10 Common Interview Questions & Answers.

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Common interview questions.

This guide will help you to clear your interview because we are explaining the most common interview questions today.

Winning job interview will not only increase your confidences but also provides you the good position.

Try to keep all these common interview questions in your mind.

1). Can you tell me about yourself?

This is the most common question which you get from every recruiter.

Recruiters ask this question most probably at starting, because they will like to know you, as per your description.

And no matter what you say, they fill the other question from that one starting question. Provide a perfect answer to this small question is important.

Because it will show interviewers, how you are suitable for this job.

On the other hand, it is a great opportunity to explain yourself. Also, it shows the effective presentation and clear communication skill.

So, now the question comes, how to answer this question.

You can start with your school degree, college degree, post-degree and previous experience if might you have.

While explaining the resume be aware that you will connect the dots of resume point. It will help the interviewer to understand your achievement.

Apart from that, you can explain the three-word formula. Which is present, past, future? So, first of fall, in present explain little about your current position.

Or you can explain any big recent achievement. Next, tell about the past, for example, you can tell the recruiter, how good you have performed in your past job profile.

And for the future, you can tell the interviewers, for example. What are your future planning is, what are your goal is and why you are looking for a new opportunity?

2). Why do you want this job?

Sometimes recruiter likes to know, how much you are serious about the position or job.

Interviewers want the best candidate, who can understand the seriousness of the duty.

Therefore, interviewers ask this question very frequently.

In my opinion, this is the best opportunity to show your knowledge about the company.

So, before going to an interview, it’s good that you spend time to know about company strong points.

Show your excitement for the company, plus share some company back achievements which inspire you. If you have experiences related to the position.

Also let them know, how you are exactly perfect for this job role. If you are fresher then better only explain company best points and achievements.

3). How did you hear about this Position?

This question comes always with different prospects. Sometimes interviews motives like to know which marketing strategy works better, to bring the candidate to them.

So, you can take the name of best online job portal name too, Which list I have already provided before.

However, many recruiters want to find that candidate is interested in the job role and just come for you friend sake. Who already working in present company.

Or perhaps interviewers like to know how frequently, you are searching for new opportunities.

So, avoid the common mistake in these common interview questions.

Better provide a simple and short answer. Now again, the question comes, how to answers this interview question.

I always looking opening for your company and when I have found, I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Through that, you will impress the interviewer too. To just let them know, that you are looking for working in his brand for a long time.

4). What is your biggest professional strength?

One of the top common interview questions. Normally, every recruiter like to know about your professional strength.

The motive to ask this question is to know. How beneficial you can be for team tough time.

So, no matter you are experienced or fresher. You have to prepare yourself for this interview question.

I would suggest guys don’t give the crap answers like, I am hard worker, problem solver, process-oriented, clam person and so on.

Because of its look very same repeated answer always. Give genuinely answer about your professional strength.

There are multiple ways you can answer this question.

For example, you can say, I am multitasking, always focus on quality thinks, also you can share your last company teamwork story, and give some example where you achieved something.

Unfortunately, there is not one fit line or answer any question. So ideally, be real with your words, which will impress the interviewer automatically.

5). What are your Weaknesses?

This common interview question is very trap. Because if you answer truly then might you lose the opportunity and if you don’t give enough honest answer then you can lose trust.

This is trick one. The question comes how to give a balanced answer. Which will not affect your overall interview performance.

So, you can share the weakness along with your best effort to overcome that weakness.

Because no matter how strong you have, interviewers know that every person is lacking somewhere.

But, if you show that you know your weakness and you almost improve that.

Instead, the answer will show your fear. Besides, show your weakness and add the skill which makes you improve on that.

Note: Do not talk much about this topic. If you start providing deep information about your weakness. Then you are basically, giving chance to interview to pull you down.

6). Why Should we hire you.

Interviewer’s always interest in this question. Which put this question under, most common interviewer questions list.

Many candidates feel nerves and confused about this question.

However, I feel like this is the best opportunity for you to show your skill and ability. Which make differences from other candidates.

So, how you will cover this question. Differently till the time you have spelled out your experience a lot of time. And you cannot repeat the same words.

Then what to do.

See possibility is there that other candidates are also carried the same qualification which you have. So, first, of fall, stand up with the requirement of the position.

Start highlighting point which relates you from this position. Show deep knowledge of the product and how you are fit in that.

Besides, add your history related to that business, talk little about future planning and show you excitement for the role.

Hiring management, want to solve his company issue. That why they are looking for a candidate, right.

So ideally, you have to show them that, how you can solve his/her business issue.

Show them, how you can work best as a team player, better give some example of the previous company.

And give them relief which they are looking for.

7). Where do you see yourself after three or five years?

While interviewer asks this question manes, possible that it has a lot of others through for you. So, if are looking to do business in the future.

Or planning to join IT company later then, no need to explain all this stuff in front of interviewer.

The interviewer wants to know are you ready for a career path, are you enough motivated or able to drive decision in the right way?

Give the realistic and fairly answer for example you can say “I am an ambition to achieve my goals” Or after five years I would like to handle more project as a leader.

I would also like to be a part of amazing management. In other word, you can also say that “I am passionate about my work, no matter what I am doing”.

Remember one thing do not lie your interviewer. Because he/she has enough experience to get that figured out.

8). How you deal with pressure.

This question comes when recruiter like to know. That how you perform under stress or pressure.

Or how perfect you are in problem-solving ability.

Here you have to show the ability of your extra miles. If you are experienced than share your previous company experience. Through that, you have proof of your ability.

While you explain the experience. Also, show that you are ready for the new team role. Show your professional attitude and organized behavior.

In other words, you can say that in a difficult situation. First I like to listen to the issue and after understanding, I will approach for problem-solving area.

Or after seating, I will first review the issue and after that, I will take the priority action.

9). Tell me the reason why do you want to leave your current job.

The first tip which I would like to share with you for this question is, do not start with a bad mouth. Do not start to complain about your boss or manager.

Do not show that you could not fight in a difficult situation. Hence, focus on positive phases. Start telling your grow or learning planning.

Also, you can say that I would like to pursue my career with highly intense growth companies like yours.

If still, the interviewer will ask the reason then you can say, that management of the company frequently changing the people and process plan.

Which not make any kind of stability of employees.

10). What type of work environment do you prefer more?

You can give an answer like “I am a pretty adjustable and fixable person”. I can work with self-management too. Although I always appreciate teamwork.

Also, you can say, a friendly work environment is always best. Plus supporting work nature is growth key of any company.

If you are not much sure about this question. Then better do not speak more about this topic and close with small phases.


I hope now you know the most common interview questions.

Which is going to help you lost for your upcoming interview. As I have mentioned above to these questions can be asked to experience person too.

So, start preparing for your interview like this and find out a good answer which always shows your ability.