Career Options After 12th: Science, Commerce, and Arts.

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Career options after 12th

Career Options After 12th.

Career options after 12th is a very important phase for every student. Therefore there are hundreds and thousands of courses along with the diploma, certificate courses, and online courses are available for you.

It’s very normal to have so many questions related to your career after 12th. Some regular questions such as.

How should I choose the best career options after 12th?

What should I do after 12th Science?

What to do after 12th.

Which course is best for future growth?

Questions like “what after 12th” not only come in Indian students’ minds but abroad students also want the answer to the same question.

While choosing career lots of thoughts always come to mind like your preferences, passion, career prospects, and job scope.

What are the, most preferable and easy ways to choose the career option under Science, Commerce, and arts?

After 12th class, we get lots of course options sometimes it makes us confused.

You can choose a career under many categories such as management, engineering, medicine, architecture, agriculture, digital marketing, textiles, design, food technology, photography, PCM or PCB, and so on.

Do not panic. Students after 12th class do have lots of best career options. And here in this article, you will get the all answers and the best details to get to know more about your future subject.

The Mistake in choosing a subject.

As we all know that choosing the right career options after 12th is quite significant for students. And because of various advice, we also get confused about the course we really want.

Therefore before starting the deep details about the subject selection I would like to talk about mistakes that students always do. One wrong decision can spoil our years of practice and study.

Do not take a decision on a rush:

Choosing a college for the 3 years of study is matters a lot, especially when your career depends on that. Hence, the best idea for a career after 12th is that research well about the college or institute.

Do not go in a rush to understand the admission process and research deeply about the same. Do not run behind the early admission scholarships or in-fee discounts. These are very common mistakes most students do.

Don’t be influenced:

Your goal and ambitions can be only understood by you at least at the beginning of the career phase. Choosing a college or institute many times influenced by our friends and family.

What others are choosing should not need to bother you. Stop influencing other many students to end up choosing the wrong colleges.

Don’t stick with fee structure:

Students end up with lots of good colleges just because of fee structure. Differently budget matters a lot when we are selecting the college.

Still try those financial factors should not dominate other beneficial factors. You can choose the college on a ranking basis or apply for the scholarship if you are eligible for the same. 

Do not avoid visiting the college:

In my opinion, it’s good to visit the college which you are planning to join. Just visit randomly and see the behavior of students. Check the environment and location.

It’s important because direct visiting for admission will not be going to show you the real environment of the college.

Don’t run behind the extra facts:

Many students do mistakes while choosing a college that they do not see the real facts required.

They see the extra facts which are not going to play a big role in your career in the future.

Normally students check the fact like a college canteen, AC facilities, student appearances, infrastructure and so on which is not help full.

Check the real factor-like college academic records, the last pass-out batch performance, college rating, reviews, placement, etc.

Prefer to check the rate and review:

As I said above after 12th class while you are choosing college it’s good to check the college rating and reviews.

Today on the internet everything is available to check college ratings and reviews through authorized websites.

Check the college official website and see the student’s comments and reviews.

Don’t behind the fancy ads:

No one talks bad about own self or college. So do not do the run behind the fancy advertisement which comes with fraud ratings.

Most of these ads are paid and only for attracting students’ minds. Make up your mind research a lot about the college and then come to the conclusion.

Check the placement records:

Never avoid this step while you are choosing a college. See the placement records and companies. Check the company’s name who visits the campus.

Research is many ways because many websites and college data also run with the wrong names or do not get updated on their own.

Talk to pass out students:

Researching about the college you can start by talking to the old college students. They can give you a real image of the college environment.

Find the pass-out students under social media or education forums. Talk with them and ask you questions about the college.

Career options after 12th.

Science Stream.

Most of us know that science gives us the penalty of subject options after 12th class. In other options, you can choose the engineering course or medical course.

Courses after 12th with science are quite confusing just because most of the science area zone provides a lucrative lifestyle.

The best part of these days is that the course for any stream is not very limited now. However, let’s see the benefits of a science course and why should you take that.

  • Why should you take a Science course after 12th?

  1. Students get multiple-choice in the future for the specialization.
  2. You can change your subject after completing graduation science too.
  3. You can enter the medical field without clear the NEET exam too.
  4. The Science stream has lots of other courses which not required math’s subject.
  5. Small training like nursing and pharmacy can also make your future bright.
  6. The Science stream always serves the win-win situation for students.
  7. You can either chose the Physics-chemistry-math’s (PCM) or Physics-chemistry-biology (PCB).
  • Popular courses after 12th science.

Now let’s see the popular course which is normally offered by most colleges and universities. After finalizing the course you can further check the college rating, ranking, and review.

Courses Name Stream Specific Entrance Exams
BSC (IT & Software) Engineering entrance exam. JEE Main
BCA (IT & Software) Engineering entrance exam. JEE Advanced
BE/tech Medical entrance exams NEET UG.
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) Medical entrance exams NEET PG.
BSc Science. Science entrance exam. NEST.
BSc post basic Nursing Science entrance exam. AFMC.
MBBC Science entrance exam. JEST.
BSc chemistry Science entrance exam. IIT JAM
BDS (Bachelor of dental surgery) Medical entrance exams AIIMS MBBS
  • After 12th science best course for Engineering.

If after 12th class in science you want to jump on the engineering or technical courses. Not to worry you will get a lot more options that might you not have in mind.

Let’s see down below the technical courses under which you can pursue as a career options after 12th.

1 Civil Engineering.
2 Automobile Engineering.
3 Aeronautical Engineering.
4 Computer science & Engineering.
5 Petroleum Engineering.
6 Power Engineering.
7 Chemical Engineering.
8 Automobile & Robotics Engineering.
9 Biotechnology Engineering.
10 Electrical & electronics Engineering.
11 Transportation Engineering.
12 Textile Engineering.

Commerce Stream.

Under commerce, some students are with maths and some are without maths. But the question of confusion is the same as what commerce best courses are after 12th.

You will learn management and financial study under the commerce subject. You can opt for commerce with math or any other additional subject. Math is not compulsory. 

Read: 2 Year Courses After 12th Commerce.

  • Why should you take a Commerce course after 12th?

  1. Its gives you various subject such as business, economics, accountancy and etc.
  2. After commerce study, you can do the job and can also purse the CA specialization.
  3. Commerce allows you to later jump on arts or humanity stream.
  4. Commerce also has a top job profile in the market with a good salary package.
  5. Commerce filed have wiled job options in the private market. 
  • Popular courses after 12th commerce.

After having deep details about the career option after 2th in commerce. Let see the popular courses after 12th commerce which are available in almost all colleges

Courses Name Stream Specific Entrance exams
BCom (Hons). Commerce Entrance exam. UPSEE
BCom (General). Commerce Entrance exam. IPU CET.
Company Secretary. Commerce Entrance exam. SET.
Bcom Accounting & commerce Commerce Entrance exam. LSAT.
BCA Commerce Entrance exam. CLAT.
BBA Commerce Entrance exam. CPT.
BA Economics.

Arts Stream.

In the arts also you will get the wield area of the subject for study. Career after 12th science or commerce can also choose the arts or humanity subject.

Choosing the arts stream is not at all the wrong decision. Let see the list of arts courses which are too many. Plus the market demand for art students is also getting too high in the last few decades.

  • Why should you take an art course after 12th?

  1. In the arts stream, you can enhance your analysis and expression power.
  2. In the art way, you will also learn other skills such as communication skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills, personality development, and so on.
  3. It gives you the clearness of writing and coherently.
  4. You will be more wear about the geography details, political matters, history part and etc.

I have provided a deep guide about career options for art students here best colleges, scopes, job profile, salary and more.

  • Popular courses after 12th arts.

Arts courses also have lots of popular courses which can drive you easily for a bright future.

Let see the top popular course which is very common and easily available in all colleges.

Courses Name Stream specific Entrance exam
BA in Arts Arts & humanities Entrance exam. IIT HSEE
Ba in humanities and Social Science Arts & humanities Entrance exam. DU CATE
B.Des in animation Arts & humanities Entrance exam. TISS BAT
Bachelor of fine arts Arts & humanities Entrance exam. AUAT
B.Des in design Arts & humanities Entrance exam. BHU UET
BA LLB Arts & humanities Entrance exam. JMIEE
BJMC Arts & humanities Entrance exam. Patna Women entrance exam
BMM (Bachelor of mass media) Arts & humanities Entrance exam. Jawaharlal Nehru University.
BA in hospitality ad travel. Arts & humanities Entrance exam. Aligarh muslin university.
BBA Arts & humanities Entrance exam.
BEM (Business of event management)

How to select the right courses.

  • Interest

When you are making the decision of graduation subject. It’s important that you should clear your mindset and then begin.

Think about which filed you would like to work in the future as a career professional. No matter how much clear information I have given your interest and passion is much more important.

  • Course Understanding.

The second part is coming about course understanding. Science, commerce, and arts no matter what you choose to see the cover parts of that subject. In other words, see what subjects are coming in that stream.

What are syllabus topics are available? What are specialization is available under that stream? What other options are coming under that subject?

  • Future Vision.

Check the future prospects of the subjects. What top job profiles are coming under that profession?

What are market values going on and what the future demand of that subject is? See the career opportunities and match your interest in demand too.

Other Professional Courses after 12th.


The Photography course after 12th is one of the top professional course we have today. You can become a wildlife photographer, fashion photographer, event photographer, and more.

So many short term and long term courses are available these days. The Photography course in India quit popular and if you have an interest in this profession. Then pursue the photography course after 12th class.

I wrote all about how to become a photographer after 12th in deep here.


A variety of courses is available under the agriculture course. In this, you will get the chance to learn about business, farm management, technical, production management dairy farms and so much.

You can choose the top course in agriculture like in forestry, in animal husbandry, agriculture, and food business and more.

You will get a deep guide about how to become agriculture, how to choose a course, scope, and salary details here.

Air Hostess:

One of the lucrative and stylish professional career options after 12th. Freedom to fly all around the world with a number of benefits. Smart salary hotel stays and fights free trips.

In my option, if you have a little interest also you should try this professional course. Because a course can change your life motive instantly.

I have already written about how to become air hostess, what are allowances and salary details in deep here.

Shipping Management:

If you have an interest in the logistics department or shipping field then pursue the shipping management. You can pursue the shipping management course after 12th.

I have provided all details related to how to do the shipping management and scopes here.

Event Management.

Very few students are looked into in this profession. Mostly this profession gets to hide in front of other courses.

But let me tell you event management have a lot of potentials to make your future bright if you take this profession seriously. This course gives you the work with fun.

  1. You can check all deep information about what are event management course is available and what are the scope and salary details here.

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