10 Popular Ways to Find Free Online Books to Read.

Person drinking coffee and reading ebook in kindle.

If you like to read books or like free online books to read, then this article is for you. But buying a book is sometimes pretty expensive. Especially if you are like to read new books regularly.

Many famous book editions come on a weekly and monthly basis and buying those hardcovers of all is not possible every time. But still, we want to buy it, because it says that read this awesome “New book now”.

Thanks to new technology, free online books to read came on the place and resolve all these issues. Here I am going to let you know some awesome legally sites which will give you the best books to read.

Online books to read for free not only reduce the weight of our bag pack. But also allow you to change books according to your mood. So let’s see the top sites for free online books to read. It also enhances your reading habit without any book purchasing.

1. Google Books.

Google has countless collection of books. The homepage makes the search process easy and viewable files. Google already comes top in search engine results.

It presents a huge collection of digital files, which gives lots of best books to read. You can search the books here through author name or title too.

However, all books are not free over there. So ideally, if you are looking for only free online books, then change your search tab into “free google books”.

Plus you can also select the full view to see books from beginning to end for reading. Google books give you a free preview too. But it does not allow the first chapter of the book. In another word, it can give you any middle chapter to read.

However, you can read online books until your preview free limit gets over. This is an awesome platform available online for the best books to read, all-time favorite places.

 2. Libby.

It is an awesome feeling when you are not required to carry any book in your hand. Plus you have your own collection of eBooks, which you can read anywhere anytime.

This freedom also is given by the Libby free online books site. This app will perfectly work with your device after sign in with your library card. Libby also lives the freedom to download books and audio for your offline reading. Which is a rare function are giving by other free online books to read platforms.

You can check the sample of the books here too. It will also have picture books, which will be engaging you with the story.

3. Open Library.

The Open Library has more than one million-plus eBooks available. Similar to Google books here also you can search the books by author name, title name or subjects.

You will find the awesome book collection here. The open library allows users to contribute the books. In another word, this site is open for every book publisher.

You will find the best category option. Such as fantasy, science, recipes, art and so on. Currently, the open library carries more than 3 million-plus authors and goods books to read online.

This site is also popular because it gives chance to almost all publishers for their book collections. Additionally, they offer a free version and paid version book collection both.

You can also do the free online books download here. After selecting the books you have to click on the “Info” icon. Here you will get the option of “download the book”. Then select the Mobi or PDf link option for instant download in your computer or device.

4. 24Symbols.

Here you have to create an account for free online book access. It also follows the subscription method. Still, you will get the chance to read the free books to read online.

You can connect to 24symbols by Facebook account. And the dashboard of the site is well organized for reading purposes.

It gives you a category like journalism, short stories, classics, hobbies, travel, fairy tales, cooking and more. The site also has to option on the Best book cannot leave option.

5. Project Gutenberg.

No registration and no fee along with a 40,000 free eBook collection for you. Very old and famous free online books collection site.

Gutenberg offers a great collection of eBook formatting such as HTML files, ePub, Kindle, or simple text format. With easy free online books download option.

Additionally, this platform provides you the great classic books. It is one of the fantastic resources for online reading eBooks. In this site, you will find the easy option like bookshelves, the main page and browse categories for deep books search.

6. Internet Archive.

If you are looking for historical books then you should visit the Internet Archive. Best books to read for academic information and historical books.

Apart from eBooks it also gives access to other digital files, audios files, images, and videos. You can also choose the books after reviewing the rating, download count of number and relevance. With the search box, you can easily find the new arrival books too.

7. BookBud.

Book Bud is also totally free for you. However, you have to create an account in this for free online eBooks. If you always looking for new books then you must try this free online book site too.

While making the account, the interface of this site will ask you for your favorite interest or genres. According to your genre, they will provide you the best book selection recommendation.

Book Bud provides the offer and deals too. We can see the best seller book zone too. After joining this site you will get the regular update regarding the latest book offers in your email. More than 5 million people already experienced this free online books store.

8. SmashWords.

Smash words provide lots of different varieties of eBooks. So ideally, if you have an interest in more than one topic or genre. Or might be you always like different stories then smash words are good for you.

It carries the eBook of independent authors and publishers too. You will find topic like romance, poetry, biography, classics, and more.

Smash words do have paid and free both eBooks. So before searching the book do not forget to tab on the “free” option.

Many Smash words books are sold out in a big eBook store. Additional, this site allows the author to set the eBook preview page limit for the user.

The best part which I like most is that you can set the customization of the color and font size of eBooks according to your convinces.

9. Overdrive.

Similar to the Libby site, you need a library card to link your account. If might you have a temporary library card then also you can access this site.

Here you will get the audiobooks and e-book download option too. So visit your local libraries and take the library card to get started with the Overdrive app.

10. Riveted.

After joining this site you can also download eBooks in your device. Here you will get free books and time-limited books. If you like you can also join their giveaway option. It is also a good resource for reading books online.