Career Options After 10th (Unheard Way to Achieve Carrer).

career options after 10th
career options

Career Options after 10th.

After passing out with your 10th class. One question that comes very normally in every student’s mind is “what career options after 10th we have or what to do after 10th”.

Selecting the right stream is a very serious decision because it’s going to develop your career after the 10th.

Career Options after 10th.

Many career counseling takes the skill test for the same. Such as skills tests, your interests, and abilities.

Every field has lots of career opportunities and advantages. No matter which stream you have chosen career confusion is very common among students. However, your interest always matter.

Many big actors and cricketers have the name and fame but most of them are not even passed 12th too.

So basically it’s all about your interest. So remember to choose the stream in which you have an interest. 

Still, the question comes which courses after 10th is best. Because not all students are clear about the subject and get confused easily. 

Therefore here I am going to solve your all question which says which stream is good or what career option is best.

Normal students do mistakes while choosing a career after the 10th.

First, let see the mistakes which can make your career spoiled after the 10th.

Sometimes in heavy confusion, students do take this kind of decision. I have mentioned a few of them down below.

  • Following the Friends:

At the age of 16-17, we are not that strong to leave our friends behind. We all want to go to tuition or class with them only.

We don’t want new friends because we are happy with our old friend’s comfort zone.

Therefore most students follow their friend’s choice in stream selection. And select after 10th science courses or arts stream.

Do not do that it’s not necessary to follow your friend because it can make your career life confuse after a while.

  • Parental Pressure.

Imagine you ask your friend. What stream after 10th you have decided science, commerce, or arts.

And he or she said my parents telling me to take the science stream but I want to choose the arts stream.

Now, what’s comes to your mind. Your friend has a different choice but his parents have different expectations.

Parents would have lots of examples and theories to make their mind as they want.

But again your interest and subject collection is only the right way to move. If any of you facing this kind of situation then take time to think and talk with your parents alone.

Let them know your vision of your career and convert them by showing them the bright side of the stream you have decided on. No matter its science, commerce, or arts.

  • Not Collect the right information.

Maybe in your father or mother’s time of education, they do not have many career options after 10th. At that time very fewer options are available for the 10th pass students.

But now we do have multiple career options after 10th. Colleges have courses after 10 in commerce, courses after 10th in science, and so on.

Career Options After the 10th.

 Science Stream.

  1. One of the favorite, most popular, and most attractive streams for both students and parents both.
  2. The Science stream does offer a very demanding and lucrative career option. For example, IT, Nursing, Engineering, Medical Science, Computer science, and so on.
  3. Science Stream also gives open ways for switching subjects at any time in commerce or arts.
  4. No doubt career options after 10th in science will be going to scale up your mind skill is a great level. It will be going to increase your problem-solving skills too.
  5. The Science course will give you a tough time and a fun time too. Solving issues will make you happy and facing tough questions will check your ability level too. So all in one full fun with rough patches.

Why should you take Science after the 10th?

  • If you like technology and invention then taking science after 10th will make your career at a high level.
  • Might you have an interest in nursing, physician, researcher, medical staff, or doctor then taking science after 10th will make your way strong.
  • Lots of students don’t want math’s as a subject. But they do have an interest in the doctor. No issue without math’s also you can do that. Simply choosing the subject of Physics, Chemistry, Biology maths is not necessary.
  • A career after 10th in science will be more promising and reliable.

I have written about how to become a doctor without the NEET exam deep here.

Commerce Stream.

  1. If you are a student who falls in love with business, finance, and Economics then commerce is the best stream for you.
  2. Career options after 10th in commerce are the second popular stream for students. Lucrative career options such as MBA, Accountant, Income tax, Economics, banking, Statics, Advisor, Risk Management, and more.
  3. Ability to build p small business into a large business. Fun with data collection and economics.

Why should you take commerce after the 10th?

  • If you are good with the numbers and business go with the commerce stream.
  • If you want to see your career in the banking sector or financing sector the commerce stream is for you.
  • After 10th class commerce will give you multiple career options. Might be after 12th class your mind has been changed. Then also you will get an awesome career opportunity.

Career after Arts.

  1. Arts stream gives the best courses after 10th pass. In the last few years, lots of students are preferring the arts and humanity course for the best career.
  2. The market has many lucrative career options in the arts stream too. Such as design, journalism, travel and tourism, psychology, and so on.
  3. If you are creative and relate to the art and craft the arts stream is best for you.

Why should you take arts after the 10th?

  • If you want to work under humanity and the creative field then the arts stream is for you.
  • There are multiple professions is available after 10th class. Right guides and proper research can give you the top career options.

Independent career options.

As the education sector develops in a lot of areas. Hence, it brings lots of advantages for the 10th pass students too.

These days after 10th also you will get a unique choice such as short term Couse, diploma courses, vocational courses, online courses, and so on.

The best part of these courses that can set your career fast. However, before jumping in a short-term course after 10th class. It’s good to know the right scope and career options.

Most of the top professional course details in deep here, which regularly refers by the career counselor.

Career Options after 10th Class.

Intermediate: For a career after 10th you can choose the two years of intermediate course.

It comes with multiple subjects such as PCB, PCMB, and Commerce with math, Commerce, as multiple disciplining subjects.

ITI: One of the best courses for boys and famous among students. After 10th class, you can go for the mechanical, electrical, and civil obs.

Sort Term Courses: Small courses like tally, graphic design, staff management, DTP, and so on.

I have already explained the 30 plus ITI courses deep here.

Paramedical: Career after 10th you can join courses like Diploma in ophthalmic assistant, Diploma in Medical laboratory technology, and Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant.

I have already written about the best diploma courses in India after 10th or 12th in deep here.

Polytechnic: Career after 10th also gives you the choice of automobile, civil, computer application and mechanical, and more.

How to pick the right decision for a career option.

After looking at all these phases you can understand the importance of the subjects after 10th class.

If you still wondering how to choose the right stream or what is course after 10th. Then follow the down below process to reach the right decision.

  • Analyze your strengths.

Why strength analysis is important. Because the right strength only going to help you to deal with your subject questions.

If might you choose a subject in which you do have an interest but do not have the right skill and ability to deal with then it’s a waste.

Let me give you one example, might be you have an interest in the medical field.

But if you do not have an interest in math’s then what to do? Many nursing and pharmacy courses are there.

Through this, you can easily enter the medical profession and these courses not require math subjects.

Hence, analyzing of right ability, strength, and skills are important.

  • Passion & Interests.

Most students think that choosing a subject after 10th class and doing a job in the future both are different things. But it’s not.

Every human begins to like to follow his interest no matter which age he or she is.

For example, if you choose the subject of commerce according to your friend, but after applying for a job you want to go to a creative field or journalism field then a commerce certificate will not going to work for you.

So always follow the passion subject and find a job in the same sector. Through this, you will not be going to get bored in the future too.

  • Take the help of your mentor.

If after having lots of thoughts also, you are not clear about your stream. Then next you can do that talk with any career counseling or your senior, mentor.

Which have experiences in the same field. Someone who can guide you properly with career scope and career options.

How to select the education board. Which one is best CBSE or ISCE or IB.?

After finishing your 10th. Now the time comes in which you have to choose the right education board too. Yes after choosing the subject stream next number comes from the education board.

The right education board also has the power to boost your career. Almost all students have the option choice between CBSE, IB, and ISCE.

Every education board has its perks, advantages, and facilities. I am giving you the slight information down below which is going to make your decision easier.

Benefits of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

  • One of the most popular education boards. Oldest and develop strongly in India.
  • CBSE focus on skill development.
  • CBSE education board help students in many ways. Such as it helps students to prepare themselves for the competitive exam.
  • Some most demanding competitive exams are always conducted by the CBSE education board only.
  • CBSE also popular because it gives you the fallibility of choice for selecting subjects for your class.
  • CBSE board also gives the freedom to explore their thinking in answering a subject-related question. 

Benefits of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE).

  • ICSE is also popular like CBSE but in some phases ICSE, it’s the toughest and most comprehensive board.
  • ICSE will give strong English power because of its good curriculum.
  • ICSE is also very popular for students who want to get a job in civil service. Because ICSE gives strong English power which helps the student to clear civil service.
  • ICSE handle the theoretical and practical part very perfectly. This means students do not even get confused during the study the syllabus is that much good.
  • ICSE board works hard on students and makes them prepare for their future career fight. 

Benefits of International Baccalaureate (IB).

  • If you have planned your future abroad then the IB board is good for you.
  • It does not only prepare you for a foreign country but also makes you prepare for their culture.
  • IB set you up for the best performance and gets global affiliation.
  • IB also gives you the subject choice. 

Other Career Options After 10th.

  • Polytechnic.

If you want to make your career in the technical field then you can choose the polytechnic course after 10th class.

In his three years of course it provide the multiple course option under the technical area.

Many students ask if can we do the engineering course after doing a polytechnic diploma.

The answer to this question is yes you can do the engineering course later too.

  • Industrial Training.

Many students don’t know about blue-collared jobs. So let me tell you if you want to start your career after 10th class on the ground floor then this specific training for you.

After completing industrial training you can join the ground floor jobs like electrician, plumber, and so on.

Lots of high-profile institutes also provide these courses. It normally takes 2 years of your time.

  • Paramedical Course.

If your dream is to work in the medical field then you can go for paramedical courses.

A graduation degree is not required in many paramedical courses.

If you get your self-certified professional then you can join this field too. For that, you have to take training under fully qualified professional medical.

  • Computer Course.

Thanks to IT companies. Because of them, jobs vacancy are getting more increase in the last few decades.

So many small courses such as graphic design, MS Office, Photoshop, programing language, and so on.

Are available for you after 10th class. You can start these courses offline or online to push to your career after 10th.

  • Indian Army.

There are many job opportunities are available in the Indian army after your 10th board.

Indian army always comes with vacancies only you have to actively check on their official websites.

A few jobs profile you can check such as nursing trainee, technical cadre, General trainee, and more.

  • Indian Navy.

After 10th class, you can also apply for the Indian navy area yes it’s true.

For 10th-pass students, the Indian navy provides post like artificer apprentices, dockyard apprentices, and more.

  • Railways.

Railways also conduct exams for the 10th pass student. So if you are interested in the railway then you can make your career here too after 10th class.

  • Data Entry.

Data entry jobs did not require a graduation degree or higher qualification.

Also not required a 9 to 6 kind of time frame for work. Just need to choose the right platform and you can start earning.

I have already written about the latest data entry jobs from home in deep here.

  • Office Assistant.

Every small and large company wants the ground staff to work accurately. Without ground staff, no company can stand in front of marketers and clients.

Same as office assistances and receptionist also plays the same role and it’s not required any high qualification.

Most companies hired receptionists and office assistants under the 12th or 10th only.

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