Careers in Aeronautical Engineering [BE/B.Tech].

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Careers in Aeronautical Engineering.

Careers in aeronautical engineering.

Careers in aeronautical engineering allow you to work for the flight-capable machinery or aircraft operating techniques.

It fulfills the dream of career options such as spaceship, planes, and aircraft.

Job opportunities in aeronautical Engineering involve you in the design, research for machines, airplanes, etc.

Aeronautical engineers are famous for their technical knowledge. Through which they design, maintaining, operating, and constructing the aircraft system.

Aeronautical engineering studies give you deep knowledge of assembling parts, materials understanding, testing, theoretical knowledge, and practical knowledge.

Aeronautical engineering is a career-oriented field that gives you the chance to work in the aviation field, civil aviation department, and exploration system.

Careers in aeronautical engineering do carry lucrative packages and additional perks.

This career option is quite popular in the engineering line. Because it has the involvement of research of the machines for air sphere and space.

Job growth in aeronautical Engineering is surely high. But for that, it also required your responsible behavior and the right attitude.

Job opportunities in Aeronautical Engineering.

  • An aeronautical engineer does the research and production of the aircraft and spacecraft.
  • In the last few decades, Indian has also been involved a lot in aircraft dealing and product designing.
  • This is a good field if you have an interest in the science field or technician field.
  • Many industries hire aeronautical engineers such as manufacturing companies, defense departments, development fields, labs, government sector, and private sectors.
  • After completing study in aeronautical engineering you can also apply for the position like flight analysis, educational researcher, or construction manager.
  • Tremendous knowledge of this industry possibility allows you to work with the NSSA, ISRO, or Space Researcher.
  • Popular areas like the military, Helicopter Corporation, aircraft field also hire aeronautical engineers.
  • You can choose the aeronautical specialization too for a better career option. Few specialization fields like radio communication, instrument maintenance, navigation, and radar communications, etc.
  • Positions in aeronautical engineering give you a smart salary package and many other rewards.
  • You can make your career also in the international area.
  • This profession gives you a promising attitude and determination.

Top Job Profiles in Aeronautical Engineering.

Aeronautical Engineers.

Flight Engineers.

Aeronautical Electronic Engineers.

Aeronautical Mechanical Engineers.

Aircraft Production Engineer.

Assistant Aircraft Engineer.

Air Safety officer.

Assistant Technical Officer.

Courses for Aeronautical Engineering.

  • Down below we will see the course’s name and other details for aeronautical engineering after 12th or after graduation.
  • Knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mathematics is important for aeronautical study.
  • Science stream student with good marks in 10+2.





10+2 pass out.

4 Years.


UG Degree.

2 Years.

Polytechnic Diploma.

10 or 10+2

3 Years.


PG Degree (AE).

1 or 2 Years.

Other Diploma Courses.

10 or 10+2

3 Years.

Entrance Exam/Competitive Exams.

If your 10+2 percentage is quite high like more the 75 % then many colleges are taking direct admission on aeronautical engineering.

However, a second-best option is to get prepare yourself for an entrance exam and clear the same with good marks to get admission into top colleges.

Entrance Exams for Aeronautical Engineering.


SRM Engineering Entrance Examination.


Hindustan University Entrance Test.


IISAT Admission Test (Thiruvananthapuram).


JEE (BY IIT) Joint Entrance Exam.


Delhi University Combined Entrance Exam.


SLIET Entrance Test.


All India Engineering (Architecture Entrance Examination).


The Indian Institute of Aeronautics Entrance Exam.

Required Skills.

Branches of Aeronautical Engineering.


Aeronautical Engineering.


Aerospace Engineering.


Astronautically Engineering.




Aeronautical Engineering Vs Astronautically Engineering.

Specialization in Aeronautical Engineering.

Structural Analysis.

Electronic System.

Aircraft Structures & Materials.

Transportation System.

Instrumentation & Communication.

Aerospace Propulsion.

Ground Vehicle System.

Navigational Guidance & Control System.

Aerodynamics & Fluid Dynamics.

Structured Design & Engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering Subjects & Topics.

Computer Programming.

Control Engineering.


Aircraft Structure.

Engineering in Physics.

Flight Dynamics.

Solid Mechanics.

Environmental Science & Engineering.

Engineering Chemistry.

Communication Skills & Soft Skills.

Engineering Graphics.

Principle of Management.

Manufacturing Technology.

Aircraft Design Project.

Elements of Aeronautics.


Transforms & Partial Differential Equations.

Vibrations & Elements of Aero-elasticity.

Strength of Materials Laboratory.

Experimental Stress Analysis.

Physics & Chemistry Laboratory.

Aircraft Material & Processes.

Numerical Methods.

Wind tunnel Techniques.

Aircraft Structure.



Aerodynamics Laboratory.

 Top Colleges & University.

  1. IIT Indian Institute of Technology. (Madras).
  2. Amity University.
  3. IIT (Guwahati).
  4. Birla Institute of Technology (Ranchi).
  5. Manipal University of Technology.
  6. IIT (Kanpur).
  7. Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay).
  8. PEC University of Technology (Chandigarh).
  9. Indian Institute of Technology (Patna).
  10. Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur).
  11. Nehru College of aeronautical & Applied Science (Coimbatore).
  12. Sathyabhama University (Chennai).
  13. School of Engineering & Technology (Bangalore).
  14. Feroz Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology (UP).
  15. SRM Institute of Science & Technology (Chennai).
  16. Dayananda Sagar University (Bangalore).
  17. Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (Bangalore).
  18. Kalunga Institute of Industrial Technology (Bhubaneswar).

Top University for Aeronautical Engineering Abroad.

  • Stanford University (United State).
  • Polytechnic Di Milano (Italy).
  • The University of Oxford (United Kingdom).
  • Imperial College London (United Kingdom).
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States).
  • The University of California (United States).
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (united States).
  • Technical University of Munich (Germany).
  • Seoul National University (South Korea).
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden).
  • Peking University (Mainland).
  • Tohoku University (Japan).

Future Growth in Aeronautical Engineering.

Job growth in aeronautical Engineering has been a jump high in the last few years.

Engineers are focusing on makes aircraft that generate less noise pollution and improve technology.

Which automatically enhances the development scope and research area of the aeronautical field.

Employment in aeronautical engineering has been a demandable career platform global.

If you have an interest in any particular potential of the aircraft product. Such as helicopters, rockets, jets, military than also you can choose a particular career option.

Many top serve and employment research shows that as per previous years now employment of aeronautical engineers has been increased by almost 6%.

In career has demand in both nation and international levels. Not only in the servicing area but the manufacturing area also have a huge demand for aeronautical engineers.

Employment in Aeronautical Engineering (Key Areas).

As we are knowing about the careers in aeronautical engineering. So let’s see some areas of employment in aeronautical engineering.

These employments required the same platform of education and specialization.


Flying Clubs.

Space Research Centre.

Department of Civil Aviation.

Defence Service.

Aeronautical Laboratories.

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies.

Government-Owned Air Service.

Development Organization.

Aeronautical Development Establishments.

Career Prospects.

Is there any best job in aeronautical engineering is available or not. Then the answer is yes thousands of companies recruit aeronautical engineers.

This industry is not going anyway because it’s developing our country’s technology day by day.

Many private and government aviation companies need engineers for their production houses, analysis, and manufacturing.

Aboard job in this line can pay you the smart package and good career scope.

The salary of aeronautical engineers in India can be approx. 2.75 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs per annum as a fresher.

Salary in aeronautical engineering also depends on the field of specialization and degree.

After having experience and great knowledge in the aeronautical field you can earn around 25 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum.

Top Recruitment Companies.

HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited).

Flight Clubs.

Civil Aviation Department.

Air India.

Indian Airlines.

Private Airline.

Tata Advanced System.

Mahindra Aerospace.

DRDO (Defense Research & Development Laboratories.

NAL (National Aeronautical Laboratories).

Taneja Aerospace.


Helicopter Corporation of India.



Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Honeywell Aerospace.

Altran India.

Mahindra Aerospace.

Bharat Electronics Ltd.

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