How to Become Doctor Without Neet: Courses/Scope.

How to Become Doctor Without Neet

How to Become Doctor Without Neet.

Thousands of students have the question of how to become a doctor without Neet. After 10th or 12th, class science students start dreaming about the Doctor’s career.

Almost all students know that Neet is one of the important exams we have for becoming a doctor. But still, we want to know how to become in India without Neet.

Therefore I am writing as much as brief information is possible for you. See Neet exam has its own importance. Without Neet MBBS is quite impossible.

However, there are many other medical courses is available which is easily possible without the Neet exam.

Apart from the major medical course, some other courses are also available that enhance the healthcare center.

Courses such as physician assistants, nutritionists, medical lab technologists, and so on.

Eligibility for Healthcare Courses Without NEET.

Students must require the subject’s combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or Physics, Chemistry and math are in his 12th standard. Any small course relevant to the stream studies.

Medical Courses Without NEET.

This course gives you a way how to become a doctor without the Neet Exam.


Medical Career


Course Duration


Eligibility (Admission Requirements).


Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology.


3 Years of Course.


12th Pass out With PCB/M.


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.


4/5 Years of Course.


12th Pass Out With PCB.


Diploma in Rehabilitation.


1 Years of course.


12th Pass Out with PCB.


Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Engineering.


4 Years of the Course.


12th Pass Out with PCB/M.

Bachelor of Science in Cardiac.  

4 Years of course.


12th Pass Out with PCB.


Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.


3 Years of the course.


12th pass Out with PCB.


Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy.


4 Years of the course.


12th pass out with PCB.


Bachelor in Psychology.


3 Years of course.


12th pass out.

Entrance Exam for Course Without Neet.

Apart from basic eligibility, there is no entrance exam available for the course without Neet. So do not worry about the entrance exam for the course without Neet.

Career Scope of Medical Course Without Neet.

Work experience and practice will make your career more reliable and stable in this career field. If you make to self-experts in your subject or topic.

Then you can also get the chance to work with top doctors as a researcher. Plus you can also practice independently if you are looking for the same.

Plus you can also start your career in famous filed like therapist, Nutritionist, Perfusionist, Psychologist, and other more?

Medical Courses after 12th Without Neet.

After completing the 12th class if you want to pursue the healthcare line without appearing of Neet Exam then refer to these alternative career options.

Biochemist (If you have an interest in researching. Then you can do this 3 years of biochemist course. In other words B.Sc. in biochemistry. After completing this course you can research with private research institutions).

Biomedical Engineer (Here you will get knowledge of the cause of diseases and find the solution for those diseases.Very interesting subject and technology. It will going to take your 4 years of education.)

Pharmacist (This course will provide you the knowledge of medicines and prescriptions. After completing 4 years of course you can start your career with the provision of medicines, consultancies, manufacturing, and industry related to medicines).

Food Technology (This course will going to teach you about the transformation of raw materials into food. Food technology also takes 4 years of study. After completing this course you can start your career as an engineer or researcher).

Nursing (Here you will get opportunities in the private plus government sector both. You can also do the specialist in ICU, ER, and Surgical, and so on. The course will vary in 3 to 4 years. Very demanding field with great career scope).

Agricultural Science (Agricultural is a very vast topic. So you will get lots of topics such as farm management, business-related manufacture of farm machinery, research in farm products, and more. The agriculture science course will be going to take your 3years of study.

Dairy Farming (Huge opportunity in India after completing dairy farming under the dairy industry and processing. Eligibility 12th pass out along with PCM minimum marks of 55%).

Naturopathy (Here you will get the area of study such as nutrition therapy, homeopathic, herbal, botanical, and acupuncture. Bachelor of Naturopathy takes 4 years of study. Apart from 12th pass out students also required 45% marks on PCB).

Clinical Research (This course is all about medicine and clinical equipment. The Diploma course is also available for this course. Else you can do the 3 years of B.Sc. in clinical research course).

Criminology and Forensics (If you were able to complete this course then you can work as a scientist, investigator, forensic scientist, research assistant, and more.

Tremendous private or government opportunities are available after completing this course. Course available at all levels like UG, Post-graduation, Diploma, and Post-graduation diploma).

Bioinformatics (If you are a student who loves research work then you can go for this course as well. This course is all combined with biology, maths, computer science, and engineering.

The Bioinformatics course duration is 3 years and if you want to do the in this then course duration will be 4 years).

Besides this there is more medical course is available which not required NEET exam, For example:

  1. Behavior Analyst.
  2. Clinical Coder.
  3. Anatomy.
  4. Biochemistry.
  5. Ecologist.
  6. Cytotechnologist.
  7. Optometrist.
  8. MRI Technician.
  9. Anesthesia Assistants and technologists.
  10. Assistant Behavior Analyst.
  11. Clinical Social Worker.
  12. Diagnostic Medical Radiographer.
  13. Dialysis therapy Technologist.
  14. Electrocardiogram Technologist or Echocardiogram Technologist.
  15. Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and surgery.
  16. Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Technologist.
  17. Environment Protection officer.
  18. Forensic Science Technologist.
  19. Health information management technologist.
  20. Bachelor of Homeopathic medicine and surgery.
  21. Medical Health Support Workers.
  22. Medical Laboratory Technologist.

Best Colleges for Above Given Courses:

  • GGs Indraprastha University.
  • Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute Delhi.
  • Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP).
  • Apollo College of Physiotherapy (HD).
  • Indian Institute of health education and research (Patna).
  • Post Graduate Institute of medical and research (Chandigarh).
  • K.M.C.H College of Occupational Therapy.
  • Seth GS Medical College and KEM hospital.
  • Maniple College of Allied health Science.
  • National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research (Nirtar).

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