13 Latest Data Entry Jobs From Home: Offline/Online.

working in laptop with cup of coffee
working in laptop with cup of coffee

Data Entry Jobs.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Data Entry Jobs.

Where you can find genuine Data entry jobs.

Which Company is providing real work?

(And most important) how to get it.

Let Start now…

Data Entry is a hugely demanding job, in this basically, you will get the work under PDF file and the same data you have to convert in MS Word, MS Excel.

Data Entry works infamously because this is the easiest job available in the market. No specific skill is required for this.

Data entry from home is demanding because you can do this work from your home or office. No need for any investment and simple work of frame.

But the challenging part is to connect with the right company for genuine work.

Now you are maybe thinking, how you will get the right place.

And what kind of Data entry jobs available in the market.

Let’s talk about that as well…

Online Data Entry Jobs.

We have a different kind of Data entry work available in the market.

But in all these, you need some fixed skill, for example, good typing speed (approx. 25 to 30 WPM), basic knowledge of English and computer or laptop with an internet connection.

After reading the below guide you will get to know different types of Data entry work which required no extra skill.

1). Copy and Paste Job (Regular Data Entry Jobs).

In this, you will get the PDF file and need to read all and write again on MS Word without any mistake.

And might be you will get the work in Excel spreadsheets also, in which you just need to fill cells with data.

Basic English is good to finish your work fast so that you will get more work. You can get paid 15 to 80 rupes per page in this.

2). Data Entry Clerks.

Here also similar work you need to do, some legal records which are available in Excel spreadsheet that you need to convert into data.

For example municipal records details like baby birth record details and hospital daily entry details for the emergency report and etc…

3). Content Writer.

If you have good writing skills then you can become a content writer. You can write content in your free time for various sites and websites.

4). Payroll Data Entry.

Few huge companies who have a large data record of his current employee and previous employee need proper data entry details, for example, Employee name, residence details, payment details, and allowances, etc.

5). Web-Based System.

In this basically, you need to enter data into a based system from different kinds of product research and market revenue.

In Excel format, you need to provide the company various information, for example, company employees, and value in the stock market, etc.

6). Catalog Data Entry.

Actually, in this, you have to read from the database and fill it into offline or can be online software.

7). Updating Database.

Big companies need data update always.

Because of work pressure sometimes they cannot able to do this kind of work and they spread this work in a genuine hand.

Here basically we required to update the database contains.

8). Audio to Text Entry.

Here you will get CD or pain drive to listen to audio and replicate it into a text format. You really need great listening skills for this.

English should be good so that you will write incorrect words.

9). Editing & Formatting Entry.

If you have good command in grammar and spelling then you can go with this.

In this, you need to edit the wrong sentence and grammar mistake, and reformat the file with the correct form of a sentence.

Here you will get a good amount of earnings because here you are resolving some writing issues.

10). Captcha Entry.

Here basically you need to fill daily basic 1000 of captchas filling work.

And you will get paid according to that if you are only able to give your one or two hours for your extra earning so you can do that.

11). Online Survey.

You have to fill up the survey from there and need to provide some relevant answers.

So that basis in your survey big companies identified the real issue with his product. And they can improve it.

Normally this kind of survey will take 5 to 15 minutes and you will get paid. You can do this kind of work in your free time.

I have already provided the best survey PTC size guide here.

12). Data Mining.

Big companies have a large volume of data but need help to manage it and separated it properly.

Take the help of 3rd party and here you will get the job opportunity.

Here you required little data analytics or organizing skill. So that you will get the job is a regular basis with a good payout.

13). Data Conversion.

Here you will get some images or videos etc. And you need to type into MS word or watch the video and type those words in MS Excel or MS Word.

But what is the genuine platform?

Let’s talk about that…

Everyone is like extra income and that not bad at all, the only problem that in today’s life it’s a bit difficult to find which correct platform is and which is not.

Bonus: Let’s talk about a few progressive and demanding companies. In my opinion, these are the best to go with and you can check these companies’ reviews on google as well.

Top Online Website for Online Work.

1). Up Work.

This is a freelancing site, it gives you permission to create your profile here with skills and work details which you have.

For example, I can do the Data entry because I have good typing speed so I will make my profile here and mention the time frame and charge according to the service provides.

If anyone in the world looking for a data entry person and they will able to find my profile in Up work.

Then they can contact me and it’s all I just need to give my best work to him.

So just create your profile under UpWork and start your earning.

2). Fiverr.

One of the biggest and popular marketplace, here seller and buyer and take the services at the lowest price only $5.00.

You need to make your profile here as a seller (for data entry) and any buyer can able to take your services.

You need to make your gig here in which you will update your deep skill details and your service charges details.

Fiverr provide your payments through PayPal and do not worry if you don’t know how to create a PayPal account just visit YouTube and you will get lots of videos related to that.

If you will give the best service to your buyers then they will leave a good comment for you.

And based on that good comments you will get more buyers and like that your work and earning will grow.

So create your account on Fiverr.com and make your gig today.

3). Freelancer.com.

You just need to make a profile for example Fiverr and Up work, here also you will get the buyer for your services.

This is also a trusted platform for work and you will the buyers from around the world which is the best part.

Just create your account under Freelancer.com and start your work today.

4). Jobs Sites.

Many job portals such a Monster.com, Naukri.com, Indeed.com, etc sites are available where you can also search for Data entry for the latest job vacancy.

The best part is you can make your free account and you can get the update in your Gmail ID as well.

Through the search box, you can find various job option too.

5). Newspaper Advertisement.

The oldest and best process check newspaper’s daily source, under jobs advertisement you will get a notification of requirements if any happening on an urgent basis.

Some companies who are required candidates in urgent basic gives an advertisement in a newspaper because it is the simplest and fast way to reach out to any person.

6). Micro Jobs Sites.

The micro job is a simple and good option for those people who like to do typing jobs.

Various sites are available in the market that will provide data entry work and pay you between $0.02 to $1.00.

Normally registration is free in these sites and after completing some quality assessment task you are ready to take works from these sites.

7). Online (Classified Sites).

Online through google, you can search numbers of data entry job details.

You just need to be careful with the fraud sites. You can check classified sites for example Quiker.com and OLX.com for more job options.

You can check the genuine customer review here and take the step accordingly.

Offline Data Entry Jobs at Home without Investment.

If you are looking for offline data entry jobs at home without investment. Then surely you will get lots of options online.

However, every website or online data entry job site will not give you the right information. Normally these kinds of offline data entry jobs will tell you.

That they required 20-25 WPM typing speed or you will get the 50 INR per word (approx.), plus they will ask you the knowledge of MS Word and Excel, they will say that they are providing 100% legitimate kind of work, etc.

But most of offline data entry jobs are not true.

Now the first question comes why we want offline data entry jobs. Actually, we want because we want to work from home. Work from our place with a peaceful mind.

And it’s possible if choose the right data entry online jobs. In my opinion, visit the top online job portal site and find the vacancy.

Or you can upload the resume for the same. Another best way I have already provided above join Freelancer or UP Work for the data entry online job.

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I have written this guide because I have found lots of people are genuinely interested in data entry jobs.

To them, I want to tell you one thing, there are many data entry job opportunities is there but only a few sites are available that can genuine and best. So be care full.

Do not trust the side who will ask you the deposit amount of the registration fee.

My recommendation for you please go with Fiverr or Up work and sell your service incorrectly way.

If you need any more information related to this topic please comment so that I can help you out.