How to Make Money on YouTube: Earn Money.

Men jumping Youtube to money

Many people around the world already make money on YouTube.

If you have creativity and talent then you can surely make thousands of dollars through YouTube.

A large number of the population are spending there most of the time on the YouTube platform. YouTube provides you the free platform to earn fame and name.

Once your video gets viral and you start getting a click in your videos you can start monetizing to your channel for earning.

I have provided the below full guide on how you can become a vlogger and what kind of tools and software required for this.

1). Create a YouTube Channel

Open YouTube and click on the profile photo icon. Tab on the “Your Channel” option.

Start your own YouTube channel which will make your identity. Creating a channel and uploading the video is free on YouTube.

All top Vlogger has started their own first step like this only and after giving full dedication they are making money on YouTube today.

  • Good Channel Name

First, of fall, search good names for your YouTube channel. Means name which can be easily remembered by the person.

You can also put the channel name similar to your niche topic, which will help your user to be connected with your brand directly.

Do not choose the long keyword name which could be hard to remember.

Your channel can be a big brand name in the future. So, it’s good that you research little, before finalizing your channel name.

  • Find a Niche.

Now you have to find the niche or you can say the topic in which you would like to make videos.

Better chose the topic in which you have an interest. So, you will not get bored.

Find your talent in which you are good like, cooking, tuition, singing, art, and comedy, education, designer or so on.

After selecting the niche, next check the demand for that topic or Audience interest on that particular topic.

Do not choose the topic in which you will struggle after making several videos.

Chose the topic in which you can stick with a long time along with quality and quantity.

  • Research Audience Interest.

As I have mentioned above its important that you know the interest of the audience.

Because if you make the videos in which the audience is not interested.

That means your total work is failed.

Check the latest trend of the market. Research the work of top You-Tubers, those who are already doing great in your niche.

For example, if you are interested to make the videos in cooking. Then check the customer interest are more in chicken cooking or fish cooking.

Which one is more popular? And make the plan accordingly.

In other words, if you make the video for the low count of interest people, then how come you will make the profit from it?

2). Upload Video.

After making the video upload on your YouTube channel. In my opinion, it’s good that before creating a channel you make four or five videos.

And just after creating the channel upload the videos instantly. It will give a good sign to the YouTube algorithm about your channel.

However, you have to upload new and interesting videos regularly. Remember your channel is new and already lots of competitors are there.

So, without giving continuously good helpful videos you could not succeed. To gain more visitors and subscribers you have to deliver the quality videos.

Therefore, it’s good if you choose your passionate topic. Because your passion will not let you feel bored or tired.

  • Choose Relevantly and Catchy title.

The title is the one line phase. Which makes the first perception about your video to the visitor. Hence, it required you to write the relevant and catching title.

Normally, people always click the video after reading the title. So, you must write a catching title which attracts visitors’ attention.

  • Engaging Video.

Videos of your YouTube channel should be engaging and worth it. Means, it’s important that it should not make visitor bore.

Share the knowledge with great trick and tips, which helps your visitors.

If you succeed to give quality information to your visitors, then no doubt that they will subscribe to your channel.

  • Viral Video.

Similar to engaging videos it’s also good if you can make some viral video. Choose any trending topic and do the full research on that.

Check how much information is available, related to that topic. And find the missing part. Now start making your video and give full information.

The information which was missed by others. However, cover by you only gives the automatic boost to your video and video can be viral easily.

  • Build Engagement with an Audience.

Make a good relation with your audience. If your visitors comment on your video then reply to them.

If any visitor shares the negative feedback to you. Then ask them, what they don’t like and improve on that.

Additionally, you can also ask your audience, that what kind of videos they like to see on your channel.

More you will engage with your audience you will gain the trust. So, do not ignore the subscriber’s engagement process.

  • Copy Write Video.

Do not copy other videos or music. It can be band your channel and blocked your videos.

Copywriting is not allowed, as you have to showcase your own talent only.

Many You-Tubes does the cut and copied work in starting. However, after view months they get the warning alert by the YouTube side and their channel gets banned.

  • Follow Trend.

Probably, you do have the knowledge of your niche. But it’s always good that you follow the latest trend.

And update your audience accordingly. Through that only you can always compete with your competitors.

  • Develop Video Strength.

It might be in starting you face the difficulties in making videos. Probably you look nervous in your videos.

But slowly you have to develop your video strength in good ways

For that, you have to do regular practice. Only making multiple videos will give you the right direction and strength.

The Best tool for YouTube Channel

3). Google Search Planner.

Use the google search planner to find the write keyword in which the user is more interested.

Google search planner tool makes your life easier and convenient. I have used this tool personally and it’s great. You must try once.

  • Video Editing Tool.

After filming the video you may require to do the editing of your video. So that it looks professional and perfect.

To do all this work many popular video editing tools are available which you can try. I have tried personally Filmora, Imovie, light works and all three are great.

You can start your video editing with any one of them.

  • Microphone.

If you like to give good sound quality experiences to your viewers. Then you should go for a sprat microphone device.

There are many good microphones available in the market. You can choose as per your budget.

  • Camera or Webcam.

The quality of the video is important no matter how good your video is. If it does not have quality then it’s could be failed.

Try to record your videos in HD or use your smartphone if it has good quality video recording.

4). Promote Your Channel.

Now as you are working hard to create your YouTube channel and upload quality videos.

Here times come when you have to promote your channel.

Through that audience will get aware of your brand and topic. In days social media have big power to make anyone famous.

Therefore, start to promote your channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

  • Build Subscribers.

While promoting channel you can build the subscribers. Most of the top You-Tubers are getting famous by social media only.

Thousands of their subscribers are coming through social media only. Hence, start building your audience count there.

5). Monetize Your YouTube Channel.

Now times come when you start monetizing your YouTube channel. So that you can make money on YouTube.

It always a good practice if you start monetizing with add when you have a good count of the visitor.

Because if you monetize your channel in starting when you have no visitor. Might you get upset because you will see the no money coming in?

Therefore, in my opinion, first, gain the visitor’s and make the good bound with them.

Always come up with interesting videos and then start monetizing to make money on YouTube.

  • Ads.

Google Adsense provides the big platform of showing ads on your YouTube channel.

Ads are the most simple and perfect way to start with your monetization.

However, your required age should be 18 years or above to make an account in google absences.

Through the ads, you can start earning per single ads viewed on videos.

  • Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate is the most trending online earning source is becoming now.

As affiliate gives you the freedom to promote other brand gods in your channel and get cut from the sold god’s amount.

So, for example, might be you have a beauty related YouTube channel.

Then through your channel, you can promote the beauty online product to your visitors and make a sale from it.

  • Selling Product.

If might you have your own product for sale. Then also the YouTube channel can make your life easy.

You just have to explain your product features and benefits on your channel. And if any visitor likes your product and wants to buy it. Then they will connect to you directly.

  • Sponsorship.

When your channel gets more popular and you are getting lots of the viewers in your channel.

Then a big company will also approach you to advertise or promote their product or adds.

This is awesome because here you don’t have to run here and there for any sponsorship.

If your channel is popular and few of your videos getting millions of views then sponsorship providers will automatically find you.

This kind of deal can increase you’re earning from YouTube.

However, as I have mentioned above to get good sponsorship, you have to make your channel popular and worthy.

6). Understand The Audiences.

If you are making the channel for some specific audience, then it’s good that you do some research on that.

Additionally, check the audience’s interests and requirements. Do not upload the videos as per your own point of view.

See the audience’s needs and make videos according to that.

  • Age.

After uploading videos in channel check that which age group of audience you are getting more.

Through that, you can search for more topics according to them. So, it’s really important to study your regular viewer mindset.

  • Watch Time.

Many of You-tubers is missing this part and losing lots of visitors. After establishing a good YouTube channel you can focus on the viewer’s videos watching time too.

Checkout when you are getting more viewers in a whole day. Evening, morning, night.

While doing this analysis you will get the perfect time to show them your new videos.

This kind of activity on the channel, viewers like more. Many big You-Tubes who are already making money on YouTube now start doing this strategy too.

So, understand the visitor’s behavior and gain more visitors.

7). Check Analytics.

After uploading videos and monetizing them, it’s also important that you check your channel performances.

Through the “Analytics” feature option you can track all this stuff. How many views you are getting.

Which videos are more viewed? What kind of videos are not viewed more?

While checking all that you can plan your upcoming target and make improvements on thinks.

So, to check your channel activity and performance. Go to your channel menu option and click on the “Analytics” option.

Now you can see the videos view, ads performance, ads earning and so on.

Bonus tips (If you really want to succeed).

8). Don’t think about profit in starting.

This platform takes time to get succeed. Do not think that you can make money on YouTube in just a few months.

Earning is possible but it required lots of patience and strength.

In starting you have to work hard to build up your channel. So, do not misunderstand that you can able to earn in two or four months.

  • Be Patience.

Most probably in starting you will lose the patience when you will not see any subscribers. Or might be no views in your video.

But still, you have to be in patience and keep produce good quality videos.

  • Trust you’re self.

You must trust yourself fully about your work. Because in starting many friends and family members might show the doubt on your work.

In that timeline, you must trust yourself and work continually on your channel. Because that work will give you the good earning later.

  • Be Regular.

To get the achievement and online earning you have to be regular in your channel. You have to keep uploading the video.

Plus you have to research the topic and follow the trend. So ideally, delivering awesome work will keep you up.