Diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition| Syllabus, Elligibility,Fees.

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Diploma in Dietetics.

Diploma in dietetics.

Diploma in nutrition and dietetics cover the topics of dietetics course. It provides an advanced design career as a nutritionist and dietician.

Diploma in dietetics course most gets focus on the subjects like institutional food administration, public health nutrition, and so on.

Here students learn about how to take care of the patient’s diet and nutrition. Along with study nutrition arrangement and planning, monitoring, fitness tips, private clinical stuff, etc.

Students who don’t want to go for the long nutrition study such as BSc nutrition degree or BSc food nutrition and dietetics.

They can pursue their career in the Diploma in dietician. As its takes fewer years of study as compared to degree courses.

This healthcare field grows the people’s good habit in the food area. Which also indirectly improves the employment prospects for dietetics professionals.

The nutritionist diploma course taught how to make people understand the importance of the right nutritionist guidance and diet plan chart.

After completing the diploma in diet assistant course students will have enough knowledge of prescribing both correct and corrective food.

Competition in the market goes high every day no matter which field you are working in, so people becoming more focused related on their healthy diet and trying to avoid calories-related food.

I hope now can understand the high scope of the nutrition & dietetics field. Let’s start with the diploma in dietician course Highlists.

Diploma in Dietetics Course.

This course comes under undergraduate level, diploma in dietician and nutrition is a highly demanding area and it gives you the basic understanding of the human digestive system (anatomy).

A dietician diploma usually takes one year of study but many institutes are available, that take the 15 months of the class too.

Students can pursue a nutrition diploma course in both regular and distance-based. If you want to can go for the nutrition diploma online.

Many institutes are available that provide nutrition degrees online. Nutritional courses online, do have a live classes facility which is quite convenient and, time flexible.

Nutrition and dietetics diploma gives you the knowledge of the food and basic terminology, macronutrients and micronutrients, food assimilation, and food plan effects and growth.

Diploma in Diet and Nutrition Eligibility Criteria.

If you are planning to apply for the diploma in dietician course, then check the below eligibility criteria for the same.

  • Candidate must pass out the 12th standard with the recognized board or school.
  • The Main subject would be Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with English.
  • The Minimum percentage for admission is between 50% to 55%.

Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics fees.

Course admission for a dietetics diploma can happen in two areas.

Government or Public College which usually charges minimum fees 5200 INR to a maximum of 1.20 Lakhs INR.

On the other hand, private colleges approximately charge between 15,500 INR to a maximum of 2.5 Lakhs INR.

Check the college or institute admission rules and fees structure before applying.

Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Syllabus.

  • Diet Therapy & Applied Nutrition Theory.
  • Diet Therapy & Applied Nutrition Practical.
  • Community Nutrition Theory.
  • Community Nutrition Practical.
  • Institutional Food Administration Theory.
  • Institutional Food Administration Practical.
  • Hygiene & Microbiology.
  • Physiology.
  • Social Welfare.
  • Projects.

Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Colleges.

  • AIIMS (Delhi).
  • CMC Vellore (Vellore).
  • Armed Forced Medical College (Pune).
  • Xaviers College (Mumbai).
  • Madras Medical College (Chennai).
  • Guru Gobind Singh (New Delhi).
  • University of Mumbai (MU).
  • IGNOU (Delhi).
  • Teresa’s College (Ernakulum).
  • Mahatma Jyoti Rao (Jaipur).
  • Ann’s College for Women (Hyderabad).

Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition Employment Areas.

  • Private Clinics.
  • Public Health Facilities.
  • Government Hospitals.
  • Nursing Homes.
  • Private Hospitals.

Diploma in Dietician and Nutrition Job Profiles.

  • Dietetic Assistant.
  • Administrative Dietitians.
  • Consultant Dietarians.
  • Sports Dietician.
  • Clinical Dietician.
  • Pediatric Dietician.
  • Management Dieticians.
  • Food Service Dietician.
  • Community dietitians.
  • Business Dietitians.
  • Gerontological Dietitians.

Diploma in Dietetics Salary.

Nutrition jobs and salary will depend on your knowledge of the subject area, company profile, how well you perform in your interview, etc.

However, students with nutrition degrees mostly land up in popular job profiles with good salary packages.

Here we will see the sum of dietician primary job profile names with starting salary to highest salary.

Career as Dietician. Average Salary Annual. Highest Salary Annual.
Dietician in R&D Dept. 2,52,000 INR. 5,51,000 INR.
Sports Dietician. 2,46,000 INR 6,55,000 INR.
Pediatric Dietician. 3,10,000 INR. 6,12,000 INR.
Clinical Dietician. 2,60,000 INR. 5,65,000 INR.

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