List of Career Options in Biology Degree (29 Best Jobs).

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List of Career options in biology degree.

Career Options After Biology Degree.

Besides having confusion about your career. It’s good to know the facts that what can you do with the biology degree.

OR what are the jobs and career options are available after having a biology degree?

Choosing a subject without knowing the real career opportunity. Is like doing something without any proper information or proper awareness.

Knowing about the biology major jobs list you will be more sure about your future planning.

List of Career Options in Biology.

Many students are not getting jobs after having a great degree in hand too. Just because they do not bother to check the market opportunities and subject area growth.

Down below you will get the list of career options in biology. Which shows the job opportunity with the biology degree.

Because a lot of students always have a question biology career path is safe to go or not. Now don’t worry about this article you will get the answer of the same.

I have listed the career options after a biology degree. The first part explains the specific areaways career options and Second half.

I have provided the deep details about “what jobs can you do with a biology degree” down below.

Biology Careers in Research. Biology Career in HealthCare.
Biology Careers in Environmental Conservation. Biology Careers in Education.

Biology Careers in Research:

Biology graduate degree students have the option to make your career under scientific researcher.

Degree in biology gives you the authority to develop the human world by gaining knowledge about the living organism.

Bachelors in biology provides a big scope. To enhance your career in the biological field. Researches always happen all over the world.

If you pursue the specializations in the biology field, then you apply for the conducted research all around the world.

Now the question comes what research does or what does a biologist does in the research line.

So the answer is lots of research are happens such as microbiology, health and disease, genomics, neurology, and so on.

Biology degree or master’s degree in biology can give you the work areas like research institute, medical facilities, academia, business industry, and hospitals.

Biology Careers in Healthcare.

Another best job for biology majors is healthcare. After having a biology degree you can become a member of the healthcare or you can start your own campaigns for human illness treatment.

You can become part of the treatment such as heart disease, cancer, lesser, and so on. Biology career options have a huge capacity for jobs in the medical field.

Biology Careers in Environmental Conservation.

Next in environmental conservation one of the best-paying biology jobs. In this profession, you will solve the environmental problems plus also protect nature, plants, and animals. Which play a big role in our life.

Let me give you some more ideas regarding jobs with a biology degree.

If you choose the environmental conservation field then you can become a zoo biologist, ecologist, environmental manager, aquatic biologist, and more.

In this filed many private, government, other organization always comes up with the hiring details.

Medical biology jobs are very easy to get. Because it does not have a huge competition in the market.

Biology Careers in Education.

Another name in the list of career options in biology is education, teaching, writing.

After having the biology degree if you have the interest to work in a Media Company or journalism.

No worries with the biology line you can enter yourself in the media platform too. As a science topic writer or as a publisher.

You can start your media career through films, TV, magazine, website, and so on.

Through media platforms, you can share the biological issue and educate the public about the solution of biological problems, etc.

Jobs with a Biology Degree.

Now let’s see the details of the jobs which you can do with a biological science degree.

If you have a question like I have a bachelor’s degree in biology now what. Then also you will get the name of the career list in which you can start to apply too.

Career as a Food Scientist.

After 12th you can pursue the BSc in food science and technology course. Later you can start your career under as a food scientist.

Under this profession, you have to take care of food processing, shipping, producing, food packaging, analyzing, and food safety matters.

If you complete the food scientist degree then, you can apply for the Development Corporation firms, ISI (Indian Standards Institute), FSAI (Food Safety Authority of India).

This profession also required key skills such as good observation, math skills, critical thinking, and data analysis, etc.

Career as a Forensic Scientist.

Another job in the biology field is forensic scientists although this field also required a good knowledge of physical and chemical analysis.

Because this profession required multiple testing and draw references for making reports of the issue. After 12th class, you can pursue the BSc in forensic science or forensic biology degree for this career option.

Later you can do a master’s degree like MSc in forensic science or PG diploma in forensic science.

This profession also comes under one of the highest paying biology jobs. The scope of forensic science is very vast and huge.

You will not get the jobs in only the private but government sector too.

Forensic Scientists also required skills such as strong analytical, keen observation, intelligent and technical skills.

Career as a Pharmacist.

The pharmacist is another name in the list of career options in biology. Best and highest paying biology bachelor degree job.

The pharmacist is supplying prescription medicines in hospitals, general stores, and medial stores through their own employed or firm.

Under this profession you also have to do the medicine verifying from a physician, knowing about the potential side efforts, right prediction judgment, managing stress, and advising patients about general health care, and so on.

For this career option, you have to do the BPharma or Pharma D degree course.

Key skills are required for pharmacist is analytical skills, communication skills, computer skills, detail-oriented, and managerial skills

Job profiles under pharmacists or you can say biologist career profiles such as biochemists, medical scientists, pharmacy technical, registered nurse, physician and surgeons, and so on.

Career as a Nursing.

Nursing is the next biology science degree job which you can pursue through taking admission in nursing course. Such as BSc in nursing or Diploma in nursing.

After doctor nursing is the second person comes to the patient and always takes care of all the healthcare-related stuff, gives the diagnosis, evaluation, implementation, and much more.

Nurses always work patiently with determination. As a nurse, you are providing safety and dedication to the patients.

People think that nurses only have one type. But it’s wrong there are many types of nurses are available which you can become.

Such as Registered Nurse, advanced practice registered nurse, license practice nurse, ARPNs practice specialist role, and so on.

Nursing is also counting under the highest paying salary in medical science.

Career as a Genetic Counselor.

Studying biology cannot stop you to make a fruitful career. So our next job name in the list of career options in biology is a genetic counselor.

A genetic counselor communicates with the people or clients and lets them understand the genetic disease or disability to them.

This profession required a deep study in subjects. Therefore advanced aptitude in biology or a master’s degree is required in this profession.

Genetic counseling does have online certification courses too. Plus there are other training programs that are also available to become genetic counseling.

Some degree or training courses are DM (Medical Genetics), DNB Medical Genetics, MSC Biological Genetics, MSc Genetic counseling, and so on.

Career as a Physician Assistant.

One more job profile which is famous for his demand and highest paying career in medical science.

A biology degree gives you the extraordinary opportunity to make your career successful.

This job profile taking care of the human biological system. In other words, it’s diagnosing the medical problem and gives them various treatment options.

This profession required biology major knowledge. Hence, for good performance in this platform, it’s good that you pursue medical science courses like BSc Physician, MSC, M.Phil. Etc. 

Career as a Financial Analyst.

Many students think that after completing the 12th in biology subject. They could not able to apply for the financial analyst service. It’s not true, after having a biological degree also you can become a financial analyst.

Here you have a deal with the mutual fund, stock, bonds, and many other investments.

As a biological specialist, you can start focusing on medical products, health services, pharmaceuticals, and environmental companies.

Financial analysts required biology majors, writing skills (to generate reports), computer knowledge, and data analysis skills. 

Start pursuing a business degree or FMVA program (Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst), Financial Analytics MSc.

Top 29 Fields of Biology to Make Your Career in.

Ecology Taxonomy. Pathology.
Histology. Food safety. Ethology.
Biochemistry. Physiology. Agronomy.
Biophysics. Zoology. Theoretical biology.
Biotechnology. Paleozoology. Structural biology.
Anatomy. Actinobiology. Ethology & Toxicology.
Botany. Molecular biology. Pisciculture.
Bioinformatics. Astrobiology. Virology.
Photobiology. Horticulture. Cryobiology.
QA/QC Enzymology. Mycology.

Best Biology Career Options & Employment Areas.

Agriculture Research Service. Fertilizer & Chemical Plans
Biotechnology Firms. Food Institute
Botanical Gardens Plant Genetics.
Botanical Survey Herbal Product Companies.
Clinical Research Organizations. Hospitals.
Conservatories Plant Genetics Research Centers.
Environmental Management Research & Development firms.
Farm Management Organization. Medical Research.
National Park. Wildlife and Fishery Departments.

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