Career After MSc Maths: Mathematics Scope & Jobs.

Career After MSc Maths
Career After MSc Maths

Career After MSc Maths.

Career after MSc Maths is very vast and huge. If you have completed the BSc and looking for a job.

Then, in my opinion, I would like to suggest you that first go for a higher degree like MSc (postgraduation). Because a career after MSc degree, will going to give you a lot of job opportunities.

After completing MSc in math your career will be more stable and successful. The private plus government sectors both have thousands of job options available for you.

The government sector also wants a good mathematician person. Who can manage the data and business model!

Every business requires financial activity and data management for better improvement and success.

Various companies have a position like numerical operations and accountant. So career after MSc maths is very fruitful for you.

Career After MSc Maths.

Now we will see the top career option. Which is available for you after completing the MSc maths.

Most of these post carries a high salary package. Along with good career growth and respect.

If might you have an interest in computers. Then ICT is one of the top industry available in the market that provides great opportunities to the math’s degree students

Let see the job profile option after completing the MSc Maths.

1. Lecturer in Mathematics.

One of the rewarded and famous profiles this is. Becoming a lecturer is not easy but if you are fully preparing for that then it can be not tough for you.

For lecturers, post BSc is required along with a minimum of 55% of marks. For a master’s degree as well you required 55% marks is the minimum for your specialization subject.

Many colleges and universities can offer you a lecturer job just after your MSc.

However, if you want to join the top university. Such as IIM or IIT then you should need to clear the UGC NET exam.

If you want to see yourself as a “professor” in these top universities. Then you should apply for the MPhil/Ph.D.

Plus you should require a great passion for this profession along with good communication skills. Then you can make a career in the lecturer field after completing your MSc.

2. Scientific Officer.

If you are very good at maths and calculation. Then MSc maths can give you the opportunity to work with the top government sector.

In another word, you can apply for a scientific office job in the industry. Such as ISRO (the Indian Space research Organization).

DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization). NAL (National Aeronautics Limited).

3. Computer & IT.

MSc math also relates to computer science. A career after MSc maths gives you a vast pathway in the computing field.

ICT (information and communication technology) is playing a big role in this platform. ICT always offers a new role for math degree students.

Such as the development of ICT, Regular Maintenance, Manufacturing and design part, general part, and so on.

Apart from MSc math’s ICT also required skills. Like work with a team, good communication skills, programming skills, logical skills, etc.

4. General Management.

Every industry does have this position. Because general management is basically responsible for business organizing and employee handling.

After completing MSc also you can easily apply for this position. Be prepared to handle the company branch management and departmental management.

This post does require some skills. Such as interpersonal skills, organizational skills, customer awareness, and so on.

5. Manual Testing.

In this profession, you have to do manual testing for the company. This means you have to find the defect and error.

Might be your company is using any customer service software. And one day they get an error on that. So as with manual testing, you have to check the application is working properly or not.

And if the software is not working properly then what is the error or bug. After finding out the error you have to validate or verify that.

6. Data Science Modelers.

We all know about data science modelers. The demand for data science specialists is huge because every company wants to convert its data into the required information.

Making good information sheet help company decision-maker to take the best decision for the company.

Let’s see some required skills for data scientist profession.

Like computer science, machine, data analytics, business domain knowledge, advanced analytics, mathematics, and statistics.

The top company which always looking for the data scientists’ candidates. Such as HCL, TCS, HDFC, Crayon Data, Mu Sigma, and fractal Analytics.

7. Banking – Investment Banking.

Many famous investment banks provide financial advice to customer. These professions help you increase the equity and debt market.

A career in investment banking is a very high-profile post along with good stability. In this profession, you have to deal with the clients and the market.

Some basic skills are required for an investment banker. Integrity, knowledge of finance and the markets, interpersonal skills, communication, etc.

8. Statistical Research.

A career in statistical research is very interesting. It presents the company’s statistical businesses at a modest and technical level.

Under this profession, you will get the chance of analyzing, researching, using mathematical tools, algorithms, and theories, and become a professor.

Job opportunity comes from various area such as finance, wells Fargo, American Express, Deutsche bank, CICNA, Barclay’s bank, AIG, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc. 

9. Operational Research.

You can also become operational researcher if you are good at mathematics.

Under this profession basically, you have to solve the business profitability, improve efficiency, and complex organization problems.

Plus you have to understand the assigned assignment in deep.

And you have to use mathematical programming, analyst techniques, optimization, and so on for enhancing project planning and skills.

10. Junior Research Fellow.

Junior research fellow exam is now conducted by the CBSC. Normally only top candidates only get the JRF post.

Generally, June and December months are the most popular for the JRF and NEET exams. However In my suggestion regularly check the exam notification for JRF.

First, you have to prepare yourself for the NEET exam. After clearing the NEET exam you will be eligible for the JRF exam.

This profile also required an education degree like M.Phil. Or a Ph.D.

Most Famous Recruitment Companies.

Now let talk about the most famous recruitment company which always comes with a great opening. These companies also provide a great salary package.

After completing your MSc you can apply to these companies with your job application letter.

  1. Market research firms.
  2. Manufacturing Firms.
  3. Engineering Firms.
  4. Aerospace companies.
  5. Pharmaceutical companies.
  6. Research & development firms.
  7. Economic Research firms.
  8. Social research institutes.
  9. Manufacturing Firms.

The government has lots of sectors that welcome MSc math candidates. They do lots of hiring for the statistician and developer posts.

After completing this master’s degree not only private but government rectors also respect your knowledge and degree. 

Government Job Profile (career after MSc maths):

  • Demographer.
  • Statistician.
  • Quantitative Developer.
  • Quantitative Risk Analyst.
  • Director of Statistical Programming.
  • Equity Quantitative analyst.
  • Interest Rate Trading Strategist.
  • Treasury Management Specialist.
  • Researcher and accountant.

You can also become a scientist in ISRO and other government sectors.

Many universities and research centers are there to provide a good profile in math’s career scope.

Research or Scientists Jobs after MSc.

  1. Bhabha atomic research Centre.
  2. Saha Institute of nuclear physics Kolkata.
  3. Bharat heavy electrical
  4. Indian space research organization.
  5. Hindustan Aeronautics limited.
  6. Ministry of environment forest & climate change.
  7. Punjab agricultural university.
  8. Indian Association for the cultivation of science.

Not only the government sector but the private top sector also admires MSc math’s candidates.

And many times top private companies provide more salary as compared to the government sector.

However, it’s totally your call which sector you prefer after completing MSc in maths.

A Career in the Private Job Sector.

  • IT industry.
  • Automobile industry.
  • Apply for MNCs.

Automobile Industry Jobs after MSc.

  • Force motors.
  • Bajaj Tempo.
  • Tata motors.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

Jobs in MNCs after MSc.

If you might be scoring the low marks in your master’s degree and not get the opportunity in top company.

That not means that you cannot able to make your career after MSc maths.

Because many MNCs companies also available in the market that hires the MSc candidate. So, if have an interest in MNC company then you can apply here too.

  • Amazon.
  • Wipro.
  • TCS.
  • Infosys.

Salary After MSc Mathematics.

At the beginning of the MSc math’s career, you can earn around 6 lakh to 8 lakh.

After that, as you get experience and knowledge. Salary after MSc mathematics can go up from 18 lakh to 20 lakh.

Salary also depends on your position and the company in which you have joined. However, I have a few job profile names below along with approx. salary details.

So that you will get the idea of this career option benefit.

  • Mathematics Specialists can expect around 2 lac to 3 lac average salary after MSC mathematics.
  • Account Manager can earn around 150 lac to 20 lac on average salary.
  • Professor can earn around 8 lac to 9 lac average salary.
  • Quantitative Risk Analysts can earn around 5 lac to 6 lac average salary.
  • Administrative Assistants can earn around 4 lakh to 5 lac on average salary.
  • Quantitative Developers can earn around 6 lac to 7 lac on average salary.

So as you can see different job profile has different estimated salary figures. After analyzing lots of data I have found that.

Normally 0 to 5 years of fresher to experience candidate get the package around 4 lac to 5 lac.

Hence, after experience means around 5 years to 10 years’ salary can jump between 9 lac to 10 lac.

High Paid Job After MSc Maths in India.

Math’s presents the collection, presentation, and analysis. The scientific area of the mathematics angle is very powerful.

It covers various areas such as biology, engineering, education, sports, psychology, and more. Therefore mathematics is one of the high demanding professions in India.

And it does have lots of high-paid jobs after MSc math’s in India and abroad too. I have mentioned below few high-paid job profiles and area names. Which is quite proper in this industry.

  1. Economist.
  2. Tax Collector.
  3. Stockbroker.
  4. Accountant.
  5. Statistician.
  6. Meteorologist.
  7. Financial Planner.
  8. Actuary.
  9. Aerospace Engineer.
  10. Mathematician.
  11. Data Scientist.

Scope of MSc Mathematics in Canada.

If you want to pursue your career after mac mathematics in Canada. Then you can do that Canada also provides the best education and career option for students.

Best way to know the hiring is to upload your resume in top online job portals. They always find candidate for Canada and other counties.

Second search the vacancy in the job portal, according to your specialist subject, and apply on that.

The scope of MSc mathematics in Canada is also bright. I am providing few top profile names in which vacancy is always come the Canadian industries.

  • Analyst’s developer.
  • Quantitative Research Analyst.
  • Data Science Analyst.
  • Financial advisor.
  • Pricing Analyst.
  • Toy Designer.
  • Statistician.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Researcher.
  • Data Scientist.

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