High School Resume [2020] Writing Tips & Example.

Resume format for interview

High school resume.

A resume for high school students can be tricky. Because as a student you do not have any experience and what to mention kind of confusion.

What job title ton should be and what details are highly required.

High school resume.

In resume number of pages does not matter all matter is your right word choice and perfect details.

But as per my opinion as a high school student, you do have lots of things to mention in bullets points. You just have to focus on some major activity.

So ideally, as a student under your resume, you just have to write about who you are and your abilities or qualities.

Write a Killer Career Objective.

Through career objects basically, you have to provide a little summary of your key benefits. And how you are fit for applying for a job.

That’s your goal and how come you can provide the benefit to the company. So always try to write your career object through which you can present your ability or experience.

For Example:

Seeking a challenging career in Data analyst with a progressive organization which will utilize my Database skills, mathematical abilities, and education in programming language whilst contributing to the development of the company.

You can see in the above example. I have not only provided the details of my key skills.

But also mention that if I get selected. I can give your company a profit and success.

As a high school resume, you can win the interviewer’s attention through your career object only.

Content information on a high school resume.

After mention the career object and your name on top. You have to start mentioning your contact details.

Contact information always should be clear and correct. Because through that only the recruiter can contact you later.

Along with phone numbers do update the email address. If might you don’t have any professional email Id then make one professional email ID.

Next update your local address details. Town and state are the main part. I wrote all about the cover letter format for any resume. If you are getting difficulties writing a resume then check this article.


In this section, you have to highlight your education details. Plus you can also update your GPA to make class rank and SAT/ACT scores details.

If you have completed or pursuing any professional diploma or degree you can mention too.

Most of the companies prefer the excel knowledge or computer application knowledge candidate. So if you know of any of this then kindly update too.

Additional Skills.

In high school resume, additional skills are more important. Because through additional skills the only recruiter will find the correct candidate for the job.

More additional skills are always stand out of candidate crowd. So always, try to present your both hard skills and soft skill. You can mention the additional skills for example:

  • Accounting.
  • Measurable.
  • Good listener.
  • Photographer.
  • Other languages.
  • Advanced excel.
  • Logo creation.
  • Event knowledge.
  • Your typing speed.
  • Microsoft Word information.
  • Computer application.
  • Problem solver.
  • Project handling practice.
  • Knowledge of adobe.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Verbal communication.
  • Google doc’s knowledge.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Fundamental management.

Awards, Honor, and Achievements for a High School Resume.

In your schooling or high school. If might you have received any reward or honor then you can make the section of award too.

There you can mention your achievements. No matter honor is small or big mention your achievements are always good.

However, if might you not have any reward or honor then avoid that section from your resume.

Spotlight Your Volunteer Experiences.

While making high school resume some student does mention the formal experience. If might be you not have experience then also not to worry.

You can replace the experience section by mentioning your extracurricular activities, group work, and event handling and so on.

You can use the build points to explain your activities along with role details. Plus you can also explain your outside activity skills such as any leadership role, team handling skill, working for kids NEO and more.

Mention Relevant Coursework.

Currently, in this high school resume, we took the example of a data analyst profile.

Hence, in the same way. You have to check first that “do you have any short term course or experience” related to the applied job.

If you have then mentioned on your high school resume. The company always prefer if you have at least little information or experience related to the current position.

Normally the company always likes to invest training time and money on that candidate.

Who does have some sort of position role information? Because an empty mind for any position required more effort and time.

What are companies expect to see on the resume?

The interview normally deals with 100 and 1000 candidates daily like you. So sometimes it’s very difficult for them to find the correct candidate in a short period.

Therefore, sometimes the interviewer frequently scans the resume, in short, to cross-check some major points. And if they find that major point which basically.

He/she is looking for then they take the full interest to proceed with the interview future.

Now the question comes what are points or expectation interviewer are looking for. A few of them I have mentioned here for you check below.

  • Skills.
  • Education.
  • Online Presence.
  • Result & achievements.
  • Relevant language.
  • Format of a resume.
  • Overall Career progression.
  • Role & responsibility in the previous company.

Promote Your Attitude.

Do not take promote your attitude is in the wrong sentence. Promote your attitude means show the right behavior in front of the recruiter.

Because everything is noticeable in your interview. The right behavior shows the recruiter that you are the correct person to represent their company.

Now the question comes what attitude is good to present. There are many ways to showcase your personality. However, few are mention below:

  • Pet sitting. (Set slowly don’t jump on the chair).
  • Babysitting.
  • Your online skills.
  • Behave calmly.
  • Don’t jump for answering the question.
  • Speak in a normal tone (not too loud/not too slow).
  • Participating in good helping work.

Extra Tips for writing a High School Resume:

  • Outline.

For making a good high school resume its always good if you outline your point. If you make the simple outline list then writing a resume will be much easier and good. The focus in this main resume outline:

Resume Headline.

  1. Branding statement. (If you have your YouTube channel or website)
  2. Resume objective.
  3. Professional experience.
  4. Job title.
  5. Education details.
  6. Qualification and skills.

Use Action Skills.

Try to use the active language or action verbs while you are describing your resume job title details.

  • Keep short with all the required information.

Do not make a lengthy resume. Just keep it one-page resume. Try not to describe a lot on a resume keep it simple and clean. Don’t write long phases of career summary or career objective.

Cross-check twice and print copies.

After completing the resume format. It’s good to check twice for spelling mistakes and grammar.

If you might be you are not confident enough. Approach to your friend or senior how has better knowledge regarding this.

Make sure the contact details should be correct. Now take the print out for a final copy. Because little mistake of your resume can make your impression bad on the recruiter’s eyes.

High School Resume Sample.

Deepak Sharma

156 Rattan Street, Chennai, 600010.

Phone Number: 666-8954-8596 Deepak.sharma@gmail.com


Bright and focused high school student. Aim of life to contribute strongly within a data analyst process that required perfect skills and right enthusiasm.

Communications: Perfect in both orally and in writing. I am very friendly with new people too.

Able to build a strong relationship in a few hours only. Believe in helping others, behave properly and respect all humans begin.

Teamwork: As I am career-oriented so able to give my example to motivate other colleagues too.

In the school project, I have to handle a group of teams. So I do have an idea of how to manage and put together people for work achievement.

Technical Skills: Solid command of advanced excel and Microsoft office. Plus do know about social media marketing too. Which is quite required these days for every company.


I have completed my B.Com from Delhi University, south campus, 110056.

I have completed my schooling from DAV (Delhi).

Experience Highlights / Volunteer Experience:

Worked under HP Private Limited.

Nehru Place (Delhi).

I have joined as an internship to get the opportunity to learn with the senior employee.

Able to deliver the basic knowledge of data analyst.

I have communicated with the customer and try to help them with my problem-solving skills. Did the practice in a programming language such as SQL, Oracle and more.

Plus I have increased my mathematical ability under the senior provision. Also, schedule an appointment with clients.

Key Skills:

  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Accuracy & attention.
  • Interpret data.
  • Logical approach.
  • SQL knowledge.
  • Oracle Knowledge.
  • Project planner.

Relevant Coursework:

  • Computer application.
  • Data analyst management.
  • Intro to data analyst.

Additional Skills:

  • Knowledge of HTML.
  • Knowledge of advance excel.
  • Knowledge Spanish language.
  • 60+ typing Speed.


  • Music.
  • Writing.
  • Traveling.

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