MSC Mathematics Distance Learning (5 Thinks To Know).

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MSC Mathematics Distance Learning.

MSC Mathematics Distance Learning.

What is MSc Math’s Distance or Correspondence?

If you are working or doing other stuff. Still want to do the MSc mathematics course. No issue you can do that.

Students who can’t able to able to attend the class regularly can join the MSc in mathematics distance learning course.

Distance learning or correspondence is one of the unique programs we have through which you can continue your study without attending a regular class.

Apart from MSC maths, you can opt-in for multiple other courses too.

Eligibility Criteria for MSc Mathematics Distance Learning.

Now let see the eligibility criteria for the MSc maths distance education admission.

Most universities and colleges have their eligibility criteria for MSc mathematics admission.

I have covered the common once. But in my opinion, you also check with the university in which you are planning to apply for the best details.

  • A graduate degree (BSc) is required with a recognized institute or college.
  • You should have the major or minor maths subject in your previous education.
  • BSC (Graduate) pass out should be with 50% marks.

Admission Process for MSc Mathematics distance education.

It’s a good habit to know about the admission process. It makes your work fast plus you will not miss your admission date if you already prepare for distance/correspondence education admission.

First, select the proper college or institute for MSc mathematics distance learning.

As per the students’ review. Most of the students like to apply on mathematics distance education ignou.

IGNOU is one of the large universities that offer multiple distance/correspondences courses.

After selecting the university fill-up the MSc maths distance education form online. Check the fee details and submit the same.

No matter you are going for regular or distance education. For MSc maths, you have to give the entrance exam conducted by the university.

If you clear the entrance exam then you can proceed for the admission process. Most of the entrance exam happens online for distance learning course.

Syllabus MSc Math’s Distance (Correspondence education).

Let see the syllabus for math’s distance education. First Year.
1. Algebra.
2. Analysis.
3. Differential Equations.
4. General Topology.
5. Optional Paper (Mechanics or Fluid).
6. Dynamics. Second Year.
1. Complex Analysis.
2. Mathematical Statistics.
3. Functional Analysis.
4. Methods.
5. Optional Paper (Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory).
6. Differential Geometry/ Difference Equation.

Specialization in MSc Physics Syllabus.

If might you want to specialize in MSc physics. Then the syllabus would be this: First Year.
1. Mathematical Physics.
2. Electronics.
3. Classical & Statistical Mechanics.
4. General Experiments (Practical I).
5. Condensed Matter Physics. Second Year.
1. Electromagnetic Theory.
2. Spectroscopy & Nuclear Physics 32.
3. Quantum Mechanics.
4. Electronics Experiments. (Practical II).

Specialization in Msc Chemistry Syllabus.

If might you want to specialize in MSc chemistry. Then the syllabus would be this: First Year.
1. Organic Chemistry I.
2. Physical Chemistry I.
3. Spectroscopy I.
4. Inorganic Chemistry I
5. Polymer Chemistry I.
6. Nano Materials & Green Chemistry.
7. Physical Chemistry (Practical I).
8. Inorganic Chemistry (practical I).
9. Organic Chemistry (Practical I). Second Year.
1. Organic Chemistry II.
2. Photo Chemistry II.
3. Inorganic Chemistry II.
4. Environmental Chemistry.
5. Inorganic Chemistry II.
6. Physical Chemistry II.
7. Physical Chemistry (Practical II).
8. Organic Chemistry (Practical II).
9. Inorganic Chemistry (Practical II).

Other Courses offered in Distance MSC.

  • MSc Botany.
  • MSC Zoology.
  • MSC Biochemistry.
  • MSC Computer Science.
  • MSC Statistics.
  • MSC Environmental Science.
  • MSC Biology.
  • MSC Interior Design.
  • MSC Geography.

List of colleges for MA/MSc Maths through Distance learning /Correspondence.

Colleges for MA/MSc Maths Distance Education. Location.
Bharathiar University. Tamil Nadu.
IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University). New Delhi.
Punjab Technical University. Punjab.
Alagappa University. Tamil Nadu.
Madurai University. Delhi.
DU (Delhi University). New Delhi.
Sikkim University. Sikkim.
UNOM (University of Madras). Tamil Nadu.
Allahabad Agriculture Institute (Deemed University). Uttar Pradesh.
IASE University. Rajasthan.
Himachal Pradesh University. Himachal Pradesh.
Berhampur University. Odisha.
Bangalore University. Bangalore.
Calicut University. Kerala.
Acharya Nagarjuna University. Andhra Pradesh.
Annamalai University. Chennai.
Kakatiya University. Telangana.
Kerala University. Kerala.
Guru Nanak Dev University. Punjab.
Kurukshetra University. Kurukshetra.
Madras University. Tamil Nadu.
Shivaji University. Maharashtra.
Periyar University. Tamil Nadu.
Sri Krishnadevaraya University. Andhra Pradesh.
Tamil nandu Open University. Tamil Nadu.
Nalanda Open University. Bihar.
Madurai Kamaraj University. Tamil Nadu.

Most popular college for MSc mathematics in India is:

  • MSc maths correspondence Delhi University.
  • MSc mathematics distance education Ignou.

MSc Mathematics Distance Education University Average Fees.

University/College Names. Average Fee.
IGNOU. 26,500 INR.
NSOU. 10,600 INR.
Alagappa University. 23,500 INR.
Bharathiar University. 16,200 INR.
Periyar University. 7,400 INR.
Bharathiar University. 16,200 INR.
IASE University. 20,000 INR.

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