Graphic Design and Animation (Animator/Graphic Designer).

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Graphis Design and Animation.

Graphic Design and Animation.

This article is all about graphic design and animation. A full overview of graphic design with the right course and college details.

A future of graphic design career and much more.

But what graphic designer do, what does it take to be a Graphic design, and why it is so popular these days.

As a graphic designer, you will create visual concepts. You will also able to help the developer to develop the production design and layout of the application.

Such as logos, magazines, advertisements, broachers, and so on.

Animation course is also popular because it has the graphic design aspects. Graphic design in the animation course presents art and technology together.

Graphic design in India has various career opportunities. As a graphic animator career is very bright.

Therefore below you will get the all graphic design courses and career-related information that is really required to know.

First, let’s understand what is a graphic designer and animator. Both come under animation designer but the work of both areas is slightly different.

Graphic Designers Vs Animators.

Graphic Designer:

As a graphic designer, you help the client or customer with the best product advertising layout.

Through which they can advertise the product in the market and social media and get sales. This work also called a computer graphic artist.

Because in this work you used a lot of computer graphics for your client. Various field clients required work according to their needs and product demand.

Hence, you have to be very creative in your work with lots of new graphic ideas and tricks.

You have to give a graphic design that conveys and attracts the customer on the market. 

Some work description of the graphic designer:

  • Give value to the client’s needs and expectations.
  • Check all design errors.
  • Use new graphic technology for great sales.
  • Presenting the design and layout ideas to clients. 


As an animator, you will do the animation work such as video games, animation movies, and so on.

This profession required excellent software tools knowledge and computer skills. Animators do awesome work under animation.

Therefore this profession requires tremendous artist abilities and arts development.

Few Job Responsibility of an animator:

  • Complete the work as per the deadline without delay.
  • Use extraordinary and original ideas.
  • Team player.
  • Edit the video game or movies as per client needs.

Graphic Design and Animation Courses.

Now let see the graphic design education and graphic design qualification needs. The right course with the right institute and college can make your career life easy.

After 12th class, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in graphic design (BA Animation and Graphic designing).

Either many other diploma and short term technical graphic design courses are also available in India. Through which you can make your career in the animation field.

Lots of colleges, institutes, and universities are available that offer graphic design and animation courses.

The main topic of these courses in computerized design, printing techniques, website design, principles of design, studio arts, and so on.

We all crazy about the game design animation. When I was in school I remember my many friends are interested in game design animation.

Video game animation and graphic design technology. So, if you are also in school life but still have an interest in animation courses.

Then you start high school courses for graphic design such as basic art and design courses.

Some colleges in India expect the year of basic art and design course before taken you for the bachelor graphic design course.

BA (Animation and Graphic Design). B.Sc. Multimedia (Animation & Graphic).
Bachelor of Design (BDes). Bachelor of Visual Arts (BSc).
Bachelor of Fine Arts. Bachelor of Vocational Education (BVoc).
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Graphics & Web Design. BA in animation and CG Arts.
BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation. BSc in Animation and Gaming.

Diploma in Animation and Graphic Design.

Diploma in 2D animation. Diploma in 3D Animation.
Diploma in Digital Animation. Diploma in CG Animation.
Diploma in Animation and VFX. Diploma in Animation, Video Editing & Post Production Work.

Types of Graphic Design.

  • Motion Graphic design.
  • Visual Identity Graphic Design.
  • Publication of Graphic Design.
  • Arts and illustration.
  • Environmental Graphic Design.
  • Marketing and Advertising Graphic design.

Graphic Design and Animation Colleges.

Top Animation and Graphic Design Colleges in India for Admission.

  • Mahatma Gandhi University (Kerala, Kottayam).
  • National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad).
  • Joseph College of Communication (SJCC, Kottayam).
  • Arena Animation (Mumbai).
  • Goodwill College (Firozabad).
  • CET College of Management Science & Technology (Airapuram).
  • Lovely Professional University (Jalandhar).
  • Amity University (Gurgaon).
  • Institute of Design MIT (Pune).
  • IIFA Multimedia (Bengaluru).
  • Pearl Academy (Mumbai).
  • Hero Animation Academy (Bangalore).
  • Pauls Institute of Communication Education (Mumbai).
  • International School of Design (Pune).
  • Kalindi College (Delhi).
  • GNA University (Phagwara).
  • Vishwakarma University (Pune).

Graphic Design and Animation Entrance Exam.

For taking admission into animation and graphic designing courses. Many colleges and universities take the entrance exam.

Not all colleges are taking an entrance exam. But if you are looking at the admission in the popular college for animation course.

Then might be you have to give the entrance exam for the graphic design course.

AIEED. TDV Entrance Exam.
Pearl Academy Entrance exam. NIID Entrance exam.

Career in Graphic Design and Animation.

People all over the world using the internet infrequent basis. Through internet marketing work, online marketing work, and promotions of products are getting more easy and popular.

As consumption of the internet has been enhanced and marketing and video graphic demand get an increase. Computer designer experts and graphic designer careers are becoming more secure and safe.

Publisher, Studio, advertising companies, broadcast design, and the film industry are the top future scope of computer graphics.

Various kinds of jobs you can get with a Graphic design degree. You can work as a computer graphic artist or graphic designer, etc.

Graphic Design Fields for Career (Graphic Design Employment Areas).

Gaming Industry. Publishing Firms.
Media News. Graphic designing.
Web designing. Entertainment industry.
Logo Design. Advertising Media.
Visualizing. Interior Design.
3D Animation. 2D Animation.

Graphic design and animation jobs.

Now, let see the types of jobs for Graphic designers. After the animation and graphic design course (bachelor/diploma/certificate), you can apply for multiple job profiles.

You can apply these graphic design jobs profile through the top 10 online job portals. Else you can visit the firm too.

Graphic Designing Job Profiles.

  • Web Developer.
  • UI Designer.
  • Modeler.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Storyboard Writer.
  • Flash Animator.
  • Game Developer.
  • Director.
  • Video Editor.
  • Layout Designer.
  • Illustrator.
  • Animation.
  • Exhibition Designer.
  • SEO Consultant.
  • Film Director.

Top Recruiter Organization for Graphic Designer and animation.

Pixar. Disney.
Dream House. Lucas Film.
Frame Store. Sony.
Animation Studio. Advertises Companies.
Media Companies. Film Production Houses.

Graphic design and animation salary.

Next, let see the animation and design salary in India. We all work hard for our future and here also you are doing an animation course for the same.

Graphic designer salary would depend on various aspects.

Such as what degree or certificate you have, skills, aptitude, knowledge of computer techniques, graphic design tools and software, etc.

However, as a fresher in the animation field, you can get around 15k to 20k. After having experience in the animation industry your salary will be increased (approx. 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs).

But if you apply in the big firms like animation studio or Pixar. Then the salary could be much higher.

If you apply abroad for the graphic designer job profile. Then a salary could be around $51,110 annually.

Skills Required for Graphic Design.

Few qualities for graphic designers that interviewers always looking for.

Difference between graphic design and animation.

If you think that graphic design and animation both are the same thing then it’s not true. Students’ search on the web is graphic design and animation the same.

Graphic design industry growth happens in many ways. I have mentioned a few major graphic designs and animation differences below.


The animation is basically present the technical and editing work which bring imaginary cartoon, games, etc is in life.

Animation work happens with the drawing, original idea, designing, illustration, technology, layout, software tools, and more.

It presents the modern technology of entertainment. A degree in animation field can make your career as animation game designer or animation game developer.

Graphic Designing:

Graphic design handles creative work. In other words, it does the visual contents to deliver the information or message.

Such as logos, brochures, marketing templates, layout, and so on.

The designing field is basically famous for his page layout techniques. Apart from page layout techniques it also uses typography techniques to deliver awesome work to the client.

Through graphic designing, you can interact with customers and appealing photos increase engagement with the customer.

Graphic design work happens with color, shape, texture, size, etc. Popular areas of graphic design are publishers, social media, advertising agencies, the gaming industry, designing firms, etc.

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