[BBA] Bachelor of Bussiness Administration Course Why.

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Today we are talking about the BBA Course list in deep.

Might you have interested in this course, this is the reason you are here!

Bachelor of Business Administration course is one of the demanding courses among students.

It has good career growth and job profile as well.

Moreover, there are lots of questions comes always around in our minds. Which is related to this Course.

So, therefore we are pickup those questions for you and trying to provide the best answer available in the market.

  • What is the Bachelor of Business Administration Course is all about?
  • Which BBA Course is best in India or Type of BBA course Or BBA Course List.
  • What is the Subject of the Bachelor of Business Administration course?
  • What is the Eligibility of the BBA course?
  • What is the Syllabus of the BBA Course?
  • What are the duration and fees of the BBA Course?
  • After BBA which course is best?
  • Which is better BBA or B.Com
  • Is the BBA course available at Delhi University or BHU?
  • What Job can I get after completing BBA or What are job profile and scope available in the market after completing BBA Course?
  • Can I do CFA after completing BBA?

Let’s drive in it…

1). What is the BBA Course all about?

The BBA is coming under top India courses. Students can pursue this course after completing their 12th.

The best part of the course is that all 3 streams (Science, Commerce, and Arts) can apply for BBA Course.

The minimum duration of this course in 3 years.

When any student has entered this course then, basically they are part of management plus leadership.

Also, the Candidate can start this course in a various ways like:

  • Correspondence
  • Distance Education
  • Regular Class.

2). Which BBA Course is best in India or BBA Course List?

It is a golden fact of BBA course, that it offers a number of various fields.

So, Some most popular BBA courses in India (most important).

  • BBA International Business.
  • BBA Business Administration.
  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Accounting.
  • Business Management.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Hospitality.
  • Human Resource.
  • Logistic.
  • Tourism.

3). What is the Subject of BBA course?

The most important part of the source is his Subject.

Now, we will see the few Subjects which come under the BBA course. For example.

  • Business Communication.
  • Business Organization.
  • Fundamental and Accounting.
  • Management Concept and Practice.
  • Organization Behavior.
  • Managerial Economic.
  • Business Static.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Business Environment.
  • Managerial Economics.

There are a few more topics or Subjects such as:

  1. Principle of Management.
  2. Business Mathematics and Static.
  3. Production and Material Management.
  4. Business Analytics.
  5. Leadership and Ethics.
  6. Retail Management.
  7. Computer Application.
  8. PR Management.

Also, If we talk about Practical Skills under BBA Course.

  1. Soft Skill and Personality Development.
  2. Conversational Skill.
  3. Writing Skill.
  4. Etiquette.
  5. Negotiating.
  6. Consultation and Problem-solving skills.

This course also includes Specialization Subjects like E-Banking and Finance, Logistics, Management and Insurance, Hospitality, and tourism.

4). What is the Eligibility of Bachelor of Business Administration course (most important)?

For admission in Bachelor of Business Administration, students should have cleared the 10+2 exam.

There are many colleges out there, that are looking for 50% make in the qualifying exam.

College required an age limit of 17 up to 25 years. After that, the cutoff percentage. It depends on the institute or college.

Also, there are few top colleges are available.

Who takes the entrance exam, for example, IPU CET, NMAT, DU JAT, SET BBA, NPAT, Direct Admission.

5). What is the Syllabus of BBA Course?

The candidate who takes admission under BBA.

They will teach a topic like safe management skills and team handling knowledge.

Under the syllabus or subject, students get to cover financial accounting, Business Law, Marketing Management, Computer Application, Leadership decision-making, and many more.

6). What are the duration and fees of BBA Course?

The course duration of Bachelor of Business Administration Course is normally 3 years along with 6 semesters.

Besides, if you are looking for an abroad study then Bachelor of Business Administration in Commerce and Business Administrate takes a 4-year full study.

So, if you will apply for BBA MBA integrated course then it will take your 5 years of study.

Now, Course fees totally depend on college and institute. It could be changed according to requirements.

However, if we talk about the average then it is around 1 Lakh to 3 Lakh.

7). After BBA which course is best.

You can do start your career through various paths after completing the BBA course.

In other words, you can start jobs or you can start preparing for a higher degree. Which will give you a strong stand, for the long term!

Either you can start your post-graduation (MBA) or become an entrepreneur.

You can work for the government sector or else try for trading jobs.

8). Which is better BBA or B.Com.

Both courses have a good opportunity for the future.

Besides, if you have an interest in Chartered Accountants or CFA then you can start your course with B.com.

In another way, if you have skill management and good leadership plus organized behavior then BBA is best for you.

9). Is BBA course available at Delhi University or BHU?

Yes, absolutely.

Bachelor of Business Administration course is available in Delhi University (North Campus).

You can apply for BBA in Finance and Investment Analysis. Or Bachelor of Management Studies.

If you talk about colleges then Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies and Deen Dayal Upadhyay.

Similarly, if we see the BHU then BBA Course is not available there.

10). What Job can I get after completing BBA?

Interesting topic among all this, because for this only we are working hard in our study right.

So, let’s talk about job opportunities.

After completing the BBA course you can apply for Business Administrator, Financial Organizer, Business Consultant, Marketing Manager, Reached and development manager, and many more.

The salary range of BBA course students can be 35,000 to 70,000 per month.

And if talk about HR Manager then it can be around 60,000 similarly Operation manager around 65,000.

Moreover, if you complete the MBA along with the entrance exam like CAT, GMAT, etc… Then the salary could be better.

11). What are the top colleges are available for BBA?

There are many colleges and institutes are available that providing the Bachelor of Business Administration course.

If you like to start your study in your city only then you must know the nearest local college for admission.

So, if you are looking for India best colleges name for admission then you can refer below details:

  • The University of Mumbai.
  • GGSI University, Delhi.
  • The University of Delhi.
  • Christ University, Bangalore.
  • SVKM’S NMIMS University, Mumbai.
  • VIT University.
  • BVD University, Pune.

12). Can I do CFA after completing BBA?

Yes, you can do CFA after graduation.

Besides, If you have an interest in banking then try to find a part-time bank job and start pursuing CFA.

So, If you are looking for an MBA full-time study you can take CFA side by side.