How to Increase Your IQ [11 Smart Ways].

Brain happy with his IQ

In today’s competition, it’s important that we think twice about how to increase our IQ. Many people asking a question like, is it possible to raise your IQ?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible. To make changes in your routing and seeking new experience can easily increase your IQ.

Your IQ has the capacity to change every time. It totally up to you how to treat your brain. Are you giving new information or updates to your mind or not.

We will also be going to talk about some foods. Which will help us to increase our intelligence? Increase your IQ can be possible if you break your daily routine and add some quality stuff into.

Therefore, we are going to discuss a few major points. Which play a big role in increasing your IQ.

1). Medication (Increase your IQ):

One of the big factor while we are talking about our IQ level. Many research proof that medication not only releases our stress or bad mood. It also pushes our brain to function in a proper way.

Try to give 15 to 20 minutes daily to your medication. If you are super busy then also, please try for 10 to 15 mints but start at least. It will improve your blood flow. Plus give our patients and relax oriented mindset.

2). Read:

Education has the power to increase your IQ. Read challenging subject which gives the challenge to your mind

Normally, many students do not like math’s, physic, and chemistry. Because this subject has a tuff topic as compared to other subjects.

So, do not take back step from these subjects. Science will increase your IQ to understand the world in a better way. If you solve the math’s it will increase your ability power and logic power.

3). Play Chess (Increase your IQ):

Many of royal kings like chess and we know that these games coming from centuries. In other words, chess is a complex game.

If you play chess it will increase your IQ. Because it develops problem-solving ideas in you.

Your focus will be to improve, play for one side but running mind from both sides will actually help your brain to improve.

If you play chess regular or at least 12 weeks then your IQ will increase automatically. In children, it’s work faster.

4). Puzzles or Problem-solving games:

Instant playing normal games. I would suggest you start playing puzzles games. Challenge your brain to solve puzzles. Challenge your mind for new making new words.

Download the app like, what saying or Quiz up. Start given the task to your mind. See how much time its take, do regular practice and see after month.

How to improve you are and how fast your brain is responding.

5). New Experiences (Increase your IQ):

Waking up every day and doing some work will not increase your IQ level. Additionally, start experience in work, apart from puzzles or medication. Do new things, go to new places.

Test different food and experience new hotels on holidays. Small changes will help you to improve your brain power and IQ.

New experiences will improve your knowledge and choices.

6). Play Guitar:

Many big university research showed that becoming proficient in a musical instrument will increase the IQ level. It will work for both children and adult.

Playing an instrument will increase your IQ level 6 to 8 points. There are many instruments through which you can start.

However, I will suggest you for the guitar. It is a little tuff while starting you have to focus on finger movement as per music. Which will very good exercise for the mind.

Learning music instruments as always the best option for increasing your IQ level.

7). Learn New Language:

Learning a foreign language will make your brain boost and increase your IQ. Because learning a new language will give our mind a new set of rules and a new set of navigation.

In other word, given the platform of more than one language will expend your brain. Eventually, it will improve your reading and capturing power.

Few you want to learn a foreign language in little time. Then you can download the Duolingo, and start your learning today only.

8). Vitamin B:

Nutrients also help us our brain to work fast. Generally, we eat lots of food on a daily basis which have Vitamin B. But if you focus more on this food that will help you to increase the blood flow.

  1. Meat.
  2. Eggs.
  3. Cheese.
  4. Whole wheat.
  5. Green Vegetables.
  6. Etc…

Consuming anything more than required will harm you. So, better divide the days according to food and consumption thinks in a better way.

Vitamin B will actually boot you up and gives power to your brain. It very helps full for increasing your IQ level.

9). Sleep when required:

We all know that sleep is important. Medical research proves that sleep of 7 to 9 hour is important for every human to begin.

Many times we sleep late at night and the next day we feel sleeping. Avoiding sleeping habit will cause you badly. Sometimes we feel sleepy badly in the evening time.

No matter what time it is if you feel sleeping then you have to take a small sleep. Because giving a break to your mind is very important. So that your brain function works properly.

10). Best Foods:

Generally, people heat protein food. But if you take a small amount of protein food also it well help a lot. There are much protein and vitamin food are available in the market.

However, if you talk for brain improvement or IQ improvement then, you can have this food too.

  1. Berries.
  2. Salmon.
  3. Beans.
  4. Dark Chocolate.
  5. Nuts.
  6. Broccoli.
  7. Caffeine.
  8. Spinach.
  9. Avocado.

Dark chocolate has lots of protein including flavones. It also has B2, B1, Vitamin A, and E. This food will make you strong from internally.

Because protein has the power to increase neurotransmitters and brain production. Which will enhance your IQ level?

11). Practice Lot:

When you will start playing with crosswords. In starting might be you will not able to find words. Its ok you have to try your best. And need to practice a lot.

If you want some ideas then you can refer to the online test. Similarly, practice for a physics test, mathematics test.

The more you will do the test, the more you will increase your IQ.