Civil Engineering vs Architecture (Key Differences).

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Civil Engineering vs Architecture.

Civil Engineering and Architecture both are working together. Plus most of their work is in the same line. Such as designing and planning of the infrastructure.

But if you deep down in the work areas then, yeah both civil Engineering and architect do have different work areas.

For example, if civil engineering is taking care of build the building and infrastructures.

However, on the other hand, architecture is focusing on spatial functionality, building design which looks impressive and appalling.

Civil Engineering vs Architecture.

In many work sites for example the construction industry, mostly required both department civil Engineering and architect to work together in the projects.

Because developing huge projects like airport construction, building construction required the right planning and correct design.

Both career have their own priority and demand on the market.

But before choosing one of these academy programs. It is good to know which is better engineering or architecture.

Let see the difference between an architect and a civil engineer. Along with the eligibility, scope, and salary.

Responsibility of Architects vs Civil Engineers.

Architecture is designing houses, officials, factories, etc. On another hand, civil engineering does lots of other contractions projects too.

Such as roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, airports, and so on. However, many projects they do handle together and plan the projects work accordingly.

Civil Engineering and architect often visit the site to make sure that projects are going as per the planning or not.

Civil engineers also help the architect in the design part but the main role and design structure has been in the role and approve by the architect only.

Because architectural engineering or architect they have to deep down on the many critical parts as well such as color, space, shape, and so on.

Some more responsibility of the Civil Engineering vs Architecture.

Civil engineers taking care of the construction site required materials, right modification, and structural integrity to give the right vision to the article to work on his areas.

In short, as one site architects are designing the project design or development design.

Civil engineers are making sure that it should be implemented in the same way along with durability and safety.

The construction industry always required civil Engineering and architect both to complete the development projects.

So ideally, both subject areas are the highly disciplined career zone for you. Both architecture and civil engineering do have many similarities.

But still, his braches of work divide them into two different discipline subjects.

Knowing the difference between an architect and civil engineer will going to make your choice easy while you are selecting the subjects.

Civil Engineering vs Architecture Subject Definition.

As I mention above architects or engineers do have many similar jobs, but in subject ways they do have key differences.

 Civil Engineering. Engineers get involved with lots of things such as construction, project materials, physical roundup, naturally built environment, safety, durability, etc.
 Architect. The architecture provides an impressive and eye-catching look to the houses and offices. The perfect combination of arts, imagination, creativity, and design.


The best part of the architect’s design is, that it can be a plan for the small one BHK room to huge hotel buildings. This profession required computer and design software knowledge too.

Such as CADD for designing client projects. As an architect, you must understand the client’s need and according to his budget gives them the best eyes-catching, functional and attractive design.

Most architects are getting hired by the construction industry. Government sectors also hire architecture.

Some famous government agencies like the Ministry of defense, public works departments, National building organizations, archaeological departments, and more.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Drawling design for the project.
  • Explain the plan to the client.
  • Developing contracts.
  • Calculate the budget and time.
  • Organizing structure specification.

Most Asking Questions:

 Question. Many students have a question that does architects design roads
 Answer. Actually, builders are not normally contacting architects to design the road. They have direct contact with the construction of civil engineers for that.
 Question. Do architecture only build the building?
 Answers. Any project which required the design, cost per square foot details, resale value, and aesthetic beauty. Architects make designs for them.
 Question. Which is better architecture or civil engineering?
 Answers. Both architects and engineers are professional programs. If you have an interest in dawning and arts the architect is subject to you. But if you like the planning and construction topics and work then go for civil engineering.

Civil Engineering.

Civil engineers are taking a career in the designing of buildings, roads, dams, tunnels, and more.

They provide the full force of the designing and planning projects. New pass-out civil engineers gets the private or government jobs very easily.

Employment opportunities are very vast in this area. The Indian army also hires civil engineers.

Plus many academic institutes and teaching professions also hire civil engineers.

Here is a full guide on Types of Civil Engineering and its scopes in deep.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Checking building materials.
  • Considering project hazards.
  • Following regulations.
  • Work on the design program.
  • Lead or supervise the maintenance of buildings.

Most Asking Questions:

Questions Is Civil engineering do the house design?
Answers. Yes, if the project requires the design of their areas of expertise. For example, electrical engineering, building construction, and plumbing design then civil engineers can do that part of the design.
 Questions. Can a civil engineer become an architect?
 Answers. Normally, all most all career consular will advise. Not to pursue the architecture course after civil engineering. Because engineering already takes your 4years of study and both subjects have totally different branches. However, you can do the architecture after civil engineering if you want.

Entrance Exam.

Civil Engineer. Architect.
Physics/ Chemistry/Maths required in your 12th. You can apply for the entrance exam such as IIT, AIEEE. Many other universities also organize the entrance exam for civil engineering. Such as JEE Main/JEE Advanced/BITSAT/SRMJEE. For the architect career also you should have the Physics/chemistry/maths in 12th class. You can attend the exam like NATA and AIEEE.Apart from that many other universities also conducted the entrance exam for architectural engineering.

Such as graduate aptitude test in architecture (GATE), COMEDK UGET, JEE Advanced AAT.

 Architecture vs Civil Engineering Courses.

Civil Engineering Courses

Architecture Courses

Environment engineering.Construction engineering.

Transportation engineering.

Water resources engineering.

Geotechnical engineering.

B.Arch (Bachelor of architecture).Diploma in Architecture assistantship.

Master of Architecture.

Diploma in Construction Management.

Bachelor of planning.

 Career and Salary.

  • Now let see the civil engineering vs architecture salary. If you will complete the normal bachelor’s degree in civil engineering then the salary can be approx. 4lack to 8lack it also depends on your college degree, post-work requirement, and company salary structure.
  • However, if you have completed the architecture bachelor degree course then salary can be possible approx. INR 30,000 to INR 35,000 monthly. So yes there is a difference between architecture and civil engineering salary structures.

Jobs after Civil Engineering and Architects Course. Civil Engineering jobs. Architects jobs.
1 Structural engineer. 1 Designer
2 Site engineer. 2 Town Planner
3 Transportation planner. 3 Structural engineer.
4 Land Surveyor. 4 Architecture engineer.
5 Engineering geologist. 5 Interior designer.

 Different Between Civil Engineering and Architecture. Civil Engineering. Architecture.
1. Civil engineering takes 4 years (BE/B.Tech) of study. 1. Architecture bachelor’s degree duration is 5 years (B.Arch).
2. Civil engineering works come under building materials, innovation, science and planning, etc. 2. Architecture engineers handle the art part by designing the house or building, creativity, shape, colors, etc.
3. After completing civil engineering you can apply for the government job vacancy. 3. After completing the course you can apply for the construction industry or you can apply or register for the council of architecture.
4. Engineers are looking out the lots of others’ work apart from constructing roads, flyovers, tunnels, etc. 4. Architects design factories, hospitals, hotels, houses, and many other things.
5. Civil engineering takes most of the work through their planning and work structure. 5. Architects required a perfect design that looks artistic and beautiful at the same time.
6. Civil engineers take care of the project and build the building as the design has been assigned to them. 6. Architects always do the primary work and drawling the building design for the development work.
7. Civil engineers get the basic knowledge of designing too. Which can help them in any tough situation? 7. The architecture is required to explain the design well to the engineers, so that they can work accordingly.

 Popular Courses:

   Civil Engineering.


Diploma in engineering.Civil engineering.Bachelor of engineering civil & infrastructure.

Master of Science in civil engineering.

Master of Engineering in civil engineering.

Diploma in architecture.Bachelor of architectural studies.Bachelor of architectural design.

Master of architecture high.

Performance of technology.

Master of architecture housing.

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