Scope in Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Growth.

Digital Marketing related jobs profile names
Digital Marketing.

1. SEO Expert Jobs.

Seo expert is one of the common plus demanding digital marketing jobs available in the market. After completing your SEO course with a reputed institute or college you can apply for Seo expert profile.

As Seo is a very vast subject, you can also learn it’s different aspects in further education too. All companies are looking for the best marketing strategies for their company website.

Every businessman wants his website on google first page. Which makes this career super interesting.  If you want to be in this field only. Then I would suggest that you always update yourself with the latest SEO tips.

As a fresher in digital marketing for an SEO career, you could be earning around 12000INR to 18000INR per month.

However, if you continue the SEO vast part education and carry more than 2years of experience then, you can apply for Senior SEO Expert or SEO Specialist too. And as senior SEO expert you can earn around 40,000INR to 60,000INR (Totally depend on company requirements).

Might be you can earn more than this, because through SEO you are providing the brand awareness and growing traffic to your client.

So, if you will carry the skills such as SEO tool knowledge, google analyst, basic of HTML/CCS and strong writing skills. Then differently you can graph the lots of more opportunities too.

2. Content Maker Jobs.

Content marketing is the second demanding job that comes under digital marketing jobs. This department actually, takes care of developing quality content for the brand.

You must analyst the audience’s interest and market trend. Plus you should have to know the use of analytic tool use and digital marketing. Because through that only you will grow the company traffic and sell. Good content writing is very much important for effecting marketing strategies. As per me, content marketing is a great scope of digital marketing jobs. Under this career, you will get paid for you every single word.

Because through your writing you are distributing the value of the brand. If you have the skill of writing skills along with grammar skills, perfect in tone, meet the given timeline and familiar with basic SEO.

Then you can apply for a profile like “Content Marketing” specialist. After 3-4 years of experience, you can also apply for Content Marketing Manager.

3. Email Maker Jobs.

Another big scope under digital marketing jobs is “Email Marketer”. Here you will be responsible for doing email marketing and camping.

Through that, you will always keep updating the customer regarding new offers and deals. Additional if you can maintain the customer database in the various lists and make a good relationship with the customer.

Then you can easily make your career under email specialist. Hence, you should know the new tricks to retain your old customers along with new customers.

So ideally, you also have to maintain the correct distributing technique just like broadcast sale, which can give a personal touch to every customer. Email marketers can earn similar content marketing.

4. UX Designer.

UX designer fulfills the user needs a goal and balance the business. They research the user along with design, write UX copy, test and validation.

So basically in this career, you have to make a balance between user and market demand. Hence, at the fresher level, only UX designers get an impressive salary package.

However, higher education in UX designers is very important for a good start. Because this career zone is very complex. You can also go for programming development software and professional experience.

Under UX you have to understand the business goal, plus user mindset, Mind Manager Tool, Axure software knowledge, other tools and so on.

5. Data Analyst.

Under this career scope, you have to analyze the raw data to get one specific conclusion. This process can be done by mechanical process and algorithms.

In other word, through data analyst, you will the business to optimize its growth and performance. To achieve success in this career you must be good with programming plus convince the company to take the required action. Scope in data analyst is very demanding all around the world.

As a fresher, you can earn around 25000INR to 35000INR per month. Slowly when you get the experience then you can increase the more handsome salary package in this career.

6. Virtual Reality Development.

If you know updated technology and creative arts then you are perusing your career in virtual reality development. Under digital marketing jobs, this career scope is quite popular.

Hence, you have to be very strong with your JavaScript programmer for this. In this career you will get the immersive code knowledge through that you will run the apps and video games on the web.

After completing this course you can choose the profile like information technology Specialist, Virtual reality, and Software developer. And after getting around 2years of experiences you can also apply for Senior Software engineer post.

7. IA Specialist & Web Analyst Jobs.

This career you have to analyze the performance of the website. The scope of this career is very high and if you want to enter this field.

Then start work on your programming skill. Because this career required knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Backbone, JavaScript, write clean, familiar with frameworks and so on. Plus you have to handle the responsibility.

Such as, identify the user issue, work with the designers, and check the usage of appropriate libraries and more. The salary for this career depends on the company and your experience.

8. Copywriter.

Content marketing is related to digital marketing. And because of content marketing copywriter career also comes under digital marketing scope.

In this basically, you have to create the landing page, product page, newsletter, keyword centric copywriting or sale page for your client or company.

Your words should convince the customer for brand sale or service. You can work in this line as a freelancer person or as an employee. This traffic career scope will give you the earning for each sale page you create.