Govt Jobs For Diploma Mechanical in Railway.

Govt Jobs For Diploma Mechanical in Railway
Govt Jobs For Diploma Mechanical in Railway

Govt Jobs For Diploma Mechanical in Railway.

Diploma holders in Mechanical Engineering have several job opportunities in the Indian Railways. The Railways offer various technical positions for mechanical engineers in both central and regional railway boards.

Some of the government job positions for diploma holders in mechanical engineering in the railway sector include:

1. Junior Engineer (JE) –

Mechanical: Junior Engineers in the Mechanical Department are responsible for the maintenance, inspection, and repair of mechanical equipment, including locomotives, coaches, and wagons.

2. Technician – Mechanical:

Technicians in the Mechanical Department are involved in maintaining and repairing various mechanical systems and components in trains and railway workshops.

3. Section Engineer (SE) –

Mechanical: Section Engineers in the Mechanical Department supervise and manage mechanical projects, installations, and maintenance activities.

4. Workshop Technician:

Workshop technicians work in railway workshops and are responsible for repairing and overhauling mechanical equipment and components.

5. Loco Pilot:

Loco Pilots operate and drive locomotives, and they need a strong understanding of the mechanical aspects of the locomotive.

6. Mechanical Supervisor:

Mechanical supervisors oversee maintenance and repair work in railway depots and workshops.

7. Carriage and Wagon Depot Supervisor:

This role involves supervising the maintenance and repair of carriages and wagons.

8. Diesel Shed Supervisor:

Diesel Shed supervisors are responsible for the maintenance and repair of diesel locomotives.

9. Rail Coach Factory Technician:

Technicians working in rail coach factories are involved in the assembly, fabrication, and maintenance of railway coaches.

10. Railway Apprentice:

Railway apprenticeships are available in various mechanical trades, offering practical training and work experience.

To apply for these government jobs in the Indian Railways, candidates can keep an eye on the official website of Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) and Railway Recruitment Cells (RRCs) for notifications and updates regarding job openings and recruitment procedures. The recruitment process typically involves a written examination, document verification, and a medical fitness test.

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