Cover Letter Format for Resume & Job [Proper].

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Cover Letter.

Cover letter format.

How to Format a Cover Letter.

Whenever you applied for the job directly or searching for the job. Then you have to attach the resume along with the cover letter.

The cover letter presents the skills and your ability. You have to start formatting your cover letter from contact information to sign off.

Below I have mentioned all cover letter format content in deep along with the type of cover letter.

Your Contact Information:

The proper address format is important. Including contact information is basic work. It comes on top of the letter.

However, if you are a formatting cover letter in email. Then contact information should be required down below near to the signature place.

Through contact, information employer can get in touch with you anytime.

Cover Letter Format-Header.

  • Your Full Name [Deepak Singh].
  • Your Job title [Operation Manager].
  • You’re City, zip code, State.
  • Phone Number [xxx-xxx-xxxx].
  • Email [].
  • [XX/X/2020].

Employer Content Information:

If you have the employer information. Then you can update the employer information after the header of the cover letter.

But, if you do not have the employer content information. Then no need to mention the same.

  • Employer Name.
  • Title.
  • Company.
  • Address.
  • City, zip code, State.

Personal Salutation/Greeting.

Salutation is the greeting part of the cover letter. If you have the name of the manager or person then mention it.

You can search for the person’s name on LinkedIn too. If you don’t have the name of the person you can skip the greeting part. Else you can mention a greeting like Dear. Operation Manager.

Cover Letter format- Salutation example.

  • Dear Arjun.
  • Dear Arjun Sharma.
  • Dear Mr. Arjun.
  • Dear MS. Last Name.
  • Dear Sir/Mam.

Opening Paragraph:

Under the opening paragraph, you have to mention the reason why you are writing this cover letter.

Next mention how you will find the position information. For example, through friends, online job portal, newspaper and so on.

Introduce yourself with enthusiasm. Your writing should show you interest in the applying position.

Try to write the letter through which the employer called you for an appointment or interview. So ideally, you have to grab the manager’s attention.

Central Paragraph:

In the central paragraph, you have to showcase yourself in front of your manager.

Plus mention how your qualification is matching the requirement of the applying position.

Basically, you have to mention how you are fit for this job. Also, showcase how you are best and different from other candidates. Do not present your experience.

But mention the experienced which is required as per applying post. This is one kind of resume presentation. Remember, do not repeat the line on the cover letter.

Final Paragraph:

Here you have to thank you for the employer to consider your cover letter for the position. Plus include how you will follow up with an employer.

Again here you can remind the employer “why you are fit for this job”. You can also request the employer for a personal interview.

Call to action:

You can ask the employer for a call or meeting. Let the employer know how you are profitable for their organization.

How you can achieve the company goal and make a profit for the company. You can also mention how you have to improve your last company performance.

Sign off:

Sign off your cover letter by thanking the respective manager. For example:

  • Thinking the operation manager for their time.
  • You can write “sincerely”.
  • Mention your full name.
  • Sign off in footer.
  • Basic contact information.

Right Way:

  • Thank you for your time.
  • Arjun Sharma.
  • 405-526-2563.

Rules for cover letter format.

  1. Try to maintain one margin on all sides.
  2. Mention all contact information in the left align. It is a business later format.
  3. Also, use double space in all paragraphs.
  4. Make one cover letter in a PDF file and keep it with you.

Tips for cover letter format (font, length, Spacing).

Customizing the cover letter part is also an important part. How you want to manage your paragraph it’s totally up to you.

You can use the bullet point to explain your qualification information. Its talk about some more special tips.


For professional letter should look simple and clear. Some famous professional fonts like Arial, Calibri, and more. Avoid the fancy font size for the cover letter.

I would suggest kindly using 10 to 12 font size for reading. If you go with a more small size then it would be possible that the manager can’t able to read the letter.

On the other hand, if you use a bigger font then it could look unprofessional.

Many companies using automated sorting job applications based on specific keys.

Such as job title, greeting to whom, skills and so on. Therefore you must choose the right font and size for the application letter.


Try to end up your cover letter on one page only. Along with contact information, employer information, greeting, paragraph, and sing-off.

Normally you can need your cover letter in three paragraphs only. If you feel very necessary then add the fourth paragraph to your letter.

However, I would suggest only add the fourth paragraph when it’s really necessary essential information.


Right spacing is also important for a good cover letter format. A similar kind of space makes another person comfortable for reading the letter.

And as many managers can able to read your letter without confusion chance to your interview selection is that much high.

You can add a single space between your every section. Such as after contact information, greeting, first paragraph, middle paragraph, last paragraph and so on.

Type of Cover Letter Format.

In professional life many kinds of a cover letters are available. This means varies kinds of cover letters for different reasons.

However, there are three kinds of a cover letter is available. Application cover letter, networking cover letter, prospecting cover letter.

Application Cover Letter:

This cover letter normally used by the resume during the job application. It usually explains your specification list and skills for the job posting.

Through application cover letter you can showcase your ability and selling point. It also introduces your work history and qualification for a better understanding.

Networking Cover Letter:

This is called the shortest and trend letter. This also has been written by the job seeker only. But here rather sending this to any organization.

It’s normally sanded to friends, friends, colleagues, and others. You can also be called a networking letter as a casual letter too. Basically, this letter is asking about the job search help.

Prospecting Cover Letter.

This letter is also writing by the job seeker too. But in this letter normally job seeker basically inquires about job post in general. So ideally, the prospecting cover letter is not writing for any specific job posting.

How to set up your Cover Letter.

Application cover letter format/ Networking cover letter/ prospecting cover letter.

  • Contact Info.
  • Greeting.
  • Opening.
  • (Letter Body) Paragraphs 1 and 2.
  • Closing.

Cover Letter Format by Country.

Other courtiers also have the same kind of similar kind of cover letter. However, if you talk about the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

Then these countries are using the same cover letter format. Still, I in my opinion if you are applying for a foreign country.

Then it’s good to know the exact format of the letter or formatting of language.

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