MS in Canada for Indian Students (Masters).

MS in Canada for Indian students
MS in Canada for Indian students

MS in Canada for Indian students.

If you like the combination of science and mathematics and planning to study Masters in Canada then an MS course or a Masters in computer science in Canada is the best course option you can select.

Masters courses in Canada give the combination of the latest technology invention and higher standards of outcomes in research and science area.

Masters programs in Canada for international students and Indian students are known as one of the recognized specialized degrees that why Canada is the second most popular education destination.

Study master’s degree in Canada let student more excited as a student gets multiple subjects like engineering, science, medicine, and so on.

Also cost of masters in Canada for international students and Indian students is quite affordable for the MS degree with immigration friendly system.

Canada is always the best option for higher studies in Canada as it provides good training, a world-class education system, repudiated ranking universities, times higher education, etc.

Why MS in Canada?

Might you heard sometimes thought your senior, family, or friends have to get admission in Canada for a master’s degree or apply scholarship for a masters degree?

It happens because multiple courses in Canada for international students and Indian students make their careers globally successful and students get more career opportunities after completing the international degree.

Many surveys around the world say that pursuing a master’s in Canada like a Master of Science makes students more career-oriented and candidates able to achieve good job profiles.

Postgraduate programs or masters in Canada for international students take one to two years of deep study and Canadian universities also make master’s programs more simple and effective based on the student flexibility and different choices.

Some other points and benefits of studying MS in Canada.

  • Global Leader in R&D.
  • Funding Option.
  • Immigration and Visa Process.
  • Opportunities for Specialization.
  • Affordability.
  • Job Opportunities.
  • Work Flexibility While Studying.
  • Global Recognized Degrees.
  • Quality Life Style.
  • Tourist lifestyle and higher studies.
  • Faster Process of Visa.
  • Living costs and Tuition Fees are less.
  • No High level of Entrance Exams.
  • Easy to find Indian Students or seniors.

Affordability: The cost of MS in Canada for Indian students and international students is very low cost as compared to MS in US and MS in United Kindom).

The cost of studying in Canada for Indian students and international students could be around 29,000 CAD to 56,000 CAD per Year depending on your specialization.

But if you pursue the Master of science in US (United States) then the studying cost of MS could be around 34,000 CAD to 83,000 CAD per year.

Opportunities for Specialization: Studying in Canada for international students for master’s degrees provides various subjects and professions such as information technology, finance, business administration, design, nursing, medicine, etc.

Immigration and Visa Process: Abroad study like planning for MS in Canada requires a Canada student visa and immigration process. Which is quite friendlier for Canada country as compared to other study locations.

Popular Specializations of MS in Canada.

MS in Canada for Indian students and international students adds extra career prospects and the opportunity to choose between 30+ universities for one to two years of full-time programs.

A course like MS in computer science in Canada allows you to handle big data structure, data cleansing, analysis of the data, analytics knowledge, etc.

  • MS in Mechanical.
  • MS in Computer Science.
  • MS in Data Science.
  • MS in Electrical Engineering.

MS in Canada Tuition fees & Cost.

Studying MS in Canada is the best investment in a career as it also has multiple international scholarships for Indian students along with low tuition fees.

And not only for MS courses but many other master’s programs in Canada also have low tuition fees as compared to other international study locations.

All great goes to Canadian universities and the Canadian government provides many perks to international students for study and also makes the transparent in the affordable cost structure.

The cost of university courses could be changed in the future as it comes under universities’ rules and policies that is why in my opinion it’s always good to check the MS in Canada cost and fees through the college’s official website online.

However, for the idea purpose approx. MS in Canada tuition fees few details are down below.

University Name.

Approx. Annual Tuition Fees.

The University of Calgary. 14,600 CAD.
The University of Toronto. 37,899 CAD.
McGill University. 18,120 CAD.
The University of Ottawa. 25,750 CAD.
The University of Alberta. 9,485 CAD.
The University of Waterloo. 14,100 CAD.
The University of Montreal. 24,560 CAD.

Other Cost of Living in Canada.

Let’s see some of the basic monthly living expenses categories.

  • Transportation.
  • Food Cost.
  • Rent in Shared Flat.
  • Internet Subscription.
  • Utilities Bill.
  • ETC.

MS Masters Scholarship in Canada.

Canada is become one of the student’s favorite study destinations because of their scholarship for international students in Canada, which gives students relief from tuition fees and higher scholarships as compared to different countries.

Getting a scholarship for Indian students is a big part of it as they can visit their favorite destination for study, and they don’t have to spend their entire money and save just course admission.

Scholarship programs in Canada are available for all international students too means any national student can avail of a scholarship in Canada.

Canadian universities provide 4500 types of scholarship to study in Canada for Indian students and international students.

Scholarship in Canada.

Scholarship Amount.

IDRC Research Awards. 15,358.81 CAD.
Ontario Graduate Scholarship. 9000 CAD to 30,000 CAD.
Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship. 25,596.81 CAD.
JN Tata Endowment Scholarship. 1,800 to 18,314 CAD.
Graduate Deans’s Entrance Scholarship. 5000 CAD.
Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship.

Eligibility for MS in Canada for Indian students & International Students.

  • Minimum GPA 3.0 to 4.0 for Canadian University.
  • Academic Degrees / UG Degree.
  • Good Score on GMAT or GRE for MS course in Canada.
  • English Language Proficiency like TOEFL & IELTS.
  • Several Universities asking for GRE certificates for master in Canada.

MS Master in Canada Requirements and Documents.

Higher education like masters in Canada requirements for Indian students and international students, Canadian universities have their requirements and range of admission processes.

  • Certificate of English language Proficiency.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae.
  • Filled up the Admission Form.
  • Academic Degrees Photo Copies.
  • Statement of Purpose (Sop).
  • GRE/GMAT Score.
  • Letter of Recommendation.
  • Diploma Degree Photo Copies (optional).
  • Passport Size Photograph.
  • ETC.

Career & Jobs after MS in Canada.

  • Database Analyst.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Mechanical Engineer.
  • Electrical Engineer.
  • Computer Engineer.
  • Energy Transmission Planning Engineer.
  • Hardware Development Engineer.
  • System Designer.
  • Computer System Engineer.

Top Recruiter Companies.

  • ASTEK Canada Inc.
  • Poirier Grand Mont Inc.
  • DIGI Technologies.
  • Technogenie Resources Plus Inc.
  • Compusense Inc.
  • Best Safety Service Inc.
  • Kiyara Enterprises.
  • Canada Inc.
  • Nyx Hemera Technologies Inc.
  • Stratosphere.

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