List of Top 10+ Online Shopping Sites in India: Men, Women.

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Want to know about the best online shopping sites in India. Check out below online shopping sites list based on customer reviews, feedback. Almost all categories available such as fashion, clothes, electronics, accessories, medicines, home decor and many more.


One of the largest online shopping sites which cover lots of countries. Millions of products plus one of the top favorite of, Indian online shopping lovers.

You will see the reasonable price of the product in his all category. is an American company still it fulfills all major requirements of Indian taste. Amazon packaging and delivery quality are awesome.

Amazon officially starts his branding in India in 2013. It covers all most all categories such as electronics, books, fashion, baby care, and more.

Amazon provides the yearly subscription also for customer benefits. It also gives free delivery to their prime users. Plus give you the offer like “Super value day” and all.

Amazon booms the economic market and increases the values of the economic market in India.

Amazon always comes under the top online shopping site list. It provides the delivery facility in 24hours also if you prefer.

Many small to big sellers are becoming part of the Amazon platform. Amazon makes the record of the top seller of the financial year too.

I personally always do the sopping with amazon. And I love their delivery commitment and packaging. As compared to other online shopping sites amazon is worth it.


Flip kart is the second-largest and popular online shopping site in India. Similar to amazon flip kart also have millions of product.

Amazon and flip kart always running each other behind. Both are competitive and smart players in the e-commerce market.

Flip kart covers the home appliances, television, refrigerator, laptop, computer, footwear, accessories, gift vouchers, deshi clothes, electronic and more. It has almost around 80 different categories.

Flip kart always comes with a big mobile sale. Through launching new mobiles on his platform, they get famous in India.

Through his mobile app, you can do flight booking and mobile research too. If you order the product less than 500rup, then flip kart will only take the delivery charge of 40rup per item.

Flip kart top famous offer like “Big million Day”, “Republic day sale and best season sale. If I talk about only India’s based online shopping site list. Then flip kart cover 50% of the online e-commerce Indian market.

One more reason which I noticed that why flip kart is famous. Because it gives the deshi Indian touch to Indian customers.

And just because of this point many other foreign companies get failed in front of the flip kart.


Third most popular online shopping site in India. Which provide the million product includes regional, international, retailers and brands.

It covers most of the city of India and has good customer data based. Snapdeal is kept improving their platform and start focusing on customer prefers.

Which makes this website popular. Snapdeal offers the best price and it also gives you a lot of spas or restaurants kind of offers.

It always comes up with good offers and deals. They are providing payment flexibility and good delivery too.


If you are interested to see fresh clothes collection then visit This online shopping site has a good collection of western clothes.

Women will find more material for their own on this website. Jabong is another American brand still its mange to build a big market in India. It covers the category such as apparel, footwear, jewelry and more.

You will see the premium fashion product here. Jabong does give free delivery to its new user.

However, it also charges around 149 bucks from the order amount 1199 INR.

Jabong launch the offers time to time for their customers, for example, Jabong big fashion day’s sale, end of season sale. Plus regularly provides the coupon code to users.

So ideally, if you are looking for a good deal in fashion and lifestyle. Then differently you can visit the Jabong online shopping site.

Youngest like this site lot which makes popular this online shopping site in India.


Similar to Jobong, Myntra too much favour by the women’s only. Because Myntra provides the beautiful collection of ethnic, western and accessories.

Women like Myntra for fashion jewelry and style. Which makes Myntra a famous online shopping site in India. Highly expensive jewelling you can get here at a very affordable price.

The design of the jewellery is top famous around the word. It provides you the collection of home décor.

Myntra e-commerce site has a tie-up with other big brands such as Puma, Adidas, reebok, lee, etc. After women wear kids and men’s wear is also available on Myntra.

Men can check the classic wallet, sunglass, and belt from Myntra online shopping portal. Myntra to provide free delivery to their new users.

It offers the deal such as the right to fashion sale, Myntra end of the year sale and more.


You can buy any daily basic and kitchen basic product from here. This site cover lots of category bit fashion, jewelry, home decoration. It also covers kitchen material and kid’s wear.

Homeshop18 provides the product in cheap price along with good quality. Therefore it comes under the top online shopping site in India.

However, it could be possible that you will face the delivery issue. As the product comes sometime late. So, if you are not in a hurry. Then you can refer to this site for shopping.

This site also covers many rulers’ areas of a few states, which is very remarkable.


Shop clues provide the countless variety of mobile, camera, home appliances, apparel, computer accessories, books, bag and more.

This e-commerce site is most famous for its product discounts and deals. It always comes with cheap deals. Which make users happy.

Shop clues usually charge the delivery charges in large size products. It also famous for his “Shop clues maha sale” and “Sunday flea market” offers.

In a very short time of frame shop, clues make their name in the top online shopping site in India. In the past few years, it does a fabulous job in sales and convergence.

Shop clues provide lots of opportunities to new merchants. And across India, they have countless small and big merchants for their brand.

8). First

One of the largest online shopping site in India for kids. All most cover all the baby products such as clothes, toys, footwear, diapers, books, baby gear and so on.

The first cry has a famous international and national brand with them. It also introduces the different categories for nursing mothers which is great.

The first cry gives free delivery too from 500 bucks above purchasing. After that, it always comes up with “Mega sale” and “The big bang sale”.

So ideally, if you like to know the right place for baby shopping. Then go with first It provides you the easy deal and offers.

9). Max fashion.

Max is a top Indian brand, which recently lanunches the online shopping website too. It’s cover the all most all categories bit men, women and Childers.

They provide the product like footwear, kid’s clothes, men clothes, and women cloth too at a reasonable price.

They have the price range which can be easily affordable by the medium and lower medium class.


Nykaa is a popular online shopping site in India for health and beauty products. It has a tie-up with big brands and it covers India most of the states.

They do a various variety of beauty and cosmetics products. Nykaa provides the dress accessories, fragrances, haircare, skincare, fashion garments, body care, and men’s cosmetics product also.

The big brand stands with Nykaa such as VLCC, Himalaya, P&G, Khadi and more. Nykaa gives the offer like “Nykaa winter sale, Nykaa deal of the day, Nykaa festive fever sale, etc.

Generally, I do prefer Naykaa for cosmetic products too. Because most of the products which not available on the other website. Nykaa gives you on his platform which is great.


TataCliq is introduced by the Tata brand only. Very slowly but it’s also keeping up his name in an Indian e-commerce site.

It covers the men fashion, electronics, kid fashion, jewelry, and women fashion too. Stand-in Indian market with lots of other famous brands such as Sony, Kent, blue star, carrier, whirlpool, etc.

Not only India provides the service abroad too. They are very flexible on returning product which gives good experiences to customers.

12). Paytm Mall.

Paytm started with small customer service like a mobile recharge. And get famous in a few years only. Slowing it get involved with fight booking, shoes, electronic item, etc.

Paytm is one of the big online shopping sites, who provide cashback and discounts too in purchasing.

Also, provide the digital wallet facility on the app. Later on, lots of companies come up in the e-commerce market with the same planning and offers.

Recently Paytm came up with “Paytm mall”. Which has lots of other fashion collections too! There is no doubt the Paytm gives the new boost of the e-commerce market.

Now they add the category like the home decoration, home furnisher, and fashion. Paytm mall also provides cashback offers.

If we talk about season offers. Then they do provide the offer like “Omg fashion sale” and “Maha cashback sale”.


Top online shopping portal for household, grocery, gourmet, beverage, fruits, etc. It’s very helpful for those people. Who cannot able to purchase the grocery product because of office routine and business!

Similar to Paytm, the big basket also provides the cashback offer and other deals. Currently it’s cover almost all metro city, for example, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Gurgaon, indoor, Nagpur, Kolkata and so on.

If you make the order above 1000 INR. Then you will get free delivery too. Big basket is famous for his offer like monthly end sale and big basket BOGO offer.

I like the feature of setup date and time for delivery. Because it gives me the freedom and convenient, to manage the thinks according to my schedule.


Urban club solves the person big issues. Which came in our life because we required always a small service in our home.

When we move into a new location and required local service. For our air condition or plumber. That time Urban club helps you to provide all local area service.

It gives the service under electrician, carpenter, plumber, yoga trainers, fitness instructor, the saloon at home, etc.

15). Grofers.

Similar to the big basket, Grofers also deal with grocery and household thinks. This e-commerce site has the category of fruits, vegetables, cosmetics, etc.

Grofers covers the cities like Nagpur, Pune, Vadodara, Mumbai, Kanpur, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Indore, Jaipur, agar etc.

Here if you order above 500 INR. Then you will get free delivery. Grofers also gives the offer to their users, such as “Grofers houseful sale” and “Month-end sale”.


Most popular online shopping portal for a variety of inner-wear. Women love Zivame lot because it gives them the freedom to purchase good quality branded sportswear, nightwear, panties, nightwear, and bra.

They start their e-commerce market in 2011. It always shows case the trending fashion design innerwear and lingerie.

Not only in India, has it provided the service worldwide too. I must say it has an amazing collection and varieties.


Shein is best for online shopping sites in India for clothes. It’s new in the e-commerce market. Still growing fast because of good clothes collection.

Shein provides the gift card option along with exclusive offers. You can find jackets, dresses, accessories, new clothes arrival, etc.


The top online brand for eyewear. It increases e-commerce market value. Grap, all the market customers to give offers like “The First frame free”. Along with different designs.

No one gives this kind of offer ever, in eyewear shopping. Therefore, later many other competitive online sites also start providing the same offer.

But lens kart is the one who starts this offer at a high level. And the customer loves the leans kart variety of sunglass, eyeglasses, and computer classes. Also, give a tremendous job under prescription eyeglasses.

Now they also add the service of the “Trial frame at home for free”. Which again blow the customer mind and they always like to be stick with lens kart only.

They are providing outstanding service to a city like Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. It also provides the 14 days return policy. Which makes trust in the brand.


Ajio provides handpick collection around the world including India. It has a new trend collection of jewelry, footwear, clothes, maternity wear and more.

They do have boutiques for customer good experience. New brand in the e-commerce market. But growing fast because of the verity of collections.

20). Limeroad.

Limeroad also comes under fashion online shopping sites. Fashionable clothes are available for both men and women.

They also get famous in India because of the ladies’ shoe collection. The unique product of lime road makes consumers attract to this shopping portal.

It’s deal under readymade garments and dress accessories too.


It gives the standard living culture. Provide online furniture, home décor, and kitchenware. They have thousands and millions of products which enhance our living standard.

Pepper fry is also famous for his “What the fry deal” and “Daily deal offers”. You can décor your office and home with quality.

Beautiful furniture design and cutting will make your home more beautiful.

22). is famous in the India market. However, it has one more domain of for across the world. It gives you the option to purchase the used means secondary or fresh product both.

Its site portal is popular in the Indian market. Because it promotes all the large and small individual business. Here customers can buy the products through direct vendor which is best.

eBay also does have a wide range of product collection bit footwear and electronics. Because of good vendor selection and good customer service its make his online store name in the top list.


If you are looking for any rarest thinks like book or electronics then is the right place. It provides the thinks, which you will not get anywhere else.

However, it also sells clothes, cameras, watches, footwear, home appliances, etc. the price and offers they give to the customer, it makes customer shop with a smile feeling.


One of the best online pharmacy shopping site for medicine. It helps people to provide them prescription medicine.

They give free delivery above 500 INR of product. Plus give the offers like winter wellness package and healthy New Year package.

It also books the nearest doctor’s appointment for you if you required it. 1m motto is to help people for their health at affordable prices.

In 1mg, you can demand nutrition supplements, homeopathic medicine, allopathic, etc.


One more famous online shopping sites in India for clothes. Biba is famous under Bollywood and many actresses prefer the same.

It’s dedicated to women’s fashion wear. Therefore, it provides the category of the suit, jewelry, tunics, tops, jackets and so on.

Best collection for girl’s party wear and casual wear.


If you are looking for making a good design then can help you out. Because they provide the custom print product. And in India e-commerce market they are popular.

You can easily start the t-shirt design, bags, hoodies, wallets and more to start your business.

27). Junglee.

28). Archies.

29). Croma.

30). Netmeds.

31). Reliancesmart.