Event Management Course After 12th Commerce.

Person is teaching about event management course after 12th commerce
Event Management Course.

Event Management Course After 12th Commerce.

Today you will be going to know all about the event management course after 12th commerce or science.

No matter to which culture you belong. The event is always happening all over the world.

Events are one kind of culture in society. We always like to organize events for the ceremony, religious functions, roadshows, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, talent shows, college festivals, and office events, etc.

So event management is one kind of process in which you and your team will organize the event for your client.

Starting from end decoration till catering all arrangements need to be full fill by you.

Why Event Management?

Event management is one of the best career options we have in the market now. There are various career field is available in which you can try to career growth.

But if you have an interest in organizing things, creativity, planning, and fashion. The event management will be the perfect career platform for you.

Scope In Event Management.

The demand for this career is very high. If you can handle the teamwork and assigns the work properly then you can pursue your career in the event management course.

After completing the 12th class it quite a big question for you which course can provide you the future benefits?

Doing something different apart from other professions is quite interesting. Big parties and wedding arrangement takes professional parameter work.

Therefore a professional degree is also important. Providing a good number of events will be going to increase the number of clients and job chances for you.

You can also join event hosting companies or event organizer companies as well, for the purpose of the experience. Event hosting companies also provide a smart salary package.

Plus most of the reputed event companies organize the event out of the country too.

Another awesome scope in event management is that you can apply for the international host event too.

If you want to build your own event-organizing team. Then you can also start work as an event manager and start fulfilling national and international events works.

You can build a relationship with the media company too. So that you will get help in your big event and publicity.

And after getting little more work you can also start your business in event management.

Can I do an Event Management Course after 12th Commerce/Science?

Yes, the event management course after 12th commerce is possible. Even science students can also pursue the event management course after 12th.

Multiple kinds of event management courses are available in the market. You can do the degree course, short term course, or diploma course.

Minimum 6 months to a maximum of 5 years event management course is available for you. After completing 12th you can pursue the event course such as:

  • Certificate course in event management.
  • MBA in Event management.
  • Diploma in event management.

Mostly these event management courses follow event management topics or subjects.

For example organizing skills, Décor, logistics, Catering, Marketing, Public relation, Risk Management, Budgeting, and so on.

Duration of Event Management Course.

The study duration totally depends on what course you have chosen. If you choose the diploma course then the sure duration of the event management course will be 1 year.

A few online events management courses are also available after 12th commerce or science students. Oxford College is one of them providing online management courses.

If you only want to study about the event planning and meeting modules.

Then a short-term course of 6 months is also available for you. The name of this kind, of course, is managing meetings and events course.

If you go for the Bachelor Degree course in event management after 12th commerce then it will be going to take you 3 years of study.

As I have already mentioned above diploma in event management is mostly takes one year of study.

  1. Advance Diploma in Event Management.
  2. Diploma in event management.
  3. PG Diploma in event management.
  4. PG diploma in advertising and event management.
  5. A diploma in event management and public relations.

Event Management Syllabus Details in Short.

It’s good to know the syllabus part however syllabus always varies from college to college and institute. Also, the topic and subject will be covered for you as per the course you have selected.

A few subjects of Mass Communication also get covered under event management.

However, still some syllabus subjects and topics I have mentioned below which normally get covered under the event management course.

So let’s see what subjects are required for event management.

Diploma in Event Management

  • Event Advertising.
  • Event Planning.
  • Event Accounting.
  • Event Marketing.
  • Event Production.
  • Public Relation.

Event Management (BBA)

  • Organizational Behavior.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Event Management Planning.
  • Advertising Management.
  • Event Cost Accounting.
  • Special Events.
  • General Awareness.

Diploma in EM & PR

  • PR and event management.
  • Brand management.
  • Marketing communication.
  • Personality Development.

MBA in Event Management

  • The principal of event management.
  • Media economics.
  • Human resource management.
  • Financial management.
  • Research Meth-ology.


  • Catering Management.
  • Logistic.
  • Public Relations.
  • Brand promotion.
  • Finance Management.
  • Advertising.
  • Budget Planning.
  • Business communication.

What Skill is Required for an Event Management Course?

In an event management career inter skills and public relations skills are required very much.

Because its career zone required lots of creativity along with the right communication skills.

A few years ago many people worked in the event management field without any degree. Just because of their good skills they service a long time in the market.

No doubt that today technology comes up with lots of theoretical and practical knowledge.

But still in the event management career today also the client first like to see the skills of the person and after that, they will see the degree and brand.

Hence, I have mentioned some required skills names below. Which is normally required in this field.

So if might you have some of them in you then you actually have one plus point in your career.

Jobs & Career Option Under Event Management.

Because of the lack of awareness normally, students think that event management course after 12th commerce does not have plenty of jobs.

But it’s totally wrong no matter which event management course you have done. There is a penalty of jobs are available in the market for you.

No matter what economic situation is going on in the country. Event management always grows because events are a basic requirement of every culture and family.

If you are doing the regular job still you can quit that job and after completing a short event management course you can join any of the Event Management companies.

After having good experience and knowledge you can start your own business or small event group too.

You can do the startup with a wedding organizer, Team building event, birthday party organizer, Reality show, talent hunt show, and so on.

Event Management Job Profile.

  1. Event Manager.
  2. Wedding Planner.
  3. Event Planner.
  4. Stage Decorate.
  5. Golf Event Manager.
  6. Exhibition Organizer.
  7. Logistic Manager.
  8. Public Relationship Manager.
  9. Marketing Executive.
  10. Designer Executive.
  11. Production Manager.
  12. Brand Developer Manager.
  13. Production Manager.

Salary Expectation Under The Event Management Field.

If you work with patience and gain experience. Then differently you will get a good salary under the event management career zone.

Salary also depends on which company you are with, and what role and responsibility you are handling.

One more factor is the matter in which location or area you are working.

However, as a fresher in the event management industry, you can aspect around 2 lakh to 4 lakh per annum.

As your area of knowledge will get increase your salary will get increase automatically. You can work as a freelancer employee too if you want.

But if you have enough cash amount with you then you can start your own event-organizing business too.

Top Recruiter Companies Who Hired Event Management Students.

There are many top companies and firms are exist in the market. Who always hired the event management to pass out candidates?

Let see a few top recruiter companies that hired event management students.

  • 360 Degree.
  • Cox and Kings.
  • E-Factor.
  • Sercon.
  • Percept D Mark.
  • Cineyug Entertainment.
  • Tafcon Group.
  • DNA Networks Pvt Lmt.
  • Wiz Craft International Entertainment Pvt Lmt.
  • TCI Consultancy Services & E Events.

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