What are the Best ITI Courses [62 ITI Courses For You]?

Electrician fixing wire problem

ITI Courses.

Know all about the best ITI courses after 10th, 12th, 8th. For a bright career choice and success.

1. Electrician:

The course takes 2 years of study. After 10th you can pursue the ITI electrician course. You can also earn a vocational training certificate if you do well.

It’s cover the various aspect like wiring, earthing, batteries, fans, motors, and so on.

Syllabus of this ITI course majorly covers the two parts, first Trade theory, and second Trade practice.

Practice parts cover the topic like identification of wires, drilling trade, fitting trade, assembly the dry cell, and many more.

Job Opportunities:

Few companies are always frequently hiring for this profile, for example, MNCs, Refineries, electrical appliance manufacturer firm.

2. Electronics Mechanic:

Similar to other ITI courses electronics mechanics also take 2 years of study along with four semesters.

The minimum qualification is 10th pass out. Under this course, you will learn about the maintenance procedures and specialization in repairing.

Therefore, course few subjects are like, hand tool and their usage, transformer, passive component, transistor, and so on.

Job profile:

After completing this ITI course you can apply for a job profile, for example.

Electrician, assistant linemen, maintenance technician, and electronic mechanic.

3. Draughtsman Civil:

Take minimum qualification of 10th pass out. It’s good intentness of this industry if you have little skill of building materials and knowledge of historical things.

And Subject of draughtsman civil overs the many interesting topics, for example, drawling details of roof, ground, steel structure, and upper place and many more.

Completing this ITI course you can easily find the job on various platforms.

Job Profile:

You can apply for Draughtsman piping, architecture assistant, and structural Draughtsman.

4. Draughtsman Mechanical:

This ITI course also takes the two years of the time. Minimum qualification for students in 10th pass out along with 10+2 mathematics and science.

The syllabus covers the theory and particle, both topics. You will learn the particle of using.

Instrument, layout dwelling, projections of cones, and so on.

Job Opportunity:

Benefits of opportunity are very large in this industry. Not only private, the government sector also required Draughtsman Mechanical qualified person.

For protecting building and manufacturing bridges, structural fabrication, and more.

Job profile: Designer, Draughtsman piping, Architecture assistant, and so on.

5. IT and Electronics System Maintenance:

One of the famous course under all ITI courses. Minimum qualification is 10th pass out along with mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

This course taught you lots of things like repair, troubleshooting, maintain equipment and so on.

Four semester covers the syllabus like, familiarize with hand tools, atomic structure, power factor, DC motors, wave rectifier, and many more.

After completing this course you can apply for a computer software company or government jobs.

Job profile:

Computer assistant, technical associate, computer operator, engineer assistant.

6. Machinist Grinder:

ITI in machinist grinder will be taught you the diffident grinder techniques, operating machines, modify and repair machine instruments, metal properties, and more.

For this course, you should have 10th pass out. And 10+2 under a science and math subject. 

As like other most of ITI courses machinist grinder course also take 2 years of study.

Syllabus cover topics like safety and general processers, hand tools, the theory of instruments, and so on.

Job opportunities:

Many big companies like Chandan steel ltd, national geographical research institute, Adecco India private limited. Always show up with a new hiring position.

7. Mechanic Radio and TV:

IIT in mechanic radio and television take 2 years of study. You will be going to teach about television transmitting, testing, and equipment inspection.

Minimum eligibility is required 10th pass out.

Syllabus of mechanic radio and television cover the topic like safety, wire stripping, vacuum impregnation, resistor, micro switches, maintenance, and many more.

The best part of this course is that after completing the same you can also open your service center.

Job types:

System debugger, media associate, electronics technician.

8. Surveyor:

ITI in the surveyor takes one year of the study period. This course will be taught you how to maintain the maps, reports, survey data, and so on.

The syllabus covers the topic like tools, scales, equipment, compass survey, curves, a road project, and more.

You can pursue this course if you have the ability of presentation, good communication, science, math, negotiation.

Job profiles: Ship surveyor, mine surveyor, shipping surveyor, a land surveyor.

You can also go for a diploma course for example.

  • Diploma in mine surveying.
  • Diploma in survey engineering.
  • Diploma in surveying.

9. Radiology technician: 

If you have an interest in medical equipment then you can peruse for the radiology ITI course. This course takes two years and minimum qualification is 10th pass out.

However, its cover the topic like a basic –ray, computed tomography, mammography.

After completing the radiology technician course you can apply for a government hospital either private hospital.

Job profile you can apply for like:

  • Radiology assistant.
  • CT technician.
  • Ultrasound technician.
  • X-ray Technician.

10. Machinist:

Similar to the radiology course, ITI in machinist also takes two years to complete this course.

You will get the information about tools and instruments, modification parts, mechanical instruments, and many more.

Syllabus cover the four-semester and minimum qualification for this course in the 10th pass out.

Machinist course teaches you about various topics like heat treatment, depth gauge, shaping mechanism, clamps, slot, construction details and more.

The skill required: troubleshooting, speaking, monitoring, equipment maintenance, repairing, operations analysis, system evaluation.

Job profile: Chipper grinder, die fitter, tools room machines (operator).

11. Turner:

ITI in turner is two years course. It also required 10th pass out minimum qualification. 

This course will introduce you to various topics, for example, construct tools, machine components, and industrial machinery.

The skill required: problem-solving, mathematics skills, patient.

Syllabus cover the particle and theatrical part like measurement, vice, material use, drill machine, different parts, lathe cutting, types of the micrometer.

Job profile:

  • Radial drilling operator.
  • Lathe operator.
  • Quality technician.

12. Weaving technician:

This is a year course and the minimum qualification required is 8th class pass out.

This course will be taught you the fabrics, tufting, shrinking, and weaving, and so on.

The theory part of syllabus cover the topic like textile fibers, familiarization, parts of pit loom, types of slays, frame looms, warping, stamping, hand milling, and more.

Job profile you can go like a textile consultant, assist weaving supervisor, wove designer.

13. Library and information science:

This is a very short team course only six months along with one semester. You will be taught aspect likes, introduction, research, organization, and so on.

As like other ITI courses, this course also required minimum qualification of 10th pass out.

The skill required: forecast future, work sprit, team handling, and hard work.

Job profile: 

  • Assistant library and information science.
  • Academic coordinator.
  • Project Asst.

14. Fitter:

ITI in the fitter course takes two years of study. This course will introduce you with hand tools, fitting and assembling, I-beams, and plate steel.

Minimum qualification 10th class pass out with 10+2 science and mathematics.

Syllabus over the practical and theory class both.

The skill required: work in a specialized way, stable in an uncomfortable position, physically fit.

Job types:

  • Welder fitter.
  • Mechanical fitter.
  • Plant maintenance fitter.
  • Technical assistant.
  • Pipe fabricator.

15. Auto Electrician:

The auto electrician course takes one year. It will be taught you how to repair, install, wiring, and generators and equipment.

The skill required: problem-solving skills, turn to think in a good way, management skill, and research techniques.

Job types:

  • Staff electrical.
  • Auto electrical.
  • Car Ac machine.
  • Spare parts dealer.
  • Laboratory assistant.
  • Spare parts salesman.

Eligibility: 10th pass and should under 10+2 long with science and math.

16. Spinning Technician:

This course duration is two years for the semester.

If you will peruse this course then you will be taught the topic like workshop calculation, professional skill, employability skill, engineering drawing, project work and more.

Eligibility: similar to auto electrician course 10th pass out and should under10+2 along with math and science.

Job types:

  • Spinning technician.
  • Metal Spinning technician.
  • Assistant manager.
  • Spinning shift manager.

17. Foundryman technician:

ITI in foundry man technician takes one year of study along with two-semester.

This course will be taught you the various aspect like personal protection, fire safety equipment use, a melting point of temperature, and so on.

Eligibility: 10th pass out and under 10+2 science and math.

Job types: 

  • Foundryman.
  • Assistant marketing manager.
  • Storekeeper.
  • Assistant foundry head.
  • Assistant inspect.

18. Architectural Assistant:

This course will take the qualification of 10th pass out and 10+2 with equal 40% in science and math.

You will be taught you the task like preparing and developing an architectural design, support the architectural team, check out the design, and so on.

The syllabus covers the topic like foundation, lettering, stone masonry, doors, window, algebra, lime, projection, construction, anthropometrics, and many more.

Job types:

  • Interior design.
  • Architectural firm.
  • Site supervisor.
  • Draftsman.
  • Architectural technician.

19. Wireman:

ITI in wireman takes two years of study it is electrical engineering vocational trade. The minimum qualification for this course is 8th class pass out.

The syllabus covers the topic like, install wire, fire protection system, install lighting, and troubleshoot electrical, drilling practice, testing equipment, wiring techniques and so on.

The skill required: mechanical understating, schematics, writing, electric information.

Job profile:

  • Wire.
  • Lineman.
  • Assistant electrician.
  • Maintenance technician.
  • Panel wiremen.

20. Fireman:

ITI fireman takes one year course and minimum qualification is 10th pass out.

You will learn the aspect like firefighting safety, run firefighting equipment, medical assistant (in an emergency), rescue option, crow’s management, and more.

Eligibility: 10th pass out and under 10+2 schooling.

The theory part of the syllabus will cover fire protection, fire prevention, fire protection, fire science, and so on.

Job profile:

  • Fireman
  • Fireman operator.
  • Fireman assistant.

21. Auto body repair Technician:

ITI in auto body repair technician admission takes minimum qualification of 10th pass out.

This course comes in one year, two years, and four years in the course too. It’s totally up to you which course you have selected according to the subject selection.

This car repairing course has some common concept taught for example.

  • Vehicle bodies.
  •  Repair and maintenance.
  • Manual and power steering.
  • Troubleshooting.

Syllabus of the practical part covers the topic like the exhaust system, cooling system, lubricating system, transmission, brake system, and more.

Job types:

  • Auto detailer.
  • Auto damage trainee.
  • Auto repair manager.
  • Auto body/metal repair worker.
  • Auto repair service advisor.

22. Plumber:

To take the admission in ITI plumber course minimum qualification in required 10th pass out. However, some colleges and institutes also give the admission of 10th fail students too.

The plumber course covers the topic like fitting domestic appliances, fitting bathrooms, and repairs, installing bathroom systems, air conditioning units.

Job profile:

  • Plumber
  • Drainer.
  • Plumbing Forman.
  • Roof plumber.

23. Mechanic motor vehicle:

ITI in Mechanic motor vehicle takes two years of study and the minimum qualification required is the same 10th pass out.

The skill required: good problem-solving skills, good spoken, communication, particle skill.

Job types:

  • Operator cum machine.
  • Auto machine.
  • Motor machine.

24. Dairying:

In the dairying course, you will get knowledge of milk production development. This is one year course which required the minimum qualification of 10th pass out.

Generally, this course will be taught you how to train people from rural areas for developing milk.

Syllabus of two-semester cover topics like distribution, dairy animal improvement, collection of utilization, feeds materials, precaution, growing claves, and more.

The skill required: patient, remember the rules, update about milk development, ability to manage people.

Job types:

  • Dairy engineers.
  • Pharmacist.
  • Dairy research.
  • Dairy extension officer.
  • Dairying entrepreneur.
  • Dairy stockman.

25. Machine Diesel:

This course will introduce you to the diesel engines and diesel equipment. Machine course takes one year of study and eligibility for admission is 10th pass out.

The skill required: Maintain vehicle, washing, cleaning, physically fit person, and painting.

Job types:

  • Auto fitter.
  • Laboratory assistant.
  • Auto diesel engine mechanic.
  • Mechanic.
  • Vehicle operator.

26. Welder:

There are one year and two-year courses both available. In that, you will be taught about welding skills, metal techniques, fishing techniques.

The minimum qualification is 8th class pass out. The skill required like finesse, mechanical knowledge, and patients.

Job types: 

  • Track welder.
  • Gas & electric welder.
  • Structure steel.

27. Sheet Metal Worker.

You can start this career if you pass out the 8th standard. Basically in this profession, you have to do the repairing, installing, and creating of the metal product. After 2 or 4 years of experience, you will get a good salary in this profession.

28. Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroiders).

You will learn the design part, conceptualization developer, machine operator, and more.

So ideally, you have to handle the work such as Assisi, cut, drawn, and pulled the thread, Chamba, Kantha, and more. This profession has a huge demand in textiles and handloom industries.

29. Vessel Navigator.

Normally this ITI course takes two years with four semesters. This course is all about mechanical design professional exchange.

The minimum qualification for the vessel navigator is 10th pass out along with 50% marks.

For this course, it’s good if you have a deep knowledge of chemistry and mathematics.

Plus after join this course you will learn the topic. Such as fishing gear material, accessories, designs, elementary marine engineering, employability skill, practical navigation, applied mathematics, and more.

30. Plastic Process Operator.

This course takes one year and you will be taught all about plastic product manufacturing.

It’s cover the topic like feeding materials in the machine, adjust machine controls, check quality product, monitoring the production process, and more.

If you have mathematics and science in your 10th then you can peruse this ITI course.

After completing the course you can apply for the job profile. Such as plastic product assembler, assistant supervisor, arch cushion press operator, bakelite mixer operator, and so on.

31. Baker and confectionery:

32. Commercial art:

33. Craftsman food production:

34. Architectural Drughtsmanship:

35. Mechanic Auto electrical and electronics:

36. Cutting & sewing:

37. Computer cooperates and programmer assistant:

38. Desktop public operator:

39. Building Maintains:

40. Stone mining machine operator:

41. Instrument mechanic.

42. Drive cum mechanic.

43. Refrigerator and air condition mechanic.

44. Tool and die maker.

45. Crèche management.

46. Cabin or room attendant.

47. Fire safety industrial safety management.

48. Paralegal assistant.

49. Hospital waste management.

50. Counseling skills.

51. Cane willow and bamboo worker.

52. Mechanic tractor

53. Scooter and auto cycle mechanic.

54. Mechanic communication equipment maintenance.

55. Mechanic lens.

56. Dental laboratory equipment technician.

57. Embroidery and needlework.

58. Litho offset machine minder.

59. Argo Processing.

60. IT & communication system sentences.

61. Sanitary hardware filter.

62. Rubber technician.

63. Laboratory assistant.

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