Fiber Optic Technician Course & Training, Fees, Syllabus.

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Fiber Optic Technician Course.

Fiber optic technician course.

Fiber optic technology-enhanced his business model right after replacing copper cables. Students who want to become optical fiber technicians you are in the right page.

A fiber optic certification or fiber technician training both provides candidates with a competitive edge and multiple career options.

It makes your expert in fiber optic technician. As we know most certified fiber optic technician courses come under vocational training programs.

In this article, we analyzed fiber optic cable course details along with course duration, eligibility, fees, career prospects, etc.

Fiber optical courses usually come in three major formats, the first is a certificate course, the second diploma course, and the third is a skill diploma course.

Fiber technician jobs are one of the career-oriented field. Therefore here we are getting in deep with a certificate in optical fiber technician course.

And when we talk about certificate course let me also mentioned this, that many big farms and institutes also run this kind of short term program as an informal training program.

But on another side, if you see the government training programs. Then this kind of optical fiber network program across India is getting offered by the name of domain skilling and skill development programs.

Area of telecom firms is also available in the market that offers optical fiber technician training and later hire the students as per the course knowledge, skills, and marks.

Optical Fiber Technician Training.

But why fiber technician course. It has a number of reasons like student interest plus this course gives you early on an opportunity for optical fiber work.

Optical fiber has the capacity to send light signals. The benefit of sending light signals through an optical fiber is high, it’s not only loss very low signal quality but also loss very low quality of strength.

So fiber optic technician certification taught you how to optical fiber used to make the optical fiber cable.

Later through those optical fiber cables, field employees are creating computer networks, power transmission networks, sensors, lighting systems, etc.

Fiber optic jobs are famous because it provides optical fiber facilities with the lossless transmission of light and signals both.

Fiber training courses also taught about blowing cables, laying cables, maintenance, jointing, trenching, etc.

Fiber optic course or fiber optic technician program trained you in the above-mentioned topics. Which makes students ready to perform the duties like below mention.

  • Network testing.
  • Network Design.
  • Network installation.
  • Network Maintenance.
  • Network Documentation.

Fiber Optica Technician Eligibility.

Fiber optic certificates have multiple levels of courses. So eligibility criteria for fiber technician courses depend on types of institutes and colleges.

However, most institutes take admission of 10th to 8th pass-out students for the certificate program.

Optical Fiber Technician Course Duration.

Optical fiber technician program in certificate level takes 3 months to 6 months of study.


Fiber optic course fees vary from institute to institute. In some institutes, fees could be around 2K INR to 5K INR.


Here are some of major subjects of fiber technician training program.

  • Network design.
  • Network Testing.
  • Property of light.
  • Fiber Optics.
  • Network Documents.
  • Network Installation.
  • Work Safety.
  • Power Meter Test Procedures.
  • Indoor Cable Installation.
  • Network Repair, Maintenance & Restoration.

Career Prospects.

Right after the completion of the fiber optic technician course. You can apply for fiber technician jobs in optical fiber manufacturing firms and contract firms.

As a cable laying, junior fiber technician, installer, fitter, trenching, etc.

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