BSc Agriculture Subjects & Syllabus [Semester Wise].

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BSc Agriculture Subjects & Syllabus.

Bsc Agriculture Subjects.

BSc Agriculture admission takes a study of three or four years. BSc Agriculture course teaches about the allied science and agriculture field.

bsc agriculture engineering course duration is 3 years and BSc agriculture is a 4 years undergraduate course.

BSc agriculture practical class and internship programs give students extra boost and confidence about the agriculture subjects.

In my opinion bsc all courses are great however it depends on your interest which one you like to pursue. 

We all know BSc agriculture full form is Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Bachelor of agriculture science).

Some major BSc agriculture subjects are Food technology, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Extension of Agriculture, Soil Science, Plant Genetics, Agriculture Economics, and so on.

BSc agriculture degree is called one kind of professional degree course. Which can drive you for the government sector jobs.

Means after B.Sc. course you can attempt to apply for government jobs like IBPS, UPSC, FCI, and so on.

About BSc agriculture course one part is quite popular that this career not going to end soon.

As country economy few percentages depends on agriculture too.

Before knowing about the BSc subjects list you should also require to know the BSc agriculture colleges of India.

Takes the BSc agriculture entrance exam such as CG PAT, BHU UET, SAAT, and more.

Now let’s see down below the Bsc Agriculture subjects list.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester Wise.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester 1.

  • Introduction to computer Application.
  • Educational Psychology.
  • Plant Biochemistry.
  • Rural Sociology & the Constitution of India.
  • Communication & comprehension Skills in English.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester 2.

  • Agriculture Marketing.
  • Farm Management.
  • Trade & Price.
  • Production Economics.
  • Fundamentals of Agribusiness Management.
  • Principle of Agriculture Economics.
  • Agriculture finance & Cooperation.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester 3.

  • Machinery.
  • Soil Engineering.
  • Water Engineering.
  • Farm Power.
  • Application of Energy Source in Agriculture.
  • Structures of Agro Processing & Cultivation.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester 4.

  • Introduction to Sericulture.
  • Principle of Entomology.
  • Crop Pets & Management.
  • Economics Background of Entomology.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester 5.

  • Communication Skills.
  • Extension Mythologies.
  • Entrepreneurship Development.
  • Dimensions of Agriculture Extension.
  • Agriculture Technology.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester 6.

  • Soil Microbiology.
  • Aspects of Agriculture Microbiology.
  • Introduction to Microbiology.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester 7.

  • Fundamentals of Statistics.
  • Importance of Statistics in Agriculture.
  • Principles of Statistics.

BSc Agriculture Subjects Semester 8.

  • Farming System.
  • Introduction of Agronomy.
  • Watershed Management.
  • Principles of Agronomy.
  • Crop Production.
  • Rain Fed Agriculture.
  • Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Agriculture Meteorology.
  • Weed Management.
  • Irrigation Water Management.
  • Organic Farming.
  • Experimental Techniques in Agriculture Research.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus.

After getting information about BSc agriculture course now BSc agriculture syllabus is the next main part that comes to student minds.

So basically there are eight syllabus semester-wise available. Through checking each BSc agriculture syllabus down below you can validate your mind with ideas.

Like which BSc subjects you have an interest in and which is new in your front. This BSc agriculture syllabus lines up with both core and elective subjects.

Most of the BSc students interest to know about the BSc Syllabus 1st-year details. Therefore I have provided BSc all subjects list along with BSc study syllabus wise.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus Semester 1.

  • Fundamentals of Genetics.
  • Fundamentals of Soil Science.
  • Fundamentals of Agronomy.
  • Fundamentals of Forestry.
  • Fundamentals of Horticulture.
  • Introduction to Forestry.
  • Introduction Animal Husbandry.
  • Introduction Biology or Basic Agriculture 1.
  • Rural Sociology and Education Psychology.
  • Elementary Mathematics (Basic Agriculture 2).
  • Comprehension and Communication Skills.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus Semester 2.

  • Principle of Organic Farming.
  • Fundamentals of Crop Physiology.
  • Fundamentals of Entomology I.
  • Fundamentals of Plant Pathology.
  • Human Values and Ethics.
  • Soil & Water Conservation Engineering.
  • Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry.
  • Fundamentals of Agriculture Economics.
  • Food Processing & Safety Issues.
  • Production Technology for Vegetables & Spices.
  • Fundamentals of Agriculture Extension Education.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus Semester 3.

  • Dairy Science.
  • Fundamentals of Plant Breeding.
  • Agriculture Finance & Cooperation.
  • Agriculture Microbiology.
  • Crop Production Technology 1.
  • Practical Crop Production 1.
  • Agriculture Finance & Cooperation.
  • Environmental Studies and Disaster Management.
  • Fundamentals of Entomology II.
  • Principles of Integrated Disease Management.
  • Farm Machinery and Power.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus Semester 4.

  • Principle of Seed Technology.
  • Crop Production Technology II.
  • Problematic Soil & Their Managements.
  • Poultry Production and Management.
  • Renewable Energy & Green Technology.
  • Practical Crop Production II.
  • Introductory Agro Meteorology and Climate Change.
  • Entrepreneurship Development & Business Communication.
  • Production Technology for Ornamental Crop/Maps/Landscaping.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus Semester 5.

  • Intellecture Property Rights.
  • Principle of Food Science and Nutrition.
  • Rainfed & Dryland Agriculture.
  • Communication Skills & Personality Development.
  • Agriculture Marketing Trade and Prices.
  • Crop Improvement I.
  • Pets of Crops and Stored Grain & Their Management.
  • Production Technology for Fruits & Plantation Crops.
  • Diseases of Field & Horticultural Crops & Their Management I.
  • Protected Cultivation & Secondary Agriculture.
  • Geo Informatics & Nanotechnology.
  • Elective I.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus Semester 6.

  • Educational Tour.
  • Watershed and Wasteland Management.
  • Crop Improvement II.
  • Elective 2.
  • Farming System, Precision Farming and Sustainable agriculture.
  • Diseases of Fields & Horticultural Crop & Their management II.
  • Beneficial Insects & Pest of Horticultural Crops & Their management.
  • Manures/Fertilizers & Soil Fertility Management.
  • Farm Management & Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetable.
  • Post-Harvest management & Value Addition of fruits Vegetables.
  • Farm Management/ Production and Resource Management.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus Semester 7.

  • Project Report Preparation/ Presentation & Evaluation.
  • General Orientation and On Campus Training by Different Faculties.

BSc Agriculture Syllabus Semester 8.

  • Commercial Beekeeping.
  • Seed Production & Technology.
  • Mushroom Cultivation Technology.
  • Production Technology for Bioagents & Biofertilizer.

BSc Agriculture Core Subjects.

  • Crop Improvement.
  • Introduction to forestry.
  • Fundamentals of Agriculture Economics.
  • Human Values and Ethics.
  • Principle of Organic Farming.
  • Fundamental of Agronomy.
  • Introduction to Forestry.
  • Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Fundamental of soil Ethics.
  • Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry & Biotechnology.

B.Sc Agriculture Elective Subjects.

  • Applied Horticulture.
  • Agri-Business Management.
  • Seed Production and Technology.
  • Crop Improvement & Safety.
  • Commercial Beekeeping.
  • Soil, Plant, Water and Seed Testing.
  • Mushroom Cultivation Technology.
  • Integrated Crop Management.
  • Floriculture and Landscape Architecture.

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