Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media [10 Top Points]

Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media
Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media

Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media.

Social media is useful for various platforms. But, it’s true that the usage of social media has its own advantage and disadvantage.

From 2006-2007 the growth of social media comes in an unexpected label. Facebook and Twitter have taken a tremendous place all around people.

There are many benefits to social media. Which makes our life easily more than before.

As we have lots of benefits from technology and we are using its advantage day by day. Power of social media is countless.

Technology increases the willingness and power of human beings. And social media is one of the best examples of this. Additionally, the connectivity of social media is, so strong that it even changed the business culture too.

However, we could not able to deny the disadvantage of social media.

Therefore, today I am going to share with you a 10 advantage and disadvantage of social media.

#The 10 Disadvantages of Social Media.

1). Data thief.

We have a number of examples in the market, which prove that personal data is not safe on social media.

When any internet-champ person steals your data it not only reveals your personal information but it’s also impacting your relationship.

Normally, after losing your personal data, it’s very easy for a thief to attack on your bank account. This is one of the big disadvantages of social media.

Loss of money in a data attack cannot be re-fixed. Personal Data loss will cause the individual lifestyle, mental pressure, and ruining lifestyle.

Loss of personal information will hit us financially and individually.

2). Cyberbullying (disadvantage of social media).

Because of a data security issue, it’s very common that people make fake profiles and start cheating on social media. Teenagers are mostly making this mistake.

Creating a fake profile for cheating someone is very normal in social media. Many incidents are happening in the past that turn up people into living in the worst way.

People are making other people fool for their own comfort level. Generally, in many cases, its starts with a small fun and turns up into a big loss.

In the last few years, social media play a major role in misguidedness and cheating. Bullying in showing the negative effects of social media on society.

3). Security Problem.

Since social media comes in highlight because of its bad activity. Its started investigating under security agencies. In another word, if any doubt comes in any individual person.

Then his personal social media profile can be scanned by any security officer.

This means we don’t know when any security agencies or security officers are scanning to your profile. And what information they are looking for.

So, it’s one kind of Security Breach which not give us full freedom of social media. This is one biggest disadvantage of social media.

4). Addiction.

People are so addicted to social media. Which cause today many disease and eyes issue too. Most teenagers have been affected a lot.

Addiction to social media makes children’s cut off from its social life and family life. An extreme level of social media usage is showing everywhere.

No one is spending the evening with own parents, because of addiction to social media. Even if you are seating with your family then also.

Social media shows first priority. Which is one of the signs of addiction!

These kinds of behavior not only cut you off from social interest. It also gives your tiredness and painful eyes. This is also one of the major disadvantages of social media.

5). Fraud.

Hence, we are so much addicted to social media. We do lots of mistakes and did not focus on some major points which put us in trouble.

Two big the disadvantage of social media which comes under fraud in false emails request and hiding URLs.

Let me tell you in deep. In a fake email request what happens?

You have suddenly received the message or email of your friend or family through social media. That they need some money in an emergency. And most of us give the money right away.

Which is wrong, in the past, many cash transactions are happening. In which a fraud person make the same profile as your friend and a similar email id. And start cheating on behalf of those fake profiles.

Second, while you are surfing on social media. You may have seen lots of short URLs with some attractive information. In short, URLs actually, extract location details are hidden.

So, after clicking that we don’t know which path you are going to land. The possibility is there that, after clicking in a short URL.

Your personal profile details can be easily stolen by the data thief or scanner.

I am not saying that all short URL is a frauds. However, before clicking on any short URL. You have been very sure about the advertisement. In which you are interested in.

6). Reputation (disadvantage of social media).

People use social media frequently to spread their story around. Plus spreading a false story of anyone can destroy that personal career or life stability.

When the story spread on social media. It takes only a second to reach to the whole world. For example, we always read untold stories on Facebook related to actors and actresses.

We do not know which part of the story is true. Still, people believe in that which is totally not cool.

7). Cheating on the relationship.

Most people use social media to get engage with anyone. For that, they show own fake feelings and professions too.

Many of them get married to but after a while. Because of the fake information and behavior, they get breakup.

Additionally, many other people also there who are making fake profiles for just making a relationship, and after a while, they cheat on the other person.

This kind of disadvantage of social media not only hurts people but also sometimes destroys their personal lives too.

 8). Wrong Learning.

Hence, social media is an open platform for everyone sharing own experiences and activities.

Many people upload inappropriate activities like bike rides, playing with fire, and playing with speed. This kind of inappropriate video is always provoking the teenager to do so, which is wrong.

9). Health Issue.

No doubt that addiction of any thinks to causes health issues and weakness.

Similarly, continual usage of social media makes you less active and gives your brain disease, fat issue, etc.

There is no fixed time limit has been available for surfing on social media. However, we do have to take responsibility to take care of our health.

Doing regular exercise or yoga will be good practice for your health.

10). Communication and making a friend.

Social media plays a good role for those people too who are shy or not talking much. Normally, everyone is making new friend and having lots of communication because of social media.

However, shy people also get help to find new people according to their self and are able to express own feelings while they are using social media.

#The 10 Advantage of social media.

1. Education.

The importance of social media in learning is huge. There is no doubt that now students and teachers get a great platform for disease thinks in a priority.

Tunes of education-related information spread out every day. Because of social media, we share knowledge and gain knowledge instantly without any trouble.

Additionally, social media makes the learning path easy for everyone. Without checking your religion or financial confession.

2). Connectivity (advantage of social media).

One of the best advantages of social media is that it connects people from anywhere. Regardless of your city or location.

While seating at home you can communicate with your friend in Delhi or London makes life so easy and convenient.

Connectivity is the big key of any human begin. Because of social media society, people come closer according to the previous graph.

3). Information & Update.

One more a powerful advantage of social media is updating news. No matter where you are or in what you are busy. Because of social media, you get the news instantly which relates to the world.

Somehow, we are not setting every time in front of our television. Still, because of social media power, we get true information and update instantly.

4). Help (advantage of social media).

Facebook and Twitter kind of social media. Always running with 2 million plus user every hour. So, no best way to ask for help apart from social media.

For example, missing person information spread out instant or donation requirement of any troubled place is now quite easy because of social media.

5). Awareness.

The positive effects of social media are an essay to see. People get more awareness and alert because of social media.

Students are discovering their own self-building new stuff from the help of free knowledge.

Teachers are getting new ideas to deal with teaching strategies. Farmers are getting more help and teaching structure.

Whether the person reads or not through images also express information. Countless awareness is developing every single day.

6). Market Promotion.

This is also the main advantage of social media. The big revolution comes under the business industry. A businessman is able to showcase their own business in front of the world.

Whether anyone is doing offline business or online business. Because of social media sports, a light business gets a big promotion platform in free. And its increases our economic strength too.

7). The help of the government.

Generally, it is not necessary that whatever news we saw on television it could be true. Every individual person has to take responsibility for his society.

Then only one country can be grown. Many cases happen in which normal people helps the government to catch the thief. It would be possible because of social media power.

Spreading correct news on social media is very important. It not only helps normal people. Sometimes it is very beneficial for government officers too.

8). The Reputation of a business.

Advantages of social media in marketing cannot be hidden. It could be ruining your business or probably improving your market identity.

Many of businesses turn into a billion companies in a few months, because of his good social performance. Good marketing strategy and planning make much business successful.

Taking quick review of any product launch is very common these days. Uses of social media have been changing the business face totally.

9). NGO Helps (advantage of social media).

In the last few years, society gets more active in social awareness. People come out for NGO help donation prospects, and social welfare activity.

People are reaching in place which needs help. Plus people are sending help online which decreased the impact of loss as compared to the previous phase.

10). Keep you occupied.

Students should use social media after knowing what they do and don’t. Social media keep you occupied in your free time plus stops you from other wrong activity like wasting your time in other stuff.

It keeps giving your updated news and information which helps you to grow. Also, reading news and studying stuff online makes your brain more active and healthy.

Do not get addicted but at lasting using social media in your free time is a good exercise for your brain too.

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