Best 10 Online Money Transfer Apps & E-Wallets.

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Online Money Transfer Apps.

Currently, we do have lots of online money transfer apps available. Everyone required to transfer money at some point in time.

But you must use the app which fulfills your specific needs. Are you looking for a simple money transfer app or business payment service? Through Online Money transfer apps you can easily pay to daily housing bills.

Plus transfer the money in an emergency to your loved once. Digital wallet payment makes human life easy.

Now sending money is a minute of work. Down below you will get the top online money transfer apps details and benefits.

       12 Best Online Money Transfer Apps & e-Wallet in India.

1. Google Pay (Tez).

One of the brilliant and secure money transfer app. The best part of this online money transfer app is that you can set authenticate to identify users through the fingerprint feature.

Second, you can also transfer the money to your friends or family, who are leaving in the US or UK.

Now Google pay is called “Tez”. The interface of the app is very good just swipe out the button for transfer money through your bank.

You can easily download the app in both android and IOS without any trouble. As you can see this app is offered by the Google platform, which is one of the top brands on the market. So security and privacy are very strong.

2. Paytm.

Paytm is one of the large payment gateway available in India. It is one of the famous online money transfer apps which make people life easy and convenient. It has various lists of payment services such as credit/debit cards, from the bank, digital payment, and more. 

One best part of the Paytm app that it allows your digital wallet amount transfer back to your bank account.

Additionally, you can also use Paytm other features and use your digital wallet amount in paying house electric bills, DTH recharge, online shopping, and so on. Paytm make both customer and merchant payment service easy for shopping and business.

3. Mobikwik.

One more digital money transfer app which is quite famous in India. Mobikwik is also totally secure to use.

Plus you can also recharge your mobile, book train tickets, electric bill payment, EMI payment, and so on.

You can easily download the app in your windows, android, and IOS. More than a million people are using this app. It also saves money, because it’s giving a discount, cashback, and deals.

I have used this app and it’s quite easy to use. The interface is not tough at all. So ideally, you can try this money transferring app too.

4. PhonePe.

Through PhonePe you can manage the multiple bank account in one app. Along with UPI security. You can easily transfer money to your family and friends.

The interface of PhonePe is also easy. Make your online bill payments, get rewards, offers, or sending money. You need to register yourself in this app for utilizing their app features.

You can also transfer cash up to one lakh under a 24*7 time zone. You will get the google pay app option also under the PhonePe app. plus you get the online shopping and more apps option too, for more convenience.

5. Bhim (Bharat Interface for Money).

This app developed by the “National payment counseling of India” (NPCI). Secure app for transfer money through UPI pin.

You can also change your UPI Pin from time to time for more security. Thousands of employees are working in a backhand for Bhim app security. However, if you face the issue of payment decline or something. That means your phone number is not verified with the app.

Bhim UPI pin process not only checks the user phone device but also checks the user number and other details. This the reason that it is secure and you can easily use this online money transfer app.

6. Freecharge.

Another digital marketplace money transfers app online. Given the option to pay a bill of your electricity, DTH, Gas, mobile recharge, metro recharge, fund transfer, and so on.

It is one of the famous Indian leading brands. Plus you can also do the instant fund transfer while using the UPI pin. This app gives you the latest discount and offers the best online shopping sites.

7. Airtel Money.

Airtel money is giving the freedom, through that you can transfer money one account to another account using VPA (Virtual Payment Address).

VPA or MPIN is compulsory to complete the money transition. The best part of this money transfer app is that it’s not required your bank beneficiary account details.

Airtel money is easy to use only three-step. Register yourself and generate MPIN. After that load the cash and do the transition. For generating your MPIN only you have to give your name and date of birth that all.

8. Jio Money.

One more app which you can use from anywhere. Using Jio wallet money you can transfer money to a family bank account or in any other Jio wallet account. Just like other online money transfer apps.

Jio app also gives you the option of paying house bills online along with a recharge facility. You can also load money in Jiomoney through credit cards, net banking, and debit card.

Jio app does the deposit work but does not give the loan or credit. However, you will be charged a small percentage of the amount for transferring money too.

9. Buddy (Sbi).

Buddy is the mobile wallet service by the SBI (State bank). You can do the money transfer with new users or register customers, flight booking, online shopping, hotels, and more.

You can easily download this app through Google play. It also supports multiple languages. With SBI you can open your digital account too. SBI also integrates digital banking platform with the name of “SBI YONO”.

10. PayZapp.

You can easily generate the UPI pin through PayZapp too. Here you can buy groceries, movie tickets, flight tickets, also send money to your family and friend.

You can easily transfer money to any bank account also. The safety of this app is also secure until the time your mobile will not get stolen.

You can fulfill the KYC also to take more advantage of the other feature. Because without KYC you can send only one limited amount of money only.

11. Ola Money.

Normally everyone knows olla for a traveling cab. But is also fulfill the daily requirements too in one click. You can transfer money to your family member’s olla account in an emergency.

You can transfer money in the mobile wallet and through a mobile wallet, you can transfer money into your bank account. Plus you can avail of the pass facility, order food online, and many more.

12. Paypal.

First, you have to register yourself for transfer money, all around the world including India. One of the top digital payment platform. Money transfer through PayPal is safe and secure. Most of the top eCommerce brands use PayPal for the customer and merchant transition.

12 Best Money Transfer Apps & e-Wallets in International.


You can transfer the money through Venom, across various countries. This money transfer app not charging any transfer charge. However, if you will use a credit card then it will charge you the small percentage of fees. Venom is as famous as google.

App security and safety are also good. Under the cash transfer app Venom is coming number one. It also gives you a connection with your Facebook page.

Because through that you can easily send the money to your friends. It also gives you the option to comment on people’s transitions. But a secure way, without disclosing any payment details. You can easily download this app in android and IOS.

2. Apple Pays Cash.

Apart from iPhone users that they don’t need ant tried the part app for money transfer. Through Apple Pay, you can transfer the money directly to your people.

You just need to use the I-Messanger for transferring the money you can also use this feature in your Apple watch which is best.

3. Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook massager does provide the payment feature for U.S banks. Apart from doing chatting with your friend, you can also send then the money too in just one tab. This money transfer service is free.

However, sometimes it takes three process day by the bank side. Sender and recipient both will get the transition receipt. As daily millions of people are using Facebook for connect with each other payment features also make their life easier.

4. Square Cash.

One more money transfer app with a simple feature. Square gives you a simple way to receive and send money without any trouble. You can also pay the restaurant bills, utility bills through this cash app.

Additionally, there are no transfer fees available for peer to peer transfer. While transferring money through this app you required the recipient email address along with your debit card information.

Plus if you use the business class service then you should need to pay the transition fees here. Like most other money transfer apps, you can download Square cash also easily in IOS and android.

5. Azimo.

One of the famous international money transfer app. It always gives you an update regarding your new tractions through push notification. You can easily set the identification and authentication setting with a pin so that your payment details will get more secure.

You can easily download this app through Google Play and the Apple app store. This app will keep update you on the transfer money location specific which is an awesome feature it has. It also gives you the option of inviting friends for some small benefits.

6. Transfer Wise.

As per customer reviews most people like the Transfer Wise app for money transfer. This is a U.K based company. Users can easily repeat their transition, plus pay their daily bill payment, mobile recharge, and so on.

Additionally, you can check your all transaction receipts in one place. Plus it also looks at the rate calculator, where and how much you are sending money. If you do international business then it will give you the convenient option for money transition.

7. Western Union.

This app will do the instant money transfer for you plus give you the tracking update too. For confirmation that your money has been collected by your friend or family or not. 

One more special feature it has, that it allow you to take the debit card and credit card scan for payment details.

Western is available in the market for decades and all the world know this money transfer service very well. You can use their app or online website for money transfer. Plus you can also visit any near international service location and deposit your amount there.

8. Samsung Pay.

It allows you to do the offline or online payment process. This app has Geo availability only in the U.S. It also provides exciting deals for its users. You can use this Samsung app on both android and IOS.

9. Payoneer.

Very common digital cash wallet around all online stores and eCommerce. Payoneer allows its users to withdraw money through their Visa or MasterCard.

It does have a fast app interface and easy. More than 15 languages and good customer experience make this money transfer digital cash wallet trusty and popular.

10. Dwolla.

This app can easily store the details of your credit card and debit card. Which helps you later when you like to the emergency transition for anyone. The app Geo is available in the USA.

You can use this app for individuals or businesses for both purposes. For transfer money to anyone, you can take their phone number, email address or Dwolla ID. This app is also trusty because it handles business with a high transition limit, next day transfer, and customer priority.

11. OFX.

OFX is a perfect money transfer app for various categories of countries in various currencies. It also focuses on the best exchange rates possible on the transfer date.

If you are running the business and looking for a large international money transfer app then this is one of the best you can go with. Transition fees will vary.

12. World Remit.

It is popular for a small number of transfers around the world. It is the best app for using daily purpose for own family and friends. It usually to the transition very fast which makes the customer happy for their service.

This app does not have lots of vast feature link above apps. But it is a very easy and simple app available which is quality impressive.

13. Zelle.

Zelle is also a good money transfer app for peer-to-peer money transfers. If you have an account in U.S bank then it will more easily for you to use along with more features. However, it takes a little long time for processing transactions as compared to other apps.