A Career in Interior Designing: After 12th, Courses, Job.

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A career in interior designing after 12th along with subjects and courses guide.

1. What is Interior Designing?

Time goes to change very frequently. Land price for home and office goes high day by day.

However, in the short area also people like comfortable and spaces workplace.

Commercial places are also shrinking because of the huge demand of the market.

Before, when an architect is taking care of building design. They also fulfill the interior work too.

But, now as time has change and good designers come in the market.

Interior designer career comes out and makes people live more space full and beautiful. As people want better and better work and house environment.

Hence, this field gets a boom and lots of good designers become more professional and attentive.

Your Career in interior designing does not only increase the people living standard, but it also improves your managerial skill.

Through this career, you can make the people living areas more function-able and attractive.

An interior designing career gives you the strength to fulfill the people dream according to their budget.

If you are good at arranging furniture and decorating area. Then you can defiantly peruse your career in interior designing.

Many interior designers’ works alone and many others work with architects to plan the layout.

2. Start course after 10+2.

As people have changed their lifestyle lot. The demand for interior also taking place.

So, in my opinion, it’s good if you start your career in interior designing in the early days of after 10+2 only.

All around the world people want the interior design expert, who can fulfill their small area, according to their taste and preference.

So as an interior designer you have to be confident in your designs.

Besides cross-verify your design or arranging the place of work, to any interior professional or senior.

So, that you will get the correct guides about your next step.

Better if you make your portfolio, which can present your creative work and design to professionals.

Many private institutions and colleges are available, who provides the interior designing program around the world.

Through the interior designer course, you can gain knowledge of, how to manage the right balance of beauty and convenience.

Bachelor degree is important for interior designing course. Else certificates from designing school are must require at least.

However, bachelor degree usually takes four years.

Under this, you will get the deep information about interior architecture, fine art, environment planning, lighting design, drafting and so on.

More demand of this profession has found on Texas, Florida, Washington and major parts of U.S.

Remember if you love colors, fabric, and have the creative design in your mind. Then you can make your career in interior designing easily.

3. Is this best career for you?

Yes, why not, as like another career interior designing is also a growing platform.

If you have drawling knowledge, good communication skill, color schemes, understanding level, and creative thinking.

Then you can earn many much from this career. Because of your fashion understanding and good management skill, you can make good connections also in this field.

Interesting career like this not only provides the compliment of your work.

But also gives happiness, because at the end of the day. You are fulfilling the dream of many people.

4. What are the fees of interior designing?

Fees for a career in interior designing is varying from deferent colleges and institute.

Private colleges and government college have own course fee. For example, the fee for Architect interior designer is around 50,000 – 1, 00,000 per annual.

However, college like Miraash creative studio in Bangalore takes fees around 2lakh to 6lakh.

Although price can be changed in the future according to the college management board.

So better you inquire a little bit before making your mind for admission.

5. What about the scholarship.

We do have many institutes which offer the scholarship to students.

Most they focus on the weaker section students. For example, physically challenged.

Still, they check the merit of the students before giving a scholarship.

I have mention few instituted and college names below. They are playing a big role in providing scholarship.

  • ASID Foundation.
  • Iowa State University.
  • Indian University Bloomington.
  • Mount Mary College.

Name of interior designer scholarship name:

  • Interior design Scholarship.
  • IFDA Student scholarship.
  • Vercille Voss scholarship.
  • Carid Scholarship program.
  • Metheon Scholarship fund.
  • NCR Creative Event scholarship.
  • BLR Scholarship.

6. The demand for interior designing.

Many countries are improving their economic growth it also increases the living standard.

Hence, people would like to have good design and decoration in there office and home. Both things actually increase the demand for a good interior expert.

This industry also allows you to stable your own business. The demand for this industry is high, but delivery is not because of short number of experienced designers.

7. Demand on the international market.

The international market has a huge demand for interior designing.

If you have good communication skill along with tremendous creativity. Then you can apply for an international firm too.

It does not only provide you the advance knowledge but also gives you the high payout.

8. Positive point of this career.

You can start a career in interior designing with a small investment.

Get the opportunities to work on corporate designing and sustainable designing.

You can avail the opportunity to work on an international firm.

You will get the chance to meet high profile people and able to make good connections.

You can build your name and fame after doing some handwork.

You are making people dream come true.

9. Different roles, position and job title.

  • Craft & fine artists.
  • Fashion designers.
  • Graphic designing.
  • Landscape Architects.
  • Art Directors.
  • Architects.
  • Industrial Designers.

Doing planning of interior space, layout plans, elevations, electrical circuits, heating system, display panel, lighting technicians, and so on.

10. Top companies for interior designing.

  • Event management.
  • Top hotels and hospitals.
  • Design in India.
  • Maps of India.
  • The grid.

11. Duties of interior designers.

  • Understand client requirement & needs.
  • Make the project according to client budget.
  • Consider people movement area and furniture places.
  • Plan partition layout and electrical ports.
  • Selection of fabric and tables.
  • Fix the timeline of the project.
  • Coordinate with the coordinator or builders.

12. Certification and registration for interior designing.

Many states required licenses for interior design and many not. It varies from state to state.

Some sate says that you can only use the title of “interior designer” when you have a license or certificate.

However, still many people without a license also called own self interior designer.

Many states arrange the state-approved exam, for example, NCIDQ (National council interior design qualification exam).

However, in California, they approved the exam like CCIDC (California council for interior design certificate.

13. The skill required for an interior designer.

  • Drawing aptitude.
  • Communication Skill.
  • Art ability.
  • Visual sensitivity.
  • Color knowledge.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Manage project according to budget.
  • Few technical details.
  • Knowledge of material & fabric.
  • Strong writing & verbal skill.
  • Required organization & creative skills.
  • Teamwork.

14. Interacting skill with people.

Good communication will help you to get new projects too.

Previous work experience and references will make you more successful in the interior field. Hence, you must interact with more and more people.

Through that, you get more opportunities in this field. Always make the balance of client taste and your design decision.

While doing that you are given the rights to clients to choose the design according to their taste.

Give some extra tips to your client, after finishing the work, through that you will gain the good well from the client-side.

15. Specialized areas in interior designing.

If you have the interest to go far way in interior design then you can do the specialization on that.

After completing your degree you can easily apply for specialization. Because of the vast nature of this industry. You can gain the knowledge particular areas ways too.

Which will make you sustainable, in this competitive market. I have mentioned a few demanding specialization areas names for you.

  • Kitchen Design.
  • Accessibility Design.
  • Bathroom Design.
  • Historic Residential design.
  • Museum consultant.
  • Healthcare facility designer.
  • Corporate office designer.
  • Governmental building designer.

16. Online interior design schools.

As online learning become the main source of every field. Interior designing also has many online programs available for you.

In my opinion, I would suggest research before enrolling to any online course. Check the degree value in the market read the review of the institute.

17. Types of interior designers.

Here you will get the name of different type of interior design.

As I have mentioned above that dud to the vast nature of the industry, it has different zone areas. You can choose the area as per your interest and strength.

  • Universal Designer.
  • Corporate Designer.
  • Kitchen & bath designer.
  • Sustainable designer.
  • Healthcare designer.
  • Industrial Designer.

18. Top colleges for a career in interior designing.

  • Peral Academy (Mumbai/Noida).
  • NID (Ahmedabad/Delhi).
  • Arch Academy of design (Jaipur).
  • Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai).
  • CEPT University (Gandhi Nagar).
  • College of Architecture (Nasik).

19. Technology (software) & Tools for an interior designer.

  • Archicad.
  • AutoCAD designer suite.
  • Design Smart (Software).
  • Design Manager (Software).
  • Mpengo Designer app.
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adobe Photoshop.