Top 12 Free Online Courses Sites & Certification.

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As the internet carries the power of education and growth. Many high-quality sites are available, which provide free online courses.

You will get the top online course name and details down below. Which is quite popular these days. Plus few popular online free certification course name which will give you the boost in your career. Because certificate increases the wet of your resume and attracts the HR or recruiter too.

Free Online Courses Sites. 

1. Coursera.

Coursera is one of the wild range of in-deep courses. This website also has a partner of top university and organization all around the world.

Coursera is a very powerful free online education service. It’s cover the wild range of education topic. You can learn about computer science, data science, business, personal development, health, math and logic, art, engineering and so on.

These free online courses explore the education power for every stream. It provides you the free join-in option. If you are looking for different topic study then you can surely refer to this website.

It also provides Specializations courses. Such as anatomy, data science, excel skills for business, digital marketing, Python for everyone and more.

Online “degree courses” like Master in degree science, MBA, bachelor’s degree in computer science, master’s in electrical engineering and so on.

Free Courses Name & Content:

  1. Deep Learning (Master Deep Learning/Deep Learning Specialization/Break into IA).
  2. Data Structure & Algorithms (Master Algorithms Programming techniques).
  3. Machine Learning (To act without being explicitly programmed).
  4. Business Statistics and analysis (Data analysis & Business modeling skill).
  5. Web applications (Build dynamic database-backed web sites).
  6. Business Foundation (Core business skills in marketing, finance, accounting).
  7. Digital marketing (Latest digital marketing skills).
  8. Search engine optimization (Seo expert, tools and strategies).
  9. Excel Skills for business (Excel skills for business).
  10. Statistics with R (Master Statistics with R).

2. Udemy.

Another free online courses are available by the Udemy site. This site has free and paid both versions for your study.

Additionally, it also allows you to build custom courses from chapters and lessons. Many top schools also merge with Udemy. You can also download the Udemy app for online learning.

Udemy covers the topic categories, for example, Development, Design, health & fitness, IT & software, Photography, Business, marketing and more. Video course is very helpful for study purposes.

Free Courses Name & Content:

  1. SEO Tanning courses (Seo tips and tricks in tanning course).
  2. Photography Course (Learn all about the camera).
  3. Android developer (Learn about android development).
  4. AWS concepts (Concept of cloudy computing and amazon web service).
  5. Deep learning (pandas, scipy, the Numpy, machine learning and more).
  6. Cloudy Computer (development modules, service modules, essential characteristics).
  7. Increase your Influence (7 science-based steps, increase influence).
  8. Create real apps (Learn swift, IOS 10, sketch training)

3. Hub Sport.

Another best resource for free online courses. Famous in India for online education and learning. These sites give the content type. Such as eBooks, quiz, tools, kit, webinar, template and more.

Plus also cover the study topic like event marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, content creation, inbound sale, social media, and visual design and so on.

Free Courses Name & Content:

  1. Design Agency certificate course (Blueprint for transforming your agency).
  2. Design certificate course (Art and science of world-class).
  3. Content marketing course (Effectively promote content marketing).
  4. Software Certification course (Training on hub sports CRM & tools).
  5. Inbound marketing certificate course (Attract to users, inbound marketing fundamental, closing leads).
  6. Email marketing course (Advance email marketing strategy).

4. Khan Academy.

All around the world Khan Academy provides the best web organize interface. It covers lots of different courses and subjects.

This free online website provides very useful study content. It covers the maths as per grade. Plus help the kids with algebra 1-2, arithmetic, geometry, and math’s in Hindi, science in Hindi, chemistry, biology, grammar, physics, economics, and finance. It also covers the KV courses, test preparation, computer course and so on.

5. Academic Earth.

Another popular free online course site on academic earth. Hence, it’s cover the many different school courses and topics. Academic Earth provides a quality course.

Therefore it’s always focused on a different variety of subjects. It offers the course according to school wise. These ways you can easily find the subject, which you are looking for.

Academic earth gives the category such as online degree, courses, video electives, university.

If I talk about the “courses section” then you will get the subject like finance, biology, management, accounting, marketing, art history, education, computer science, engineering and more.

6. Open Culture Online Courses.

If you are looking for video education or podcast, of different universities around the world. Then surely you have to visit the “Open culture online courses” website.

It provides more than a thousand lectures. Might be you are looking for different university course details. So for that, you should not need to visit 10 different university site.

Just visit the culture online courses site and you will get the different online course details in one place only. This site is very much popular in the United States.

One site for all best study material and topics. This site provides audiobooks, MOOCs (massive open online courses), free textbooks, eBooks, certification courses and online courses and more. Lots of study Martials subject wise which will blue your mind.

7. Alison.

The best part of Alison online education is that it gives some free certification in some areas. Which is quite impressive and good.

Alison gives the course like, language learning, lifestyle, marketing, business, and health. If you are looking for certification then you can visit here and find a suitable course for yourself.

It also has a diploma course, diploma IT, humanities and so on. Very high-quality courses with an awesome interface. This site has more than 10 million learners and great free online course materials.

8. Edx.

Another free online education source through Edx. Through the Edx platform, many different schools are presenting own courses here.

It’s cover the wild range of topic. Additionally, this site has the category of programs and degrees, which is awesome.

Because under this tab you will get the certificate courses. Such as Micro Master’s program, Professional Certificate, Online master degree, Xseries. You will see the other hot topic courses too like computer science, data science, engineering, and business & management.

9. Stanford Online.

Here you will get the session-based course. Stanford University offers an online study chance. It covers the category like school & partners, programs and online courses.

The interface of the website gives the topic selection like bioscience, economic, law, innovation and entrepreneurship, human rights, engineering, design & creativity and more. Awesome online education website as it makes the study part so easy for students.

10. Harvard Extension.

If your goal is online education along with certification. Then you can easily check the online Harvard extension.

But Harvard extension online education is only available for the Harvard only. It provides the top rich quality of study metrical. You can also search for professional certification courses here. Very classic and great online education website for online courses.

11. MIT Open Courseware.

Similar, like other online courses. MIT also provides free online courses with different varieties. It gives very depth study course details in his online education.

In this website, you will see the option of “find courses”. Which will show you the collections! Such as Most visited courses by students, new courses, video lectures, online textbooks, life science and more. Additionally, it also has free RSS feeds.

12. Open Yale Courses.

Yale courses offers mostly video lectures for the students. So ideally, if you are not much interested in reading. Then you can start your study with Yale video online courses.

It covers the topic which normally student taught in the school. In this site, you will see the course number wise along with course title name and professor name.

Which can help you with the right choice of course and knowledge. However, if you talk about subjects then it’s covers subjects like English, history, philosophy, physics, sociology, classics and more.

13. Codecademy.

If you have an interest in coding language. Then this online course site will help you with technical coding. Codecademy is famous for technical coding education before it gives you live practical lessons.

Hence, another coding online side usually only gives the practice session, workflow and examples. But “Codecademy” also gives you a centralized dashboard, where you can organize your course modules and progress reports. This site teaches you the full coding part very easy step by step.