aviation Courses After 12th.

Aviation Courses After 12th.

Through aviation courses after 12th you can secure your future with a good salary package.

In this article, you will get to know the most popular aviation courses after 12th. Along with eligibility, colleges, duration, and more.

Airlines aviation courses are famous in India. But let’s understand first what is aviation course and why it’s popular.

If your dream is flying around the world through an aviation course you can make your dream true.

After completing the aviation course you will get various job opportunities or employment opportunities.

The aviation sector provides lots of career scope in the aviation industry. You can do the aviation degree course or diploma course for the aircraft job opportunity.

The best part of the aviation industry is, that any undergraduates of any discipline (science, commerce, arts) can apply for aviation jobs.

After getting selected in the interview you will be trained for the job position. However, if you pursue the aviation course. Then the chance of you hire could be much more.

The aviation industry is one of the high paying job areas. Salary also depends on your degree type, is it from the recognized college or institute.

Then the salary package could be higher for you. Not all aviation courses are the same. Some courses are designed for the commercial pilot only.

So if you do not feel fit for the commercial pilot course. Then you can choose another aviation course.

Students who have an interest in the aircraft industry. They can check all aviation courses down below.

Why Aviation Courses after class 12th.

The aviation course provides the best airport jobs in India. Filed of aviation gives the luxury lifestyle. Apart from a smart salary.

You will get the chance to visit new locations and countries. The education field has lots of airport courses list.

But only the right aviation course after 12th can gives you the smart salary package.

The best colleges in India not only give the right education to you but also explore your knowledge area.

The aviation sector hires the person who has the right attitude with the present personality. 

List of Best Aviation Courses after 12th.

Course Name. Eligibility Criteria. Course Duration. Job Profile Offered.
BBA in Aviation. 12th Class (Any Stream) With 50% marks.  3 Years. Airport Operation Manager, Recovery and Credit Manager, Airline Contracting Manager.
BBA In Business Management. 12th Class (any Stream) With 50% Marks. 3 Years. Safety Officer, Administrator, Airport Manager.
BSc Aviation. 12th Class (Science Stream) 50% minimum marks. 3 Years. Technical Ground Operator, Air Traffic Controller.
BBA in Airport Management. 12th Class (Any Stream) 50% Marks. 3 Years. Airport Executive, Guest Relation Executive.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. 10+2 (Science Stream) Minimum 50% marks. 3 Years. Maintenance Engineer.
Commercial Pilot Training. 10+2 (Science Stream) Minimum 45% marks. 4 to 5 years. Commercial Pilot.

Ferry Pilot.

Diploma in Airport Management. 10+2 (Any Stream). 1 Year. Cargo Department Manager, Assistant Manager.
Diploma in Aviation Hospitality. 10+2 (Any Stream). 1 year. Office Operators, Cabin Crew, Ground Staff.
BSc in Airline and Airport Management. 10+2 (Any Stream) minimum 50% marks. 3 Years. Airline Reservation, Airline Customer Support.
Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training. 10+2 (Any Stream). 6 Months or 1 year. Air Hostess. Steward.

Best Aviation Courses List with Details.

BBA in Airport Management:

You can pursue the BBA in airport management after 12th class.

This is a 3 years course which allows you to specialize in a certain discipline. BBA in aviation salary in India is quite good.

After completing the aviation graduation course you can pursue the Airport Management degree too.

BBA in airport management actually helps to achieve administrative posts in the aircraft industry.

Scope of the aviation industry after BBA in airport management. After completing the aviation course after 12th you can apply to these job profiles.

  • Administrator
  • Credit Control Manager.
  • Staff Manager.
  • Test Manager.
  • Safety Officer.
  • Airport Operation Manager.
  • Airport Manager.

The average aviation manager’s salary in India is around 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs. After having a few years of experience in airport management salary goes higher.

BSc Aviation:

The next best course in aviation courses after 12th list is BSc aviation. Students who have a 10+2 degree in physics and mathematics subjects can pursue this course.

After 12th class, this graduation course can give job opportunities in the airport industry. Such as ground operations, ticketing staff, air traffic controllers, and so on.

Scope of Aviation industry after BSc aviation.

  • Safety Management.
  • Technical Ground Staff.
  • Air Traffic Control.
  • Safety Manager.

Few Top Jobs after BSc Aviation.

Chief Pilot. Commercial Pilot.
Airline Captain. Airline pilot, Flight Engineer.
Quantitative Researcher. Operation Manager.

 Diploma in-ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training.

This diploma course has been designed to become an Air Hostess or Steward on flights. Few institutes have this course with the 6 months course duration.

You can pursue these diploma aviation courses after graduation too.

However, other institutes and colleges also have a 1-year course duration.

After completing this aviation course you will be known about customer service, safety, and first aid procedures, and communication skills, etc.

Diploma in Aviation Subjects.

  1. Airline Operations.
  2. Aircraft System.
  3. Engineering Design.
  4. Effective Communication.
  5. Avionics System.
  6. Engineering Cost Decision.
  7. Aerodynamics and Propulsion.
  8. Introduction of Programming.
  9. Mathematics.
  10. Distribution and Transportation.
  11. Statistical Methods for engineering.

Scope of Aviation industry after completing a Diploma in-ground Staff and Cabin Training.

  • Flight Attendants.
  • Air Hostess.
  • Steward.
  • Officer Operator.
  • Front end Office Operator.

Private Pilot License after 12th.

After 10th class, you can apply for the one-year private pilot license certificate. You can take admission to this aviation certificate program by a given entrance test.

However, if you are not willing to give the entrance test then you have to meet the eligibility criteria.

After having the private pilot license you can apply for the top predesigns jobs in India. Top recruiter companies for this job profile is jet airways, Sahara airlines, Indigo, etc.

Diploma in Airport Management:

Another best course name in the airport courses list is Diploma in Airport Management.

This is 1-year aviation diploma course topics of this course that actually give focus on airport management.

The best part of the diploma course is that you can do these aviation courses after graduation too.

If you are planning for this airport course. Then, in my opinion, I will suggest please do the BBA in airport management too.

Because a graduation degree in airport management will cover lots of major topics.

The eligibility criteria of this airline course are very simple 12th standard (any stream).

Job Opportunities after Diploma in Airport Management.

  • Assistant Manager.
  • Airport Manager.
  • Cargo Department Manager.

Diploma in Aviation Hospitality.

This airline course trained students for taking care of the patients and hospital needs. One year of aviation course offers the subjects.

Such as introducing aviation hospitality, management, communication skills, computer and IT skills, food and beverage production, foreign languages, etc.

Aviation Hospitality Course Subjects.

  • Travel Management.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Personality Development.
  • Aviation.
  • Self-Grooming fares and ticketing.
  • Foreign Language.
  • CRS Training.
  • Hospitality Management.
  • Interview techniques.

Job Opportunities after Diploma in Aviation Hospitality.

  • Office Operators.
  • Product Manager.
  • Cabin Crew.
  • Chief Technology Officer.
  • Ground Staff.
  • Counselor and admin executive.

Commercial Pilot Training.

A commercial pilot is one of the luxurious and glamorous jobs we have in India. Aviation sector gets famous among students just because of this job profile.

All students want to know how much do pilots earn in India. The answer to this question is as an airline pilot earn could be possible around 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per month.

Salary also depends on your work experience and the airlines to which you have applied.

As a fresher pilot starting salary of pilots in India could be around 1 lakhs per month.

Among all aviation courses after 12th this one course is a little tough. Because it does not only cover the theoretical part. But it also teaches you about the practical pilot training part.

Science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) students can only apply for this course after 12th standard.

Job Opportunity for Commercial Pilots is very big. You can work in any government or private sector airlines. You can also become a flight instructor.

Commercial Pilot is one of the highest paying jobs in India. As a fresher in this area, you can earn around 5 lakhs to 12 lakhs.

Commercial Pilot Training Subjects.

  • Air Navigation.
  • Radio Navigation.
  • Air Traffic Service.
  • In-Flight Navigation.
  • IFR Communications.
  • Aviation Meteorology.
  • Basic radar Principle.
  • Rules of the Air.
  • Subsonic Aerodynamics.
  • Flight Hazards.
  • Air Regulation.
  • Security.
  • Limitation.
  • Flight Instruments.

Job Profiles.

  • Helicopter Pilot.
  • Corporate Pilot.
  • Pilot in Command.

Diploma in airfare and ticketing management.

If you want a short term course with no big course fees. Then go for Diploma in airfare and ticketing management. This airline course duration is between 6 months to 1 year.

This diploma course actually over the ground level jobs. Such as ticketing terminology,

Airline codes, passports, and visas, electronic ticketing, etc.

To take admission in this aircraft course students not required a science or commerce stream. Any stream of students can take admission to this diploma course.

Aviation Job Salary in India.

S.no Jobs Profile in Aviation Industry. Approve Salary Per Year.
1. Ground Attendant. INR 3,45,588
2. Flight Attendant. INR 5,50,715
3. Airline Reservation Agent. INR 3,08,641
4. Helicopter pilot. INR 1,908,853
5. Airline Pilot or Flight Engineer. INR 1,650,535
6. Program Manager INR 1,420,000
7. Service Technician. INR 315,945

Required Skills for Aviation Jobs.

  • Team Worker.
  • Level headed.
  • Determination.
  • Language Skills.
  • Technical Skills.
  • Patience.
  • Punctuality.
  • Reliable.
  • Confidence.
  • Good Writing.
  • Physical Fitness.

Colleges offering aviation courses in India.

Best aviation colleges, institutes, and Universites. You can choose any of these aviation courses colleges for your admission process.

1. Indian Institute of Aeronautics (New Delhi).
2. Flight Wings Aviation Academy (Chennai).
3. Chandigarh University.
4. Indian Aviation Academy (Mumbai).
5. Wings College of Aviation Technology (Pune)
6. Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy (Hyderabad).
7. Indian Institute of aeronautical Science (Kolkata).
8. Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science (Jamshedpur).
9 Hindustan Aviation Academy (Bangalore).
10. Acharya Bangalore B-School (Bangalore).
11. IIKM Business School (Chennai).
12. Lovely Professional University (LPU).
13. Galgotias Business School (Greater Noida).
14. Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics (Ahmedabad).
15. Banasthali Vidyapith (Jaipur).
16. University of Mumbai (Mumbai).
17. VELS University (Chennai).
18. NIMS University (Jaipur).
19. Western Indian Institute of Aeronautics (Ahmedabad).
20. Singhania University (Jhunjhunu).
21. IIMT College of Science and Technology.
22. AAFT School of Animation.
23. AAFT School of Performing ARTS.
24. Glocal University.
25. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics.
26. North East Frontier Technical University.
27. ISBM University.
28. Anchor Aviation and Marine Academy.
29. Delhi College of Photography.
30. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology.

Aviation Courses Fees.

Aviation Courses after 12th. Course type Aviation Course fees.
BBA in Aviation. Graduation / 3 Years. 25k to 60k.
BSc in Aviation. Graduation / 3 Years. 30k to 68k.
BBA in Airport Management. Graduation / 3 years. 36k to 70k.
Diploma in aviation. Diploma / 6 months. 27k to 58k.
Private Pilot License. Certificate / 6 months 28k to 78k.

List of Aviation Courses after 12th science.

Aviation Courses Name. Course Duration.
BSc Aeronautics. 3 Years.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. 3 Years.
BSc Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. 3 Years.
Assistant Flight Instructor Ratings. 3 Months.
B.E Aeronautical Engineering. 4 Years.
B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering. 4 Years.
Commercial Pilot License. 2 Years.
Pilot Orientation Program. 3 Months.
B.E in Aerospace Engineering. 4 Years.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. 3 Years.
B.Tech+MBA In Maintenance Engineering 5 Years.

Aviation Courses after 12th Commerce.

Aviation Courses Name. Course Duration.
Air Hostess 1 Year.
Airport Ground Handling. 1 Year.
BSc in Hospitality Administration. 3 Years.
Advance Diploma in Air Cargo Management. 6 months.
Advance Diploma in Aviation, tourism. 1 Year.
Air ticketing and travel management. 6 months.
Bachelor’s in hospitality management. 4 Years.

Aviation Courses after 12th Arts.

Aviation Courses Name. Course Duration.
Air Hostess 1 Year.
Bachelor’s in Hospitality management integrated. 5 Years.
BBA in aviation operations. 3 years.
BSc in Hospitality Management. 3 Years.
Certificate courses in cabin crew training. 1 Year.
Certificate in airport ground staff service. 3 years.
Certificate in Aviation security and safety. 1 Year.
Certificate in Air hostess and flight steward. 6 months
Diploma in air hostess, stewardship and, in-flight cabin crew operations. 1 year.

 Aviation Post Graduation Courses in India.

MBA/PGDM PG Diploma.
MSC. Executive MBA/PGDM.

 Aviation Specialization in India.

Flight Operations. Aircraft.
Helicopter. Terminal Operations & Management.
Avionics. Ground Staff.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

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