How to Change UPI Pin [Google Pay/Tez, Paytm App].

Google in your smartphone

How to change UPI (Unified Payment Interface System) pin in google pay or How to change UPI pin in Tez.


As we all know that Google pay is now called Tez.


UPI makes people’s life easy when a person wants to do any purchasing or transition.


It’s secure because it provides you the freedom to use your payment without card details or net banking.


Changing the UPI in google pay (Tez) is a very easy task.


UPI PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the number that we enter when we are adding any new payment method to google pay.


Or maybe you are doing any transaction.


Normally UPI Pin is a code of 4-6 digit code.


When you first make an account in google pay (Tez). And adding your first account details. That time Google will ask you for the UPI PIN.


Besides, the best part of google pay is that you can use your bank account UPI pin is also here.


Or perhaps you can change your google pay UPI pin too. It’s totally up to you how you would like to use it.


Here I am going to share with you two different scenarios.


First, we will see, how can we change the UPI pin in google pay. And after that second we will see the process of how to reset the UPI pin. So, let’s start with how to change the UPI pin.

Step 1: Open your google pay (Tez) account in android /iPad/iPhone.


Step 2: On the top right side, you will see the option of three dots. You have to click on that.


Step 3: Next you have to tap the settings option.


Step 4: here, you can edit your bank account details also, if you like to do any editing. If you don’t want to edit then please skip this step.


Step 5: Now, when you tab more options. Then you will see the option name of security.


Step 6: Screen will show and ask you to put in your current google pin. So, put the current pin.


Step 7: Next, check-in you will see the option of forgot pin. Here Google will ask you to verify your email Id password.


Step 8: After that, you just have to follow the little instruction. And will be able to change your UPI pin password.

How to change UPI pin in Paytm.


If you are using the Paytm app for your transition. And you are thinking that How to change the UPI pin in Paytm.


Then you are on the right page. It is a very easy process, let me tell you to step by step. So, you will follow the same and not get confused.


1). you have to log in to your Paytm app.


2). in the top left corner, you will see the three lines of the menu option. Kindly click on that.


3). Here you will get multiple options. Just scroll the button down. And you have to click on the option my payment setting.


4). Now you have to click on the setting option, which will appear in the first one.


5). Here, the Paytm app will show you, your bank account details. So, click on your bank account details.


6). after that, you will get the option of forgetting the UPI pin.


7). Next, the Paytm app will ask you for the card details. This means, the last six-digit number along with expiry and validation date.


8). The next page will require OTP which will take automatically if you log in with your registered mobile number.


9). Down of the OTP option, you will get the Set UPI pin. And after that confirm the UPI pin. Here you are all done with your change UPI pin in Paytm.


Now you can freely check your account balance and do the further transition in your Paytm app.

UPI Pin Full Form.

Many of us have questions like what is the UPI number really is and what is the full form of UPI pin. Might be some of you may know what is UPI pin or maybe some are not.

Therefore I would like to give you a small introduction to the UPI pin. UPI pin full form is ”Unified Payment Interface” (PIN) “Personal Identification Number”. After generating this pin you can do all bank transactions work through one pin ID.

It makes your bank work easy and convenient. One best parts of UPI Pin is that. It does not matter in which app you have generated the UPI pin in the past. You can still use that UPI pin in another app.

For example, you have generated the UPI pin in Phone-PE App but you can use that UPI Pin in the BHIM app too.

Error Generating UPI Pin:

Whenever you will enter the new payment account details in the App. It will ask you for the UPI PIN number for verification and link up.

Two kinds of errors you might get, while you are generating the UPI pin. First not receiving the OTP or second not being able to reset your UPI PIN again after forgetting your pin number.

So for the first issue, when you are not getting the OTP it could be the network issue or you need to require the same phone number in your hand. In which you want the OTP.

Don’t mind but lots of people doing this mistake. They are using different numbers and waiting for the OTP in a different number. So don’t do this kind of silly mistake.

The second might be you forgot your UPI PIN and getting an issue while trying to generate the new one.

Let see how to recreate the UPI PIN after forgetting in an Android phone:

Reset Your UPI PIN.

Note: For resetting your UPI Pin you required your debit card details too.

Step 1: Go to Google pay.

Step 2: Click on the top left photo icon.

Step 3: Now click on Bank Account Tab.

Step 4: Choose the bank account name which you like to edit.

Step 5: Now click on Forgot UPI Pin option.

Step 6: Here now you have to put your debit card number and expiry date details.

Step 7: Now you will get the option to create a new UPI PIN.

Step 8: Next enter the OTP which you will get in your number through text and done.

This means you cannot able to send and receive the money during that period of time.

Create New UPI PIN on iPhone.

Step One: Visit Google Pay Site or App.

Step Second: In Top left corner click on the photo box and next click on the bank account option.

Step Third: Select the bank account which you want to edit and find the option of forgot the UPI PIN option.

Step four: Now you have to follow the instruction which has been providing by your iPhone device.

Between these processes, App will also be going to ask you the details of your debit card details.

Note: It’s applied in both android and iPhone. In any circumstances might be you put the wrong UPI Pin in your app. The possibility is there that you can’t able to change or reset your pin in the next 24 hours.