Hardware and Networking Courses (Admission, fees, Jobs).

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Hardware and Networking Courses.

Hardware and Networking Courses Details.

Computer and internet experience is very common these days. The necessity of the computer is everywhere.

Therefore computer hardware course is popular among students.

Not all computer and networking course is famous. Only a few hardware networking courses are available. Which has a huge demand in the market.

So after 10th class or 12th class, you have to select the right computer course. Which have the scope of growth and career opportunities?

Hardware and Networking Courses Details.

I have seen many students who did the computer hardware and networking course.

But still not get the appropriate job. The problem is only that they have not chosen the right course.

Computer hardware and networking course present the IT field. And its field has a huge potential for earning and growth.

First, let’s understand what is computer.

Combination of the physical components which present the computer system. What is computer hardware?

Computer hardware is the collection of physical parts such as a monitor, hard disk, mouse, keyword, ram and motherboards, graphic card, etc.

Now Question comes what is computer hardware course.

Through a computer hardware course, you will learn about the hardware components.

Such as Chips, modern, processors, external hard disk, keyword, RAM, CPU, circuit boards, printers, and so on.

Types of Computer Hardware Courses.

I have divided the computer hardware course list into four sections. Certificate courses is a short term course. A diploma is around one year of hardware courses.

After that Bachelor degree long term course and master degree course. Along with ITI computer hardware and networking course.

The various course has its own value in the market. Such as computer organization, electronic circuits, electrical. Any many other courses explain the networking parts, LAN, administrator works.

Let see the best hardware and networking course names down below.

  • Certificate Courses.

Hardware and Networking Course. Course Duration.
Certificate in hardware and Networking Engineering. 1 Year.
Certificate in Hardware and Networking.
Certificate in Computer hardware maintenance and Networking. 6 Months.
Certificate in Hardware Technology. 6 Months.
Advanced Certificate of Hardware and Networking Professionals. 1 Year.
Cisco Certificate Network Associate (CCNA) 4 Months.
Cisco Certificate Network Associate Security. 6 Weekends.
Cisco Certificate Network Professional (CCNP).
Certificate in Network Security.
  • Diploma Courses.

Diploma Hardware and Networking Course. Course duration
Diploma in Computer hardware and Networking. 1 Year.
Advance Diploma In hardware Management. 1 Year.
Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenance. 6 Months.
Diploma in IT and Networking. 1 Year.
Diploma in Computer Networking and Security. 1 Year.
  • Bachelor Courses.

Degree Hardware and Networking Courses. Course Duration.
BSc in hardware and Networking. 3 Years.
BSc In Networking, hardware and, Electronic Appliances. 3 Years.
B.E/B.Tech. In Computer Science. 4 Years.
B.E/B.Tech. In Networking Technology. 3 Years.
  • Master Courses.

Master degree Hardware and Networking Course Course Duration.
MSc in hardware and Networking. 2 Years.
PG Diploma in Computer hardware. 1 Years.
Advance Diploma in Networking Technology. 1 Year to 2 Years.
M.E / M.Tech. In IT and Networking. 2 Years.
PG Diploma in Networking Technology. 1 year to 2 years.
M.E / M.Tech. In Networking & Cyber Security.  2 Years.
PG Diploma in hardware and Networking. 2 years.

Hardware and Networking Courses Eligibility Criteria.

After computer networking course details. Let check the eligibility criteria for all these courses.

  • 10+2 Pass out mark sheet can take admission in these courses or programmers.
  • Normally the diploma and certificate course admission happen instantly. However, few institutes and colleges take the technical skills test to check your aptitude.
  • Most of the bachelors computer hardware course admission process only required 12th merit. Other Colleges are also there who conduct the entrance test for admission.
  • For the PG diploma course, Bachelor’s degree is required.
  • If you are planning to apply for the MSc in hardware and networking course then. 50% of marks in compulsory required in your graduation degree.

Hardware and Networking Courses Fees.

Hardware networking course fees will vary as per the institute and colleges. It also deepens on which program you have selected for admission.

Apart from that course fees it also deepens on the college location, college rating, and college type (private/government).

However, as much I have check computer hardware and networking course fees are between 50,000 INR to 1,20,000 INR (average).

Hardware and Networking Courses Syllabus.

Computer Hardware and Networking course syllabus (subject) are very common in all institutes.

Here I have mentioned the BSc in hardware and networking syllabus along with a diploma in hardware and networking technology syllabus.

BSc in Hardware and Networking.

Networking Protocols. Installing Networks.
Configuring Networks. Operating Networks.
Maintaining Security. Basic of Information Technology.
Diploma in Hardware And Networking Syllabus. Diploma in Hardware And Networking Syllabus.
Fundamentals of information technology & Operating System. Basics of Electronics & Microprocessor.
Pc Assembling & Troubleshooting. Programming in C.
Communication & Soft Skills. Hardware LB – 1.
Computer Networks. Database Administration.

CCNA/CCNP/CCIE Professional Course Common Syllabus.

Introduction of computers. Basic Networking Concepts.
Introduction to various networking devices. Components inside a computer.
Network basic and configuration. Introduction to servers and network security.

List of Colleges offering hardware and Networking course.

Colleges Names. City.
Amity University. Uttar Pradesh.
NIT Kurukshetra. Haryana.
K.R. Mangalam University. Haryana.
D.Y.Patil. Kolhapur.
Netaji Subhas University. Delhi.
National Institute of Information Technology. Gurugram.
Jaipur National University. Rajasthan.
Jaypee University of Information Technology. Uttar Pradesh.
Hindustan Institute of Technology. New Delhi.
Manipal Institute of Technology. Karnataka.
Gujarat University. Gujrat.
Jetking information LTD. Delhi.
Institute of Advance Network Technology. Delhi.
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women University. Jaipur
GMR Varalakshmi Community College. Srikakulam.
Mother Teresa Institute of Science and Technology. Kochi.

Career Prospects.

Let’s check the jobs for hardware and networking students? The usage of computers laptops and internet is not going to stop ever.

Even private and government sectors are increasing their yearly profit just because of computers, desktop, mobile, and internet.

Indian also has huge opportunities in computer hardware areas. Thousands of vacancies are always coming for computer hardware and networking candidates.

Such as System design companies, Software Companies, hardware manufacturing companies, Telecom companies, MNCs, etc.

After completing the hardware and networking course you can apply to multiple companies and computer fields.

All most all companies need a technical person, computer engineers, network engineers, Router operators, etc. who can take care of their technical and networking issues.

Technology demands for hardware and networking to increase every single day.

Top IT filed, industrial plants, Web hosting companies, and manufacturing firms always need computer engineers. And it increases the demand of computer hardware and networking engineers.

Companies need hardware and software networking employees not only for developing the desktop. But also for regular computer maintenance and quality analysis.

A career in hardware and networking field is very vast. After having the certification course also you can earn a good salary in the computer field.

Job Profiles (Job Titles after Hardware & networking).

System Engineer. Design Engineer.
Systems Integration Engineer. Project Engineer.
Systems Administrator. Field Service Engineer.
Technical Support. IT Administrator.
Network Administrator. Technical Support.
IT Administrator. Network administrator.
Security Database development and Administration. Router Operator.
Hardware Consultant. Network Engineer.
Storage Specialist. Network Designer.
Cabling Designer. Back-up Operator.
Data Analyst. Field Engineer.
Desktop Support Engineer. IT Hardware and Networking Engineer.

Top Recruiter Companies and Areas.

  1. Dell.
  2. HCL.
  3. Wipro.
  4. Acer.
  5. Juniper.
  6. Accenture.
  7. Huawei.
  8. Intel Corporation.
  9. TCS.
  10. Infosys.
  11. Casio India Company.
  12. Hardware Manufacturer Companies.
  13. Hardware Repair Shops.
  14. System design Companies.
  15. Hospitals.
  16. Telecom Companies.
  17. Software Companies.
  18. College and University.
  19. Career Scope.

Scope of Computer Networking.

Companies cannot be work without computers and laptops. The future cannot be imagined without computers and networking. The career of computer science is bright and shining.

As an IT engineer, you provide the smooth functioning of all computer devices and software.

The scope of computer networking is huge with SQL Query, Excels, data analytics, and desktop support engineering.

Hardware and networking course provides endless job opportunities and scope.

Hardware and networking careers deal with various parts. Such as printer, processor, chips, Laptop, RAM, keyword, etc.

Skills for Computer Hardware and Networking.

Multitasking. Computer Maintenance and repair.
Knowledge of electronic circuitry. Problem Solving Skills.
Communication Skills. Computer Forensic.
Creative & Analytical. Knowledge of LAN & WAN.
Interpersonal Skills. Quality Control.

Hardware and Networking Courses Salary.

Because of the great achievement of computer usage from the last decades. Job profiles and salary are getting an increase in the computer science industry.

A variety of jobs always comes with different demands of work, responsibilities, and designation.

Salary will always depend on your experience in hardware networking. Plus your degree, specialization, job location, and knowledge of technical skills.

The average salary of hardware and networking is 1.5 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs. Hard work and work dedication can increase your salary and position.

After having experience in a computer hardware engineer you can expect a salary of approx. 2.5 Lakhs to 5.5 Lakhs.

As a senior network engineer, you can earn approx. 10 Lakhs to 11 Lakhs. Salary also depends on the company pay scale structure and his work demand.

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