Merchant Navy After 12th (Join The Merchant Navy).

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Merchant Navy After 12th.

Merchant Navy after 12th.

Merchant Navy after 12th is a popular course among students. A career in merchant navy is the most demanding job we have in India.

This profession gives you the adventure life, travel experience, opportunity to check ship direction, managing cargo, and so on.

This perfect future choice needs the right guidance about the merchant navy course and admission. If your question is how to join Indian navy after 12th.

Then don’t worry all details about the merchant navy you will get below.

Those days are gone when students only think about become a doctor or engineer.

These days’ students know how to explore their career options for a bright future.

First, let’s understand what is merchant navy.

Merchant Navy after 12th.

The merchant navy provides commercial service. It defense the nation, for example, the merchant navy India defense our nation.

The merchant navy plays a big role in international trade. Because the merchant navy does goods delivery.

Hundreds of merchant navy workers do the cargo carrying and goods delivery work from one country to another country.

Most of the import-export business happens just because of the merchant navy. One golden part of this profession is that the merchant navy is a tax-free job.

Not that much only you will also get the NRI status as you are working out of India for long months or time.

How to join merchant navy after 12th.

This is one of the most asking questions students have.

Hence, let me tell you by selecting the right merchant navy course and college you can apply for the merchant navy after 12th.

Merchant Navy Courses after 12th.

You must want to join the merchant navy after 12th. That’s why you have landed here, so check the top merchant navy course details below. Merchant navy courses after 12th Course Duration.
1. BSc Nautical Science. 3 Years.
2. BE/B.Tech. Marine Engineering. 4 Years.
3. BSc in Marine Catering. 3 Years.
4. Diploma in Nautical Science. 1 year.
5. Pre Sea GP Rating Course. 6 Months.
6. Maritime Catering Course. 6 Months.
7. BE Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering. 4 Years.
8. BE Petroleum Engineering. 4 Years.
9. BE Harbour and Ocean Engineering. 4 Years.
10. BE Civil Engineering. 4 Years.
11. Electro-Technical Officer Course. 17 Weeks.
12. Diploma in Marine Engineering. 1 to 3 Years.
13. BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management. 3 Years.
14. Marine Engineering under Alternate Training Scheme. 1 Year to 2 Years.
15. MBA in Shipping Finance. 2 Years.
16. B.Tech Ship Building. 4 Years.
17. B.E Mechanical Engineering. 4 Years.

Merchant Navy Courses after 10th. Merchant navy courses after 10th.
1. Diploma in Nautical Science.
2. G.P Rating.
3. Commercial Diving.

Eligibility to join the merchant navy.

  • Start with the merchant navy job age limit. The minimum age 17 to maximum age limit is 25 years.
  • Certificate of Physical fitness from a registered hospital.
  • Eyesight 6/12 in both and 6/9 is coming under the better eye.
  • Most of the merchant navy course required 12th pass out with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics).
  • Candidate should be unmarried and should have Indian citizens.
  • Writing exams and screening tests happen as per the merchant navy job profile.
  • After clearing the screening you have to give the interview and medical test too.
  • Later they will provide the short-term course of ship training.

Admission Process.

Application form for merchant navy usually you will get an online college website.

Some admission process requires the MCQ pattern test. This test question comes from your regular subjects only. Such as math, English, physics, chemistry, etc.

Merchant Navy Course Eligibility Criteria.

For the Indian merchant navy, we have lots of course options. Diploma, Undergraduate, certificate course, or Postgraduate merchant navy course.

Hence, the eligibility criteria for all courses are varied. Therefore, I have tried to provide you the common eligibility requirements here.

Merchant Navy Bachelor courses:

10+2 pass out mark sheet all major courses such as Deck cadet and engineer course required 12th with PCM 60%.

The age limit for these courses is 17 years to 25 years max.

Merchant Navy Diploma Courses:

The student age limit for diploma courses should not be more than 25 years to 28 years. Different diploma courses have a different age limit.

If you are planning for the two years of merchant navy diploma course.

Then you should pass the Diploma in Electronics Engineering, Shipbuilding Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering along with 50% marks.

6 Months Merchant Navy Courses:

  • The Age limit for short term course is also between 17 years to 25 years.
  • For Indian navy courses, after 10th students required subjects like science, English, and math’s along with 40% marks.

Merchant Navy Postgraduate Course:

For the MBA Merchant Navy course age limit required 25 years and GME (Upper age limit is 28 years).

For the MBA course, a bachelor’s degree is required from authorized colleges or universities.

If you want to pursue GME then you must hold the BE degree in Mechanical Engineering or Naval architecture.

Types of Merchant Navy Cargos.

Employees of ship work according to merchant navy ranks and position. The merchant navy has different types of cargos.

Merchant navy officers work on their assigned cargos for better goods safety and delivery.

Names of Merchant navy Cargo.

  • Bulk Carries.
  • Reefer Ship.
  • Roll-on and Roll-off Ship.
  • Oil Tanker or Chemical Tanker.
  • LNG carrier.

Merchant Navy Institutes and Colleges. Top 10 Merchant Navy Colleges in India
1. Indian Maritime College (Chennai).
2. HIMT College Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training (Chennai).
3. Coimbatore Marine College (Coimbatore).
4. College of Maritime Studies and Research (Kolkata).
5. Indian Maritime University (Mumbai).
6. Mangalore Marine College (Mumbai).
7. Trident College of Maritime Technology(24-Parganas)
8. Sri Chakra Maritime College (Pondicherry).
9. Setra College of Offshore Training (Navi Mumbai).
10. Ramana Academy of Maritime Studies (Navi Mumbai).
11. Mohammed Sathak Engineering College (Tamilnadu)
12. U.V Patel College of engineering (Kharva). Indian navy Engineering college.
1. C.V Raman College of Engineering (Bhubaneshwar).
2. Kunjali Marakkar School of Marine Engineering of Cochain university of Science and Technology (Kochi).
3. Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers Lmt.
4. RVS College of Maritime Science and Engineering (Pondicherry).
5. Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering (Tamil-nadu).
6. PSN College of Engineering and Technology.
7. Praveen Institute of Marine Engineering and Maritime Studies (Visakhapatnam).
8. Euro Tech Maritime Academy.
9. International Maritime Institute.
10 Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies. Merchant Navy Institute in India.
1. Balaji Seamen Training Institute (Chennai).
2. Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology (Chennai).
3. GKM Institute of Marine Science and Technology (Chennai).
4. Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (Dehradun).
5. Institute of Maritime Studies.
6. Haldia Institute of Maritime Studies and Research (Haldia).
7. Institute of Marine Engineering (Kochi).
8. RL Institute of Nautical Science (Madurai).
9. J.Sons Merchant Navy Institute (Mumbai).
10. Institute of Marine Engineering (Navi Mumbai).
11. Guru-ship Education trusts Maritime Training Institute (Mumbai).
12. Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (Mumbai).
13. St.Xavier’s technical Institute (Mumbai).
14. Talent Maritime Institute (Mumbai).
15. Fleet Management Training Institute (Navi Mumbai).
16. SNS Maritime Training Institute (Navi Mumbai).
17. Aquatech Institute of Maritime Studies (New Delhi).
18. Sriram Institute of Marine Studies (New Delhi).
19. Institute of Marine Education and research OVT LMT (Patna).

Merchant Navy Courses Fees.

After knowing about the merchant Navy after 12th colleges and institute. Now let check the course fees structure of institute and colleges.

Indian merchant navy is a kind of dream job for every student. And the best college is stares of that dream job.

Merchant Navy College and merchant navy engineering college have different fees structure.

Merchant Navy fees in India.

Merchant Navy Courses Name. Merchant navy course fees (Approx.).
BSc Nautical Science. 80, 00, 00 INR.
BE Marine Engineering. 1,08,2500 INR
GME 26,55,00 INR
DME 3, 00,600 INR.
B.Tech Marine Engineering. 76,500 (Per Semester) INR
B.Tech Nautical Technology. 76,500 (Per Semester).


Now let check the details of merchant navy course syllabus. Different merchant navy courses have different subjects and syllabus.

But some common topics or subjects are usually available in all courses. I have mentioned down below some popular subjects of merchant navy.

Shipping Management. Electrical Machines.
Mechanics of Fluids. Principle of Navigation.
Naval Architecture. Cargo Machine & Marine Communication.
Nautical Physics Electronics Paper. Ship Operation Technology.
Environmental Science. Electrical Machines.
Marine Electrical Technology. Marine IC Technology.
STCW & Ship Fire Prevention. Marine Auxiliary Machine.
Voyage Planning Collision Prevention. Marine Boiler & System Engineering

Entrance Exam.

No matter which stream you are science, commerce, arts. BSc or BBA after 12th class if you have an interest in the merchant navy.

Then you have to give the Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test (IMU CET).

Else you can give All Merchant Navy Entrance Exam. This exam has been conducted every year for the students.

There are other entrance exams also available in which you can appear. Such as YIMSAT, MERI Entrance Exam, JEE, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for the entrance exam will be:

  • 10th class (GP Rating Curses).
  • 12th with Physic, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) 60% marks.
  • Merchant Navy After 12th application form is available online. Along with the application you have to write short 100 words of a paragraph to show you motive and interest regarding merchant navy.

Merchant Navy After 12th job (Job Prospects).

If you have complete the 12th class along with the merchant navy course. Then you can apply for the merchant navy vacancy and you can avail merchant navy benefits.

Many agencies and consultancy are available in India who help you with the merchant navy job after 12th.

A high number of vacancy always comes through the cargo ship. Because cargo ships do have numbers of merchant navy jobs for freshers and experience.

Such as container ships, tankers, passenger ships, bulk carriers, a barge carrying ships, and so on.

Merchant navy engineer jobs are one of the famous job profiles in the merchant navy. It required a merchant navy engineering degree course.

Students always get confused regarding merchant navy is govt job or private job. The answer to this question is Merchant navy is private or government work in both ways.

Many private shipping companies work on the shipment for goods and Oils. The government also have their own Shipping companies regarding same.

Top famous shipping companies in India is Great Eastern Shipping, Shipping Corporation of India, Essar & Chowgule Shipping, and more.

The top department for Jobs in merchant navy is Deck, Electrical Officer Engine, Seaman, Service department.

Merchant navy is also known for the highest paying jobs in India. The job is difficult no doubt but the payout of this position is very smart.

Jobs in Merchant Navy after 12th.

1. Deck Officer.
2. Electro-Technical Officer.
3. Engineer.
4. Catering and Hospitality Crew.
5. G P Ratings.
6. Chief Officer.
7. Captain
8. 2nd Officer/3Rd Officer.
9. Trainee Cadet.

Merchant Navy after 12 Salary.

After having details of merchant navy course and job profiles. Now let see the merchant navy salary in India.

As we know the scope of merchant navy in India is very bright. Youngsters get inspire by the merchant navy captain salary or chief cook salary in merchant navy.

And it’s good to be inspired because the merchant navy does provide the highest salary job positions.

Different kinds of shipments, carrying, and cargoes increase the demand for employment.

As a fresher merchant navy engineer, your salary could be around 50,000 INR. However, after having experience in your work you will get much more.

Job Profiles. Average Salary (Approx).
Junior Engineer. 30,000 INR Per Months.
Chief Engineer. 1.5 Lakhs Per Months.
Captain. 8 Lakhs Per to 20 Lakhs Month.
Electrical officer in merchant navy salary 2 Lakhs to 3.5 Lakhs Per Month.
Chief cook salary in merchant navy 1.20 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs Annual.
Trainee Cadet. 25,000 to 84,000 INR Per Month.
G P Rating. 25,000 to 85,000 INR Per Month.
Deck Cadet. 25,000 to 85,000 INR Per Month.
Chief Officer. 4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs Per Month.
2nd Officer/3rd Officer. 1.5 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs Per Month.

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