Courses After 12th PCB Other Than Medical (Options).

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Courses after 12th pcb other than medical

Courses After 12th PCB Other Than Medical.

You choose the science stream in your schooling. You are also doing well in the medical science course.

But still feel that is there any other options are available for the PCB students.

Or might be you have tried your best but not able to clear the NEET exam. And now you are worried about what courses after 12th PCB other than medical.

Most of the student’s things that career options for PCB students only grow with the medical field.

It’s not true, there are penalties of PCB career option is available after 12th science.

Down below you will not only get the all course after 12th PCB other than medical.

But you will also get the information about career opportunities and top colleges‘ names for those courses.

Career Options for PCB students after 12th except medical or other than medical.


This course covers the topic of plants, plant structure, growth, plant biology, processes, differentiation, and development.

After opting into a botany course you will be able to do the research and observation of the plants.

The botanists’ course also teaches you how to prepare the reports on their findings.

Career Opportunities.

Career option after botany degree is very vast. You can apply in various areas such as. 

Natural resource centers Researcher
Environmental consultancies Oil.
Teacher Taxonomist
Nursery manager Chemical
Fermentation ETC.

Top Botany Colleges in India.

Few colleges and Universities take the entrance exam. Rest take the admission based on the marks for the B.Sc. in botany course.

  1. Delhi University (Delhi).
  2. Hans Raj College (New Delhi).
  3. Kirori Mal College (New Delhi).
  4. St. Xavier’s Colleges (Mumbai).
  5. St. Teresa’s College (Cochin).
  6. Mount Carmel College (Bengaluru).
  7. Christ University (Bengaluru).
  8. Stella Maris Colleges (Chennai).
  9. Loyola College (Chennai).
  10. Presidency Colleges (Chennai).


If you love greenery and want course after 12th except medical. Then horticulture is another career option after class 12 biology.

It basically teaches you about the garden, generally fruits, ornamental plants, and much more.

This career option after PCB also comes under a high pay career option. These options for PCB students also have two groups one is food and the second is plants for ornament.

Plants for ornament (landscape horticulture) course also one of the top UG courses for PCB students.

Horticulturist courses do have a diploma, bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree course too.

Career Opportunities.

Jobs in the horticulture industry is quite demanding. This reason because not all science students able to reached and find this course, because they are so obsessed with the medical courses.

Horticulturist. Olericulture. Botanical garden Worker.
Landscape Architect. Green House Manager. Pomologist.
Floriculturist. Technician. Nursery Manager.
Education Food Science. Pest Control.
Research. Farming. Plant Breeding.

Top Horticulture Colleges in India.

  1. Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI, New Delhi).
  2. Tamil Andu Agriculture University (TNAU, Coimbatore).
  3. Punjab Agriculture University (PAU, Ludhiana).
  4. Lovely Professional University (LPU, Jalandhar).
  5. Dr. Rajendra Prasad central Agricluture University (Samstipur).
  6. Junagadh Agriculture University (Junagadh).
  7. Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University (MJRPU, Jaipur).


The next career option for the PCB stream is zoology. If you love the animal then after 12th class you can opt-in for zoology course.

Here you will get the knowledge of the animal life processes, genetics information, natural behavior, structure, classification, physiology and so much more.

Think beyond the medical course. These are top courses after 12th PCB other than medical. You can select them as per your interest and priorities.

Career Opportunities.

Animal kingdom analyst is jobs oriented career zone. Most of the zoology course jobs are in-demand career options. The abroad scope of the career is very high.

Wildlife Rehabilitators. Wildlife Educators. Researchers.
Animal Breeders. National Parks. Wildlife Sanctuary Manager.
Education. Conservationist. Professor.

Top Zoology Colleges in India.

  1. Loyola College (Chennai).
  2. Hansraj College (Delhi).
  3. St.Xavier College (Mumbai).
  4. Fergusson College (Pune).
  5. Christ University (Bengaluru).
  6. Stella Maris College (Chennai).
  7. Madras Christian College (Chennai).
  8. Presidency College (Chennai).
  9. The Oxford College of Science (Bengaluru).


Another career options after 12th medical or expect MBBS. If you were opt-in for the B.Sc. Fisheries course then it takes fours of study. Best course option for PCB students.

This course will let you know the fish food habits, their diseases, the right time of feeding, ecosystems, preservation, fish product information, and so on.

Apart from the medical science course, you do have other demanding courses too. It’s just a matter of knowing the other course information.

Do not stick with only a science course or medical course. Explore yourself and see other courses after 12th PCB other than medical.

Career Opportunities.

Some of the colleges and universities take the entrance tests for admission on the fisheries course. Few entrance texts name is LPU-NEST, GPAT, JEE, AUCET.

However, many other colleges or institutes are also available, who take the direct admission in fisheries after 12th.

Fish farming Consultant. Store Manager. Aquaculture Technician.
Fisheries Development Officer. Suchlike. Agriculture Area.
Fisheries Supervisor. Fisheries Manager. Fish Farmworker.

Top Fisheries Colleges in India.

  1. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel University (Meerut).
  2. Amity Institute of Organic Agriculture (Noida).
  3. Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth (Pune).
  4. Anand Niketan College of Agriculture (Chandrapur).
  5. CSU (Imphal).
  6. BHMU (Aurangabad).
  7. KK Wagh College of Agriculture (Nashik).
  8. Caliper College (Cuttack).
  9. Lovely Professional University (Jalandhar).


Microbiology is the next best option for PCB students except for medical courses. This field is related to the microscopic organisms, viruses, bacteria, and more.

How microscopic organisms intact with other organisms. As microbiology, you will investigate how it affects human lives.

This profession gives you the work area such as researcher, clinical settings, health care, food production, forensic science, and so on.

Career Opportunities.

It has various jobs oriented profiles. I have mentioned the most demanding profiles of the Microbiology industry.

Food Industries. Research Scientist. Clinical researcher.
Lab Technician. Quality Control. Agriculture.
Pharmaceuticals. Health Care. Breweries.

Top Microbiology colleges in India.

  1. The University of Delhi.
  2. University of madras.
  3. The University of Calcutta.
  4. The University of Mumbai.
  5. Bangalore University.


Another PCB career options. After completing this course you will be capable of the diagnostic tests. It is basically a paramedical profession.

In other words, taking an internal image of the human body and check for the diagnosing diseases.

You will become part of the health team and diagnostic department.

This course will make you expert in taking X-rays, CT, MRI, and so on. Radiography is an in-demand career option. Guys think beyond MBBS and see awesome opportunities around you.

Career Opportunities. 

The demand for this job is available in both areas private and government.

Radiology Technician. Radiology Assistant. Radiology Nurse.
Ultrasound Technician. Radiologist. CT Tech.
CAT Scan Technologist. Radiographer. CT Scan Technologist.

Top Radiography Colleges in India.

  1. CMC Vellore.
  2. Madras Christian College (Chennai).
  3. Shyam Institute of Engineering & Technology Dausa.
  4. Quantum University (Roorkee).
  5. Swami Rama Himalayan University (Dehradun).
  6. SGT University (Gurgaon).


This course will not let you far from science. This course is other than medical but still, have a combination of biology and chemistry.

Means, under this profession you will learn laboratory-based science. As biochemists, you will solve the biological problems, but you will going to use the chemistry concept.

Career Opportunities.

The demand for the biochemistry profession is growing fast in India and abroad. Hence, you will get various opportunities after completing the biochemistry course.

Healthcare Scientist. Forensic Scientist. Toxicologist.
Medical Coder. Research Scientist. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.
Lab Technician. Professor. Clinical Laboratory Technologist.

Top Biochemistry Colleges in India.

  1. Banaras Hindu University.
  2. Aligarh Muslim University.
  3. Christian Medical College.
  4. Delhi University.
  5. St. Xavier College.
  6. Presidency University.
  7. The Oxford College of science.

Nutrition & Dietetics.

BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics is next name in the list of courses after 12th PCB other than medical.

This is a UG course for the PCB students. It’s cover the topic such as food management, diet, components, lifestyle management, eating habits, and so on.

This course admission only required the mark sheet of 12th science. You can also do a master’s degree such as MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics for the better career opportunity growth.

Career Opportunities.

Food Quality Manager. Administrative Nutritionist. Nutrition.
Area Business Manager. Dietitian. Nutrition Sales Executive.
Medical Representative. Consultant. Food Show Host.

Top Nutrition & Dietetics Colleges in India.

  1. Chandigarh University.
  2. Lovely Professional University.
  3. Mount Carmel College.
  4. Shoolini University.
  5. RVS College.

Environmental Science.

You can discover your perfect career without having medical science course. The course list for PCB students is countless.

The next career option for the PCB students in environmental science.

It’s a very important profession in today’s world. The environment of the world keeps changing. Therefore, checking and investigating environmental issues is always required.

This course teaches you how to find the global warming issue, waste management, water pollution, ozone depletion, and more.

Researching environment science and resolving the issues if possible.

Career Opportunities.

Most of the career scope comes in the government department and private agencies.

Environmental Specialist. Environmental Technician. Environmental Science Teacher.
Wildlife Biologist. Marine Biologist. Environmental chemist.
Environmental Consultant. Environmental biologist. Environmental Health Officer.
Microbiologist. Environmental Manager. Environmental health & safety.

Top Environmental Science Colleges in India.

  1. Hans raj College (New Delhi).
  2. Mount Carmel College (Bangalore).
  3. Christ University (Bengaluru).
  4. Miranda House (New Delhi).
  5. Loyola College (Chennai).
  6. Fergusson College (Pune).
  7. Gargi College (New Delhi).
  8. Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi).
  9. Indian Institute of environment management (Mumbai).
  10. Bangalore University (Bangalore).
  11. Anna University (Chennai).


One best career options after 12th PCB without Neet. If you have an interest in genetics variations or living organisms study. Then pursue the genetics course after 12th.

It will also cover topics such as anomalies, genetic diseases, traits, and more. You can help the patients in many areas such as genetic anomalies and developing pharmaceutical products.

Career Opportunities.

Geneticist. Clinical Research Associate. Research Scientist.
Pharmacologist. Medical Technologist. Immunologist.
Forensic DNA Analyst. Cytogeneticist. Etc.

Top Genetics Colleges in India.

  1. Institute of Genetic Engineering.
  2. Guru Nanak Dev University.
  3. Bangalore City College.
  4. The Oxford College of Science.
  5. Osmania University.
  6. Kurukshetra University.


Courses in biology after 12th except MBBS. This course teaches you the process of analyzing biological data.

The subjects of this course come with a combination of computer science, biology, statistics, information technology, and more.

For analyzing the data in deep they also taught you the use of tools, developing methods, and techniques.

Career Opportunities.

There are multiple firms and companies are available who hire for the Bioinformatics students.

Such as biotechnology companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Research agencies, healthcare, and much more.

Bioinformatics Analysis. Research Associate. Application Scientist.
Bioinformatics trainer. Bioinformatics Software development. Medical Coder.
Bio-Statistician. Team leader. Associate Research Scientist.

Top Bioinformatics Colleges in India.

  1. Stella Maris.
  2. IIT Allahabad.
  3. All India Institute of medical science.
  4. NSIT (Netaji Subhash Chandboss).
  5. Panjab University.
  6. Mumbai University.
  7. MANIT (Bhopal).
  8. Bangalore University.
  9. The University of Delhi.
  10. Institute of bioinformatics and applied biotechnology.

Home Science.

Many PCB students also have an interest in food and nutrition. But they not taking their hobby seriously.

Remember successful people always get success because they always do what they like to do. Home Science course after 12th is possible for the PCB students as a career option too.

This course has a diploma course, certificate course, degree course, and postgraduate course. It taught you about food and nutrition, human development, hygiene, clothes, textiles, healthy nutrition, and so on.

Career Opportunities.

Health Educator. Assistant Dietician.
Executive Chef. Medical Coder.
Product Executive. Health care counselor.

Top Home Science Colleges in India.

  1. BHU (Banaras Hindu University).
  2. Amity University (Noida).
  3. Calicut University.
  4. Calcutta University.
  5. Pau (Punjab Agriculture University).
  6. Shivaji University (Kolhapur).
  7. AMU (Aligarh Muslim University).
  8. Jaipur National University.


Physiology is another career options for PCB students after 12th except medical.

Subjects of the physiology course taught you about the bodily functions and mechanisms of living organisms.

Physiologists are not small subjects. It covers lots of areas such as muscles, cells, organs, compounds, etc.

It’s not only cover the human physiology but also comes under cellular physiology and plant physiology.

Career Opportunities.

Biomedical Scientist. Physiotherapist. Sports Physiologist.
Professor. Clinical Exercise physiology. Researcher.
Cardiac Physiologist. Exercise Physiologist. Consultant.

Top Physiology Colleges in India.

  1. The University of Madras.
  2. Dyal Singh College.
  3. The University of Calcutta.
  4. Sonarpur Mahavidyalaya.
  5. Manipal University.
  6. Surendranath College.
  7. Presidency College.

Marine Biology.

One more interesting career option for PCB students. It gives you the knowledge of sea creatures’ bodies of water. Basically marine biology study the ocean and interaction with each other.

Few subjects of marine biology are ecology, geology, chemistry, mathematics, and so on.

Career Opportunities.

Aqua-culturist. Consultant. Researcher.
Environmental consultant. Fishery Biologist. Etc.

Top Marine Biology Colleges in India.

  1. University of madras.
  2. Cochin University of Science & Technology (Kerala).
  3. National Institute of Oceanography.
  4. Andhra Pradesh University (Waltair).
  5. College of Science & Technology (Andhra Pradesh).
  6. Pondicherry University.
  7. Indian Maritime University.


After taking admission in this course you will get the knowledge of how to improve life in a different area. Plus safer fuels, improving the production of foods, developing cleaner, and improve crop yields.

The biotechnology area is job oriented courses after 12th. Because it’s famous in India and one of the high pay jobs in PCB stream.

This subject makes advanced technology for the improvement of the biological system.

It covers topics like immunology, general elective, plant physiology, mammalian physiology, biogeochemistry, cell biology, and so on.

Career Opportunities.

Agriculture. Nutrition. Marine biotechnology.
Environmental Conservation. Waste Management. Healthcare.
Genetics. Pharmaceuticals. Etc.

Top Biotechnology Colleges in India.

  1. Loyola College.
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  3. Jamia Milia Islamia.
  4. Fergusson College.
  5. Presidency University.
  6. Mount Carmel College.

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