Career Option in Travel And Tourism: Course/Job/Scope.

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Travel & Tourism.

Career Option In Travel and Tourism.

Today we are going to talk about the career option in the travel and tourism industry. In the past few years, the career scope of the travel industry has been increased a lot.

Not only in domestic but at the international level also. This industry has been building its own space.

Most of us always want own dream job in a growing industry. Like other industries, the travel and tourism industry also has lots of challenges.

But if you have a real interest in this industry. Then it will be fun for you. After all, it’s giving you a good payout along with great opportunities.

Travel Industry earns in billions including domestic and international. So eventually, they are also coming up with lots of job positions and hiring.

So, the career option in travel and tourism is for sure bright. You can start your career as a travel agency as well if you are looking for experience.

A Career in Travel and Tourism Industry (Careers in the travel industry):

In the travel industry, you will get thousands of opportunities. Such as travel coordinator, travel blogger, language teacher, transportation professionals, Vacation planning, cook, airline booking, hotel, travel agents, tour guide, railway booking, resorts, and much other variety of job options.

You can also pursue this career is part-time if you are not very much sure about your interest.

But if you take this as your part-time also it will going to give you good earning.

The travel industry is a vast area. That’s why the option of job opportunities is very high is this. Salary of these industries is also awesome once you will get the little experience.

To make your travel career in pick you should know the right behavior with your client.

No matter you are a travel agent, airline booking department, chief, tour guide or something else. Good behavior will flip up for the best opportunity.

Many big companies also have the business of travel arrangements and hotel reservations.

And these companies always give you job opportunities with good income and incentives.

A career in the travel and tourism industry will also give you the perks of the job. Many companies give the discount on airline tickets, free meal, free cab, hotel vouchers, and other promo items.

Areas like knowledge of the foreign language or knowledge of foreign countries. Also make you capable of the travel industry.

Some other career options like trip arrangements and food arrangements give you a growing career scale.

Travel And Tourism Courses.

Now let’s see the travel and tourism top courses. Because the right travel industry course only can make your career beautiful.

Therefore, I am going to let you know the best UG (Under Graduation) and PG (Post Graduation) courses. Through which you will get the right direction of course selection.

Most of these courses will come with management skills, marketing, rural development, and personal skill. Which are very important aspects of travel and tourism course!

If you like to build your career for the long term in this industry then better you go for specialist (Post Graduation) course.

Many famous courses such as hospitality or event management kind, of course, are quite good for career growth.

Below Top Travel and Tourism Course Name is Available:

  • B.Sc. in hospitality and tourism studies.
  • B.Sc. in airlines, tourism, and hospitality.
  • BBA in tourism and travel Management.
  • B.Voc. in hospitality and tourism management.
  • Bachelor of travel and tourism.
  • BA in hospitality administration.
  • Bachelor of tourism and travel Management.
  • Masters of Business Administration.
  • Master of tourism and travel management.
  • MBA in tourism and travel management.
  • Diploma in tourism management.
  • Diploma in tourism and ticketing.
  • Diploma in Airfare and ticketing.
  • Certificate in tourism management.
  • Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and travel management.
  • Higher diploma in hotel and restaurant management.
  • BMS in tourism and hospitality management.

What Syllabus Topic in Travel and Tourism Career.

It’s always good to know the course format and subject. Below you will get the few core subjects’ names. Which are normally gives you the best idea of the course structure!

  • Communication Skills.
  • Tourism Marketing.
  • Air ticketing.
  • Public Relations.
  • Tour Operation.
  • Tourism Policy and Law.
  • Fundamentals of tourism.
  • Office Management.
  • Computer application knowledge.

Travel and tourism jobs (Job opportunities in the travel and tourism sector/jobs in the tourism sector India).

The travel industry does have lots of career options. Including hotels industry and sub-industries. A variety of event services and holiday’s service also fall in these industries.

If you might have the knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. Then through knowledge of tour operation, tourist boards and airlines you can enhance your career growth more.

Your resume for these jobs also required a range of skills. Which makes you different from other candidates.

Major skills that can make your selection for the job easy would be leadership skills, team working, presentation skills, and communication skills, problem-solving and so on.

Most famous job profiles in the travel and tourism industry.

  1. Tour Operator.
  2. Lobby Manager.
  3. Tour Guide.
  4. Event manager.
  5. Transport office.
  6. Air cabin crew.
  7. Airline employee.
  8. Airport staff.
  9. Holiday representative.
  10. Information Assistant.
  11. Tourism promoter.
  12. Tour manager.
  13. Ticketing staff.
  14. Travel executive.
  15. Air hostess.
  16. Travel agency staff.
  17. Front office executive.
  18. Travel and tourism consultant.
  19. Customer service manager.

Travel and Tourism Salary.

Salary always depends on the number of thinks. Fresher and experience salary always comes on a different scale.

So, here I am giving you the on average salary details. Which can fluctuate as per company policy and rules!

So as a fresher in the travel and tourism industry you can get the package between 2lakh to 10lakh. After having good experience in the same field you can get the package between 10 Lakh to 25 Lakh.

Free Online Tourism Courses With Certificates.

If you want to do the course online. Then many online website and institutes are available who provides the tourism course online.

Most of them are free plus paid. But it’s easy to find free online tourism courses these days.

Awesome lectures are available online for the tourism industry course or hospitality course.

Might be many of these courses not give you the step by step syllabus lectures.

But these short term online courses will give valuable information related travel and tourism industry.

Which will make your career life more profitable. There are many institutes and top colleges are also available who make the video, audio, writing translation of each and every class.

And you can access this lecture format in later as per your convenience. Let me tell you a few popular college names which do this process.

Gresham College, Harvard University, National Open University of Nigeria and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

There are many other small big online website is also available who provides the free online tourism course. You can check the course details through google search engine easily.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Career Options.

Might be you heard a lot that job of hospitality or tourism management is very hard. But still all over the global people want to work in this industry.

People want to continue their career growth is the same line. After having lots of challenges, trouble, and task also.

The reason behind this is this industry not only gives you respect. But also gives you a bright future line.

Let me give you a little more clear vision of hospitality and tourism management.


Under this industry basically, you have to deal with customer service, accommodation, drinks, food, and traveling.

I have also written a separate article regarding why you should do the hotel management and which colleges or institutes are best.

In another word, you are helping your customers to enjoy the full weekend or enjoy full holydays. This service line job will always make you busy. Mostly in the evening time you have to serve your customers.

Apart from that hospitality and tourism management career also required your friendly nature, perfect communication skills, and attentive service.

Not all tourism management jobs will be left you up. It totally depends on how much big organization you have joined for a job.

For example, after completing your hotel management course or tourism management course you have joined any low rate organization.

And you think that after a while you will grow in a large way then it’s not true. You cannot compare small hotel jobs with the five-star hotels and resort.

Therefore, it’s very important that you complete your management course with the reputed college.

So that you can start your hotel industry job in a good way. After completing the hotel management course. You will find lots of career opportunity option in the market, Such as:

  • Bar staff.
  • Concierges.
  • Chef.
  • Kitchen assistant.
  • Restaurant staff.
  • Customer service staff.

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