7 Ways for, How to Improve Communication Skills.

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Board of Communication.

Many of us looking for “how to improve communication skills” in own workplace or daily lifestyle.

First, of fall, you have to understand that English fluency and communication skills both are different things.

If you remember lots of English sentences or might be you will speak English frequently than not means. That you have good communication skills.

Communication skills cannot be learned, it can be developed only. You can only develop communication skills with good practice.

Today, I am going to share you, the 7 important point which matters to improve your communication skill.

1). Making Eye Contact.

While talking, it’s important that you make eye contact with other people. Generally, people not able to make eye content to their boss or senior because of ends of reason.

Make improve in yourself, while talking it’s good that you make eye contact with the person. It will show your self-confidence plus it is the main part of communication skills.

Hence, the strategy to improve communication skills is only, that you talk more and more people.

As much as you will open yourself. You will feel confident enough and communication with people only improve your communication skill.

2). Body language.

Body language is also a part of communication skills. Perfect fluency in your sentence only works 20% impression font of anyone, 80% of your communication skill will work only.

Means do not act like a robot, the activity of the body shows your hidden expression.

The presentation is always worked best. When you are speaking with someone then, use your hand movement and body language very attentive.

For example, chose any of your favorite actor or actress and see the way they talk in an interview, or how they are preventive their self in front of fan crowd.

It will teach you lots of things. Like how body presentation shows your activeness in communication. And if you have good activeness you will be able to communicate more calmly with other people.

Therefore, movement in your body language express yourself in both ways. Do the practice while you are talking to your friend or family.

Start changing your small activity and it will help you to be a good communicator.

3). Voice Tonality or Pitch of tone.

Communication skill matter under relationship too. Have you ever focus on your voice tonality. A good communication skill shows perfect voice tone.

If you feel that your voice pitch goes high while taking. Then it’s not a good sign for a good communicator.

Voice tone shows your personality. Additionally, do not change the pitch of tone low to high when you are talking. Try to talk in one voice tonality and maintain that, in your whole conversation.

Many of us speak loudly when we get nervous. If you show your nervousness plus high voice pitch in front of your boss or senior then, they will lose confidence in you.

Or might be they through they you are not smart enough to handle the situation.

Don’t change your pitch of voice and maintain the voice tonality to improve your communication skills.

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4). Begin Proactively.

Be attentive in your work, also give you the improvement in your communication skills.

Normally, what happens that we could not able to talk in front of our class or office! Because mostly time, we are not sure enough, about the topic in which discussion is going on.

So, if you will begin proactively in your work or in the task. Then you can speak without any hesitation in front of anyone. Because you know that you have the knowledge on that topic.

Knowledge of the topic and your confidence in words will make you a good communicator. For example, why we are listening to the news anchor so seriously when he or she said something.

Because we know that they are sharing some important information which we don’t hear before.

So, you will get the attended only when you have the knowledge of the topic. Do not talk in an empty mind. kindly be proactive in your work.

5). Work on Mother’s tongue.

For developing effective communication skills, you have to work on your mother tongue too. Because if your mother tongue mixes with your English and it shows up when you are talking. Then it’s not a good sign.

Develop your language skills without your mother tongue. Practice through communicating more people, while talking to any service center on the phone.

Try talking in English, it ok if you do the mistake. Record your sound while you are talking and hear that recording after a while, check where you are lacking.

Take the tuition class if required to develop your skillset and remove your mother tongue sound from your natural conversation or official conversation.

6). Do Multitask.

There are many people around us, who have a misconception. That communication skill can be improved after having some heavy vocabulary words in the sentence.

It not true, you have to be multitasked to enhance your brain activity. For that, start watching English videos follow ted.com on YouTube.

Great platform for English story presentation. Do writing apart from your class homework or office stuff. Writes something different related to your daily activity.

Read lauding when reading the books at home. So, you can hear your voice clearly. Probably, you find a few mistakes, which you did know about yourself. Watch English movies see the voice tone, how an actor is talking.

If you feel panic or shay in front of people. Then start talking in front of the mirror to build your confidence and eye content. Talking font of a mirror has the best method in my opinion.

I have done this before too, whenever I had an interview. I did this practice to improve my communication skills.

Actually, what happens, when you speak the font of a mirror then, you can see yourself and your body language. This practice will make you a more confident font of others.

It will give you a boost to open up yourself confidently. So, developing communication skills is not a one day task. You have to do keep on practice.

7). Productive & Creative.

After learning and applying all the steps in your lifestyle. It’s important that you do not forget your productive part.

If you have a valid point in front of your boss or teacher. Then they will become more interesting to know your views.

Additionally, be creative and smart in your work. Be updated knowledge about the things which help others for improvement. Do not hesitate to show your point of view.

Do something extra, which others not doing. If you have extra stuff in your mind. Then only you can convince your nearby person. You can also follow the famous speakers.

They are famous, not because they have only good communication skills. They are famous because apart from communication skills, they have an extra trick or knowledge. Which makes those people different from you.

So, be creative in your work and task. And show your productivity through your communication skills. It is one more great method to develop your communication skills.

Through all these steps you can able to improve your communication skills easily. Similarly, now you have to work in your English fluency.

To know English better you can work in your sentences and vocabulary. English speaking is a learning path. You can improve the English language, while you are watching an English movie or reading books.