Courses After Civil Engineering | MTech/MS/TEKLA.

Courses After Civil Engineering
Courses After Civil Engineering

Courses after civil engineering.

Students who have done the BE or Btech in civil engineering program must be looking for the best and great career course for future career growth.

Engineering courses after 12th are one of the most famous career paths we have in India and to pursue that dream students choose the BTech courses.

Today here we are talking about the students who want civil engineering courses list right after BTech civil engineering.

If you want to learn about technical technology then civil engineering courses are best for you.

If you want to learn about the building technology course, transportation engineering, construction engineering technology, and management courses civil engineering then ms engineering and pg courses are available for you.

There are multiple short-term courses after engineering and management courses after civil engineering.

We do have different courses also known as job-oriented courses right after Btech program or BE.

Civil engineering career can start right after BTech in civil engineering, but some candidates want to achieve more than that.

Therefore after completing BTech engineering we can see them going after civil engineering programs.

For example, Pg diploma programs, Diploma in Civil Engineering, B.Tech Civil Engineering, B.E. Civil Engineering, Etc.

Courses After Civil Engineering.

Jobs after BTech program are easily available but if you want to gain deep knowledge about civil engineering technology.

Or a master in science in civil engineering then check out the master in civil engineering courses list.

The best part of civil engineering it has multiple branches of subjects and topics.

Such as geotechnical engineering, structure engineering, construction engineering, transportation engineering, etc.

Those students who are doing the job after BTech course and looking for 1 Year courses after civil engineering can go for engineering diploma courses.

If you have not completed the BTech civil engineering degree, then you can approach for the diploma in civil engineering after 12th.

Civil engineering diploma subjects cover most of the main subjects of civil programs.

Even many institutes provide master’s degree admission right after diploma in civil engineering too.

Specialization in civil engineering education helps a candidate to get a master’s in engineering discipline and deal with construction, design, maintenance, and build environment.

Apart from all that civil engineering studies teach students how to do public work as well.

Such as handling bridge projects, airport projects, roads, dams, railways, stadiums, tunnels, pipelines, etc.

About civil engineering degrees or civil diplomas, students must know that it’s an integral part of engineering education.

And it builds multiple different forms of buildings and environments which people are accessing as per their needs.

Like, Schools, colleges, homes, and hospitals all are the result of construction engineering or building technology engineering.

Courses after civil engineering or civil engineering field do carry multiple sub-disciplines. Some famous ones among students are.

Coastal engineering, water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, etc.

Let’s see some of the top lists of job-oriented courses to do after in civil engineering or B.E in civil engineering.

Courses After Civil Engineering.

Popular Postgraduate courses after completing civil engineering studies.

  1. ME or MTech Programs.
  2. PG Diploma Programs.
  3. MS Programs.
  4. Management Programs.
  5. Piping Engineering.
  6. STAAD Pro Training.
  7. TEKLA.

ME or MTech Programs.

After B.Tech or B.E first one of the common choices among students for a master degree in M.E (Master of Engineering) or M.Tech in civil engineering (Master of technology).

Most civil engineering graduate students who are looking for an academic-level job profile and career usually go for master’s degree courses or PG level courses.

Both pg courses take two years of engineering study. Mtech duration of two years and if choose the master of engineering still course duration will be two years.

But why a master’s degree in civil engineering, because a branch of engineering does have different sub-disciplines.

And it helps candidates to specialize in those sub-topics of civil engineering.

It helps candidates to get the MTech for working professional’s jobs and smart salary in career.

Let‘s see some of the notable programs or M.E programs.

  1. E or M.Tech in Structural Engineering.
  2. E or M.Tech in Coastal Engineering.
  3. E or M.Tech in Transportation Engineering.
  4. E or M.Tech in Environmental Engineering.
  5. E or M.Tech in Construction Technology.
  6. E or M.Tech in Urban Planning & Engineering.
  7. E or M.Tech in Water Resources Engineering.

Now, if a student candidate wants to pursue these engineering courses through the top or reputed colleges in India then the candidate has to crack the GATE exam.

And to get through the GATE exam also candidate have to score very well in their engineering degrees.

PG Diploma Programs.

Pg diploma program is also known as technical programs or technical training.

After completing the civil engineering graduate degree student can plan for the technical pg diploma programs.

It has a course duration of 6 month to 12 months. It taught the topics like structural engineering, coastal engineering, water resources management, construction engineering, etc.

After degree courses, technical PG diploma programs also provide a way of good specializing in multiple disciplines of civil engineering.

Just candidates have to crack the entrance exam for safe and secure admission into top colleges.

MS Programs.

M.S program full form is Master of Science, it is also a master’s degree course for civil engineering.

M.S programs usually come in abroad as a second popular choice for students after BTech in engineering or B.E.

However, ms programs also help students tremendously to specialize in specific sub-disciple of civil engineering.

Some ms programs branches for BTech graduates.

  1. M.S. Project Management.
  2. M.S. Civil Engineering.
  3. M.S. Construction Engineering.
  4. M.S. Transportation Engineering.
  5. M.S. Coastal Engineering.
  6. M.S. Urban Engineering.

Management Programs.

Management courses after civil engineering is not an easy one when it comes to clear interview and job seeking.

Competition for a management job is high which shows its popularity in the market plus its need for candidates who have a hand full of multiple skills and talents.

A candidate who has completed a civil engineering graduate can apply for the line but companies were always looking for candidates who have better knowledge of management techniques and skills.

Some of the top management courses after civil engineering or B.E for knowledge of the various types of management programs.

  • MBA in General.
  • MBA in Construction Management.
  • MBA in Real Estate & Infrastructure Management.
  • MMS (Master of Management Studies).
  • PGDM Programs.
  • Project Management Programs.

Piping Engineering.

Another popular choice after BTech civil engineering and B.E course. Its taught candidate about the piping system, values, supporting structure, systematic manner, etc.

Pining engineering programs also cover the topics like installation and maintenance, piping materials, layout, piping design, etc.

The best part of BTech graduates is that they will get different types of piping engineering programs.

For example, in piing engineering, M.E in piping engineering, Pg diploma programs, etc.

STAAD Pro Training.

Structural Analysis and Design Software Application (STAAD) is popular because of its software work area.

It’s used for different types of analysis and research. Such as traditional static analysis, pushover analysis, geometric analysis, etc.

Another popular feature of STAAD it is interoperable with some applications like AutoPIPE, RAM Connection, etc.

Mostly this software is useful for structural engineers. It helps engineers for doing many activities.

Such as building planning, physical modeling, slab design, etc.


TEKLA is known as a software product family. Because it’s continually and consists of software that helps in field project management and civil engineering.

It helps engineers in multiple ways like analysis design, project communication, detailing, etc.

Some of their modules area Tekla Tedds, Tekla structures, Tekla BIMsight, etc.

All of their modules and software are used for different reasons and purposes.

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