BSc Animation and VFX (Visual Effects) [Bachelor of Science]

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Bsc Animation and VFX.

Animation and Visual Effects.

Making a career under the gaming and animation program is exciting. BSc Animation and VFX give altimeter growth opportunities and Success.

Market demands visual effects work. Therefore colleges and institutes are offering lots of VFX courses.

However, all VFX courses are not career-oriented. Few courses can give you only basic income and a few courses have a bright future along with a good package.

Hence I have writing all major courses and course details in this article. I will also let you know the types of VFX courses.

And eligibility details through which you can choose the best VFX course for yourself.

First, let’s understand what is VFX course. The course gives you the freedom to work with creativity, visual tools, technical, graphic, and animation.

Through BSc animation and VFX, you can step into the technology and entertainment field.

Animation VFX course has lots of aspects such as games, designing, visual efforts, animation, graphics, etc.

After completing visual effects course or visual effects training. You can able to create animation movies, cartoon movies, television shows, graphic games, etc.

Types of VFX Courses.

There are many VFX courses is available some are certificate programs. Others are undergraduate degree programmers.

Means short team course and long term course both. It’s up to you which one you like to go with.

Animation and VFX Courses in India. VFX Course. Type of Course. Course Duration.
1. B.Sc. in Gaming and VFX. UG Programme. 3 Years.
2. B.Sc. in Animation and VFX. UG Programme. 3 Years.
3. Advance Programme in VFX. Certificate Programme. 2 Years one month.
4. BSc in 3D Animation & Visual Graphics. UG Programme. 3 Years.
5. Diploma in VFX. Diploma Programme. 2 Years.
6. Certification in VFX. Certificate Programme. 2 months.
7. International Programme VFX. Certificate Programme. 2 months.
8. Professional Programme in VFX. Certificate Programme. 1 year 5 months.
9. Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX. Diploma Programme.
10. Bachelor of Arts in Visual Effects. Degree Course. 3 Years.
11. VFX in Film making by Arena animation. Certificate Programme. 18 months.
12. BSc in Animation VFX and Gaming. Degree Course. 3 Years.

Animation and Visual Effects Courses.

  • BSc in Animation & VFX.

Animation and VFX courses in India are popular. And if you want to become a professional visual effects student then in animation and visual effects is a perfect course for you after 12th class.

This VFX course will teach you digital methods, live-action, 3D, 2D, classic work, and so on.

Many short term VFX online courses are also available in the market. But if you are serious about your career then better go with Bsc in animation and VFX.

It covers lots of animation topics and visual classes. BSc VFX course duration is 3 years which has been divided into six semesters.

The animation degree course is always better than 2 months course or 6 months course.

VFX Course Fees: 

Animation and visual effects course fees depend on the various colleges and institutes. Still in on and average fees can be around 1.50 lac to 6 lac.

VFX Courses Eligibility Criteria.

  • Most of the colleges required 10+2 pass-out students (science, commerce, arts) for the VFX course. Some of the institute and college also allows the 10th pass-out student.
  • Basic knowledge of the computer (not compulsory).
  • Few institutes take the aptitude test to check your potential.

Admission Process for VFX Courses.

If you are a 10th pass student then you can pursue the VFX certificate course.

If you are 12th pass out then you have to fill out the admission form for the course or certificate which you have chosen.

You have to submit the VFX course fees. And few institutes are required entrance test for animation course. Then you have to appear for the aptitude test or entrance test too.

For BSc animation and VFX College takes the 12th mark sheet with a 60% score. Admission seats for animation and VFX are available all across India.

You can take admission in VFX institute in Delhi, VFX institute in Bangalore, BSc in animation and VFX in Bangalore.

Multimedia animation courses are quite popular in every city these days.

Now let’s see some popular entrance exams. Entrance Exam.
1. LPU Entrance Exam.
2. Arena Animation Academy Entrance exam.
3. Birla Institute of Technology (Entrance Exam).
4. FX School of Animation Entrance Exam.
5. DSK International Institute for Industrial Design (Entrance Exam).
6. Accel Animation Academy (Entrance Exam).
7. Picasso Animation College (Entrance Exam).
8. ZICA (Entrance Exam).
9. Mudra Institute of communication (Entrance Exam).
  • VFX Course Syllabus.

The VFX course syllabus is quite interesting. Before taking admission in BSc in animation and visual effects. Let’s see some top subjects and topics of the course.

VFX Course Syllabus. VFX Course Syllabus.
Media Encoder. 2D Animation.
Keying. Color Sensing.
Video Editing and Compositing. Portfolio Developments.
Frame size & Composition. Movie Merchandising.
Digital Methodologies. Drawing Concept.
Render Layer. Matte Planning.
History of animation. Script-writing & Sequential Narrative.
Advanced 2D Animation. Portfolio Developments.
Introduction to dynamics. Project and Viva.

Animation and Visual Effects Jobs.

  • Career Options and job prospects.

After completing the visual effects course future of career will be very bright. All most all movies and TV serials these days using the animation techniques and technology.

The gaming industry is all about animation and VFX. So there is a penalty of scope and career options are available for you.

I have mention a few industry areas names down below which always hire the visual effects students.

  1. Game Industry.
  2. Film Industry.
  3. Advertising.
  4. TV Channels.
  5. Media Industry.
  6. Print media.
  7. Production Houses.
  8. E-learning.
  9. Photography industry.
  10. Digital Advertising.
  11. Multimedia Companies.
  • Job Profile (Career Opportunities).

Graphic Designer. Accessory Designer.
Web Designer. Animator.
2D/3D Animator. Production Designer.
Multimedia Programme. VFX Director.
3D Modeler. Modeling Arist.
Lecturer. Lighting Artist.
Video Editor. Texture Artist.
Game Designer. VFX Team Lead.
Visual Effects Artist. Rigging Artist.
Graphic Production Artist. Roto Artist.
AV Editor. Render Designer.
Game Testing & Reviewer. Matte painter.
Visualizer. Environment Builder.
Content Developer.
  • Top Recruiter Companies.

  1. Creative Firms.
  2. Color Drop Studio.
  3. University & colleges.
  4. Rebeca Animation Studio.
  5. Arena Animation.
  6. Production House.
  7. News and Media.
  8. Film Industry.
  9. Photography Shops.
  10. Game Industry.
  11. IT Companies.

Animation and visual effects salary.

Now comes the salary part. After completing the VFX course salary can be around 1.85 laces to 6 laces.

However, the salary package also depends on the job profile you have applied, animation degree, technical skills, and your knowledge about the VFX (animation and visual effects).

If you have the experience in animation field or VFX field. Then the salary can go up to 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs.

Skills for VFX Career.

Visualization. Creativity.
Software knowledge. Patience.
Work complete util the deadline. Team player.
Imagination. Extra vision.

Animation and Visual Effects Major.

Why even an animation and visual effects major is important after having a VFX course. The answer to this question is if you want regular growth in the animation field.

If you want the higher post in the visual effects line. Then pursue the animation and visual effects major course.

Because it’s taught you a deep knowledge of the VFX. Such as design skills.

Underlying principles of animation, Technologies usage, software knowledge, VFX engineering work, performing arts, and cutting edge disciplines, and so on.

Higher education in the animation VFX course will make you perfect for the market competition.

The television industry, media industry, or film industry is big firms and laces of people struggling for the job in this industry.

Therefore, having a VFX course degree or major in visual effects make a huge difference in you and other candidates.

And just because of animation and visual effects major knowledge chance of getting a job is high for you.

  • Master of Arts in Animation and VFX.
  • Advanced Program in Visual Effects.
  • VFX plus by MAC.

What is the best software to learn for VFX course?

Down below I have mentioned the top considerable software for VFX career.

VFX Software VFX Software
Pixar Render Man. Maya Autodesk.
Apple Final Cut Pro. Abode After Effects.
Nuke. Abode Creative Cloud.

Animation and visual effects schools.

Students always looking for animation and visual effects schools. Many go out of India for the best animation schools.

Therefore I have mentioned here top animation and visual effects schools for you.

Abroad School. Indian School.
Gnomon School of VFX and Animation. FX Film (Mumbai).
Lost Boys Studios. Times and Trends Academy (Pune).
Ringling College of Art and Design. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics. (MAAC).
Sheridan College. Arena Animation (Mumbai).
Think Tank Training Centre. DICE VFS School of Entertainment. (Mumbai).
Vancouver Film School. Quantum School of Media Studies and design Roorkee).

Animation and Visual Effects University/ Colleges.

  1. Amity University (Mumbai).
  2. Parul University (Vadodara).
  3. Era University (Lucknow).
  4. Chandigarh University.
  5. IIFA Multimedia (Bengaluru).
  6. Artemisia College of Arts and Design (Indore).
  7. Unity Veda Animation College (Lucknow).
  8. ICAT Design and Media College.
  9. Zee Institute of Creative Arts (Indore).
  10. Arunachal University of Studies (Arunachal Pradesh).
  11. A.J.K Mass Communication Research Center. Delhi).
  12. Frameboxx 2.0 Animation Visual Effects (Pune).
  13. International Academy of Computer Graphics (Hyderabad).

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