Career Option For Arts Students: After 12th or Graduation.

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Career Option.

Career Option For Arts Students.

This article is all about career options for arts students. A career in the art filed can also provide you a settled lifestyle.

For that, it’s important that you choose the correct list of a career in art.

We do have different types of careers in art. Therefore, today I am telling you some famous career option which can make you career more beautiful and interested.

Apart from that, I will also be mentioning below “how you can get the high paying careers in arts”. Because art students do have a lot of great career options.

People have the mindset that art students cannot have career potential. And the job opportunity in the market is very less. This is a totally wrong mindset.

A career in the arts field is also in demand. Let’s see the great career option for arts students along with good job options.

What Can You Do With An Arts Degree?

If you are a creative person along with disciplines then you can do a lot with an art degree. No matter you do the art general graduation degree or specialization in fine arts?

This field only required good observation, research skills, prospective artists, and fashion knowledge and so on.

Many art students always carry own varied portfolio of work. So that they can show own individual work and creativity.

Below I have mentioned the potential of some popular career options for art students.


As an Illustrator, you have to work for the client to provide the drawing, digital illustration, and photography.

Basically, you have to take clear instructions from your client. And need to fulfill their requirements.

In this profession, you have to showcase your work creativity and format of work gigs in front of the client. There are many career options available in illustrator also.

Such as medical illustration, fashion illustrator, freelance illustrator, comic book illustration and so on.

So you can see the vast career list of the art field which has huge demand in the market.


One of the trending art career option these days. As an animator, you have to frame multiple images for the company or cartoon movies.

You can also work with the visual graphic zone. Because of the high demand for animator this career path have a lot of competition.

So, in my opinion, it would be good if you choose the post-graduation in the animation field. Because through that you will get the job opportunity a little easier at least.

Apart from animation, you can also choose other interesting designing courses. Such as web designer, graphic designing, UX/UI designer and video designing.

Graphic Designer.

Another best career option for arts students is a graphic designer. For this profession high visual impact and creative ideas are important.

Many different kinds of project selection you have to for this work. Such as choosing the correct media and style for the client work and all.

Fashion Merchandiser.

Fashion is almost all about great design and creative collection. Apart from great fashion design it also covers the retail, marketing, sales, journalism and merchandising part.

A fashion merchandiser is not only cover the sales but it’s also included with direct marketing and promote fashion.

You fashion career list you can also try a different kind of career zone. For example, visual style and fashion designer.


A large number of career aspects. Using a camera and other types of equipment for taking fashion photos and client basis photos.

Doing post-graduation under photography can make your career more profitable. Great list of a career in the arts field.

One of the top competitive areas is a fashion photographer. But there are other career area is also available which can give you the best stability.

For example, wedding photographer, food photographer, music photographer, travel photographer, portrait photographer, and wildlife photographer and so on.

 Digital Portrait Artist.

You can also make your career choice under digital portrait artist. Many people work for top companies for providing them digital portrait.

You can also start your work as a freelancer as a portrait artist. Through using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Wacom Cintiq you can create an awesome digital cartoon image in an hour.

The digital portrait is one of the easy and well-paying job options available for art students.

Interior Designer.

Make anyone interior best with trending fashion and safe is interior designer work. The top career option for arts students is an Interior designer.

Specialization in interior design definitely takes the money investment but it is totally worthy. In area required a wild range of knowledge.

Because here you have to choose a lot of different aspects along with building codes.

Making good interior design as per client expectation is only can handle buy the good art student.

Not only design but a good presentation and producing design is also one of the good skills you should learn.


As the name says printmaker here you can make your career under printing press or in media companies. Many new aspects also come into this industry.

For example, woodcuts, block-printing, lithography and so on.


If you complete the fine art degree then you will get lots of options to become an artist. After completing fine arts you will get a lot of good specialization courses which will help you to grow your career.

In another word, fine arts gives you the freedom to choose the career according to your interest.

You can make your career under textile artist, digital artist, craft maker, glass artist, ceramics artist, and more.


One more fine art career option which required a lot of technical knowledge. If you want to do the major in arts the architect is one of the best career options for you.

Making planes and drawdown your creative design inboard can make you architect.

If might you no idea about how this profession works. Then you can deep down and check some famous architect portfolio work.


Many schools and colleges offer a fine arts degree with the main focus on music. It’s required theatrical knowledge too.

Plus composing music and build music is another aspects are also available.


One more great art course is a videographer. After becoming videographer you can make videos under top weddings and live events.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to be professional in this area. You should know the basic rules and techniques.

After completing your videographer course make one strong videographer portfolio.

Popular Careers in arts/ Arts Jobs after Fine art degree.

Most of the students in the 10th and 12th get upset after choosing arts subjects.

Because the majority of students always think that arts subject does not have a strong career path.

Therefore I am mentioning popular careers in the arts here. So that you will not leave in any more confusion regarding your arts career path.

List of Popular Careers in Arts.

  • Fashion.
  • Curator.
  • Animation.
  • Architect.
  • Naval Architect.
  • Golf course designer.
  • Urban designer.
  • Landscape architect.
  • Product designer.
  • Toy designer.
  • Home stager.
  • Arts administrator.
  • Branding designer.
  • Arts and culture planner.
  • Magazine layout designer.
  • Fiber artist.
  • Accessory designer.
  • Airbrush artist.
  • Book illustrator.
  • Art school director.
  • Photojournalist.
  • Camera operator.
  • Mosaic designer.
  • Prop Designer.
  • Glass Artist.
  • Typographer.

Top Highest Paying Jobs in Arts Career.

One more interesting part of this subject is “what is the high paying careers in art”.

Right after your graduation if you correctly utilize your skills then differently you can join the highest paying jobs in an art career.

However, you do have to focus on your communication skills, critical thinking, and analytical skills for your best job opportunity.

Because every top company out there is looking for a smart and creative person.

They will not be going to hire you in the bass of your degree. But mostly they are interested in your skill and craft.

Highest Paying Jobs in Arts Career.

  1. Business manager.
  2. Commercial Artist.
  3. Art Professor.
  4. Interior Designer.
  5. Animator.
  6. Graphic Designer.
  7. Advertising Designer.
  8. Art Director.

Career Choices For Art Students.

After knowing all the facts about the career option for arts students. Now the question comes how to choose the right career field or right subject.

First, it totally depends on your passion and interest in which you are comfortable.

Second, it comes in which subject market values are always high. So that you will not face job difficulties.

Therefore below I have mentioned the top career fields in arts. Which will go to help you more in choosing your art subject for your study?

  • Editor.
  • Educator.
  • Writer.
  • Artist.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Fashion designer.
  • Sociologist.
  • Photographer.
  • Musician.
  • Cartoonist.
  • Architectural designer.
  • Art Auctioneer.
  • Art librarian.
  • Art historian.
  • Craft and fine artists.
  • Logo designer.

Jobs For Artists Without a Degree.

If you have any hobby or passion in which you are good but not have a degree. Still, you can make your successful career in the artist’s area.

There are tons of opportunities available in the market which not required a degree to become artists.

Without a degree also you can earn a great income. Let see a few creative career name which is possible without a degree too.

  • Technical Writer.
  • Air Director.
  • Industrial Designer.
  • Multimedia Artist.
  • Fashion Designer.
  • Art Therapist.
  • Professional Writers.
  • Editor.

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